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The Codeless Code: Case 234 Ozymandias
Love this:
I chanced upon an ancient cache of code:
a stack of printouts, tall as any man,
that in decaying boxes had been stowed.
Ten thousand crumbling pages long it ran.
Abandoned in the blackness to erode,
what steered a ship through blackness to the moon.
The language is unused in this late year.
The target hardware, likewise, lies in ruin.
Entombed within one lone procedure’s scope,
a line of code and then these words appear:


The code beside persisting to the last—
as permanent as aught upon this sphere—
while overhead, a vacant moon flies past.
moon  apollo  coding  history  hacks  comments  funny  poetry  poems  ozymandias  via:jm 
29 days ago by ignatz
Gutenberg Poetry Autocomplete
Type something in the box below and you'll see lines of poetry beginning with whatever you've typed. The database includes all lines of poetry from every book in Project Gutenberg that has "Poetry" in one of its subject listings (approximately 3.8 million lines).
poetry  webtoys  generators 
march 2016 by ignatz
JSBlog - Journal of a Southern Bookreader: The cup that cheers ...
"The cup that cheers but not inebriates" was originally some awful stuff called "tar water."
history  food  poetry  literature  tea 
october 2014 by ignatz
Petrarch at 700
The Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania celebrated the 700th anniversary of Francesco Petrarca's birth in 1304 with an international conference, The Complete Petrarch: A Life's Work (1304-1374), April 16-17, 2004. This exhibit, mounted on the occasion of this conference, concentrates on Petrarch's own work. Petrarch wrote more than love poetry. He wrote a wide variety of forms in both Italian and Latin, among them invective, bucolic poetry, letters, and epic.
poetry  upenn  petrarch  library 
june 2011 by ignatz
You Were Wearing by Kenneth Koch
a garbage can lid smashed into a likeness of the mad English king, George the Third.
april 2011 by ignatz
Two new Burns poems discovered alongside 'rude' letters | Books |
Robert Burns may also have been suffering from a rather nasty STD, according to a collection of explicit writing apparently by Scotland's national bard
history  literature  via:mollyaida  poetry  manuscripts  burns 
december 2008 by ignatz
SEPTEMBER 1, 1939 W.H. Auden
Hunger allows no choice / To the citizen or the police; / We must love one another or die.
poetry  auden 
november 2008 by ignatz
substitute: Der Panter
my father's transation of the Rilke poem
rilke  poetry  poem  translation  family 
october 2008 by ignatz
The Second Coming (remix)
And what Ron Paul, his hour come round at last...
ronpaul  parody  poetry  ha  somethingawful  yeats  politics  usa  elections 
november 2007 by ignatz
Walt Whitman Reads a Poem
36 seconds of Walt reading four lines, from a wax cylinder
mp3  audio  poetry  history  podcasting  whitman 
january 2006 by ignatz
Poetry Archive
audio archive of poets reading their works
poetry  audio  archive  history  literature  mp3 
november 2005 by ignatz
the Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle, or Workshop of Potential Literature, a group of writers and mathematicians.
fiction  language  literature  poetry  french  text 
november 2005 by ignatz
Homeopathic Remedies in Verse
Delayed or receding pustular eruption Child pale, breathless with asphyxia neonatorum;
wtf  wackos  medicine  poetry  homeopathy 
october 2005 by ignatz
fHaiku - fo2k Haiku Generator Widget
Mac OS X dashboard widget that generates random "haiku"
haiku  mac  dashboard  tiger  widget  poetry 
june 2005 by ignatz

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