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Ford Patents Scary Autonomous Cop Car That Can Hide Behind Trees
first attempts at automated traffic cop car. but why have a car
oppression  cards  selfdriving  future  law  police 
january 2018 by ignatz
Miami Gardens ‘Stop & Frisk’ Nabs Thousands of Kids, Finds 5-Year-Olds ‘Suspicious’ -- Fusion.
"A Fusion investigation has found that he was just one of 56,922 people who were stopped and questioned by Miami Gardens Police Department (MGPD) between 2008 and 2013. That’s the equivalent of more than half of the city’s population."
oppression  failure  usa  police  florida  race  policestate  oops 
june 2014 by ignatz
Boston cops try to impersonate rock 'n' roll kids
The Boston police go undercover on the Internet to stop the city’s most dreaded scourge: DIY indie-rock shows
oppression  failure  boston  punk  indie  ha  police 
march 2013 by ignatz
Phantom killer was a myth: Police track DNA of a cotton bud maker for two years -
Police in Germany hunted a sinister phantom killer for two years after finding the same DNA at 39 different crime scenes - only to discover that the source was a woman who made the cotton buds used to collect the sample
forensics  fail  crime  police  dna 
april 2009 by ignatz
Insane chase video
This is the most insane chase ever. They got to play GTA for reals.
police  video  television  lawenforcement  death  guns  pursuits  madness 
may 2006 by ignatz
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 'Eternal planes' to watch over us
Oh great. We're going to have permanent surveillance aircraft everywhere.
security  police  surveillance  privacy  politics  aircraft  technology  augh 
august 2005 by ignatz
Defense Tech: Sand Bullets for Israeli Troops
OUCH! "Nonlethal" bullets made of powder. Including the "Avon" round that just knocks on your door.
warfare  war  weapons  guns  police  repression  pain 
august 2005 by ignatz
Los Angeles Police Department Bomb Threat Checklist
KEEP THE CALLER ON THE LINE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! When is the bomb going to explode? Where is the bomb? What does it look like? What kind of bomb is it?
terror  police  losangeles  bombs  reference  wtf 
july 2005 by ignatz Merchandise
swag for anti-drug crusaders
drugs  law  police  swag 
march 2005 by ignatz

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