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‘Some Observations on the NFL and Negro Players’
documenting one sports official's visionary analysis of the NFL's future with black players
usa  race  sports  nfl  football  60s  1960s 
february 2018 by ignatz
The Musical Cliché Figure Signifying The Far East: Whence, Wherefore, Whither?
The little ditty above is what I call "the musical cliché figure signifying the Far East."
music  asia  china  race  obsess 
december 2017 by ignatz
Going It Alone | Outside Online
What happens when an African American woman decides to solo-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine during a summer of bitter political upheaval? Everything you can imagine, from scary moments of racism to new friendships to soaring epiphanies about the timeless value of America’s most storied trekking route.
friends  outdoors  race  usa  appalachiantrail 
april 2017 by ignatz
Colleges need a language shift, but not the one you think (essay)
By substituting diversity and inclusion rhetoric for transformative efforts to promote equity and justice, colleges have avoided recognizable institutional change, contends Dafina-Lazarus Stewart.
race  usa  diversity  language 
april 2017 by ignatz
Hindutva unmasked: Yogi Adityanath, BJP's most strident face, will be its chief minister in UP
The Gorakhpur MP has a well-documented history of provocative anti-Muslim rhetoric and serious criminal cases.
india  politics  race  doom 
march 2017 by ignatz
Coon Chicken Inn
over the top racist imagery at chicken restaurant
race  usa  wtf  yow 
april 2016 by ignatz
Woody Guthrie, 'Old Man Trump' and a real estate empire's racist foundations
In the 1950s, Woody Guthrie lived in one of Fred Trump's buildings. In newly discovered, never before published writings, Guthrie bitterly rails against the developer's color line.
politics  usa  race  trump  music  woodyguthrie 
january 2016 by ignatz
Miami Gardens ‘Stop & Frisk’ Nabs Thousands of Kids, Finds 5-Year-Olds ‘Suspicious’ -- Fusion.
"A Fusion investigation has found that he was just one of 56,922 people who were stopped and questioned by Miami Gardens Police Department (MGPD) between 2008 and 2013. That’s the equivalent of more than half of the city’s population."
oppression  failure  usa  police  florida  race  policestate  oops 
june 2014 by ignatz
Gerald Rich • The Most Racist Map of America You'll See Today
With the help of Páll Hilmarsson, a data hacker from Iceland that I found through ScraperWiki, I’ve mapped out as many racially charged geographic places as possible.
race  gis  geo  mapping  gmaps  googlemaps  usa  racism  geography  yikes 
may 2012 by ignatz
New Tlingit encyclopedia baffling to scholars, speakers | KCAW
"The massive work by New Zealand scholar Sally-Ann Lambert is extraordinarily detailed, and the product of years of effort.

The problem is: The language in the book is not recognizable by contemporary scholars, or Native Tlingit speakers."
language  race  racism  tlingit  books  articles  via:itrasbiel 
february 2012 by ignatz
now what you hear is not a test « Periscope Depth
So: rising in social class through the use of labor and capital. Sticking together as a family. And the struggle for black identity in America. If I had to capture the opposite of those three concepts in a single symbol, it’d be a North Carolina hipster playing a trombone on his iPhone.
culture  doh  failure  politics  popculture  race  usa 
august 2009 by ignatz
East Bay Express | Music | Burners Torched Over Native Party
Clueless burning man types reinvent the frat boy cultural appropriate theme party and get spanked hard. Natives mass; target sunk and destroyed. Worst Camp Fire Girls meeting ever.
sanfrancisco  burningman  failure  race  nativeamericans  hippies  windians  cherohonkees  ha 
april 2009 by ignatz
N.I.M. Front Door, NIM International Political Lobby, National Independents Movement
They most emphatically don't want to kill the President, are seriously not racists, are sad that Jews were mistreated without the knowledge of most Germans, and really do accept nonwhites in their organization, as long as they're not felons.
failure  usa  politics  obama  race  psychoceramics  nazis  fascism  webdesign  kooks 
january 2009 by ignatz
Ernest Hardy | Blood Beats: Motown / Brandy / Peace
Ernest Hardy on soul music, social justice, Mark Twain, and murder.
civilrights  music  race  war  soul  glbt  justice  marktwain 
january 2009 by ignatz
White Guilt Emancipation Declaration (@ National Black Republican Association)
"We, black American citizens of the United States of America and of the National Black Republican Association, do hereby declare that our fellow white American citizens are now, henceforth and forever more free of White Guilt."
via:kellyramsey  gaaaah  usa  politics  race  what 
november 2008 by ignatz
Ernest Hardy | Blood Beats: Fuck Dan Savage
Ernest Hardy refutes the "black people passed proposition 8" nonsense with appropriate disgust and good arguments.
race  prop8  politics  usa  ernesthardy  california 
november 2008 by ignatz
'Obama Bucks' originated on a liberal website | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times
racial caricatures intended as satire of right-wing morons are used by said right-wing morons. goal!
ha  politics  failure  race  satire  yeesh 
october 2008 by ignatz
YouTube - Lou Dobbs: Cotton... What?
at least he didn't say "spearchuckers"
ha  loudobbs  cnn  race  usa  failure  bloopers 
march 2008 by ignatz
Powder Blue Report: Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor Endorses Ron Paul
Costa Mesa's nationally known bigot mayor supports lunatic presidential candidate.
costamesa  orangecounty  no  bigotry  allanmansoor  ronpaul  immigration  race 
december 2007 by ignatz
A BUBBLING CAULDRON: Light of Truth Shines - "Your Neighbor" Whines, Again
Geoff West does a fine job of nailing Millard to the wall, with judicious use of graphics to emphasize a point or two.
politics  costamesa  local  orangecounty  race  whitesupremacists  bigotry  martinhmillard  geoffwest  immigration  whitepower  fascism  louts 
july 2007 by ignatz
Man-Sore Losers
Even the biker who fixes cop cars thinks Mansoor's anti-Mexican jihad is lame.
costamesa  local  orangecounty  race  racism  whitesupremacists  immigration  doh  mansoor 
august 2006 by ignatz

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