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Leonard Nevarez - Faculty - Vassar College
Currently Nevarez is the primary investigator of a 2018 Poughkeepsie food security survey, which replicates the survey he oversaw for the Poughkeepsie Plenty community food assessment.
friends  sociology  food  foodsecurity 
june 2019 by ignatz
The Same Number Of Americans Live In The Red Region As In The Orange Region
the American population is very unevenly distributed around the country, with a significant amount densely populated on tiny strips of land.
population  visualization  usa  politics  sociology  geography 
november 2015 by ignatz
Richard Florida: Creative Class prophet now talks up rust belt | New Republic
The great thing about being a public pundit is you can reverse yourself and still make good money.
richardflorida  sociology  christwhatanasshole 
december 2013 by ignatz
The Ruse of the Creative Class
The "Creative Class" crap was made up by a motivational speaker whose name is actually Florida.
sociology  christwhatanasshole  politics  usa  economics  creativeclass  failure 
october 2011 by ignatz
Nail house - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a Chinese neologism for homes belonging to people (sometimes called "stubborn nails") who refuse to make room for development.
wikipedia  china  housing  sociology 
august 2011 by ignatz
Montclair SocioBlog: Notice Anything Different?
Waiter turns into gorilla halfway through meal nobody notices etc
sociology  psychology  failure  science  perception 
april 2011 by ignatz
Wireless- and Landline-Only Households in the U.S. » Sociological Images
graphics of how many households are cell phone only, cell phone free, etc
telecom  usa  demographics  visualization  geo  cdc  sociology  internet 
april 2011 by ignatz
Blog of an organizational sociologist studying the U.S. health care industry
sociology  healthcare  usa  research  blog  commerce  doom 
march 2011 by ignatz
Cities and citizenship; fake security and the real thing « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
..."a progressive cordoning by way of which the right of free movement in cities is slowly replaced by a checkpoint mentality, the contours of public space are subtly conditioned by simulations of blast physics, and events like the Olympics or the G20 are used to field-test techniques and strategies of urban control that eventually make their way into everyday policing"
security  sociology  cityplanning  urban  oppression 
july 2010 by ignatz
Kelly calls it "a bastard hybrid of singularitarian transhumanism, intelligent design institutes, and Time Cube" and I can't improve on that.
via:kellyramsey  sociology  psychoceramics  cranks  yow  failure  ha 
july 2009 by ignatz
Spite house - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A spite house is a building (generally found in an urban environment) which was constructed or modified because the builder felt wronged by someone who did not want it there
architecture  history  psychiatry  sociology 
july 2009 by ignatz
Tools of the trade: the socio-technology of arbitrage in a Wall Street trading room
sociology paper: an "ethnology of arbitrage" from Industrial and Corporate Change
commerce  finance  sociology  money  arbitrage 
february 2009 by ignatz
The Fonz of 2025 will be a lovable juggalo » Armagideon Time
Insufferable poetic wankery, cold cut platters, and recreational drug use will only get you so far with your beat-style hootenanny, however.
popculture  music  history  sociology  teenagers 
february 2009 by ignatz
Red Sex, Blue Sex
On average, white evangelical Protestants make their “sexual début”—to use the festive term of social-science researchers—shortly after turning sixteen.
via:positivejeff  sex  religion  usa  churchianity  christianity  sociology 
october 2008 by ignatz
Detoxify Yourself: 101 Tips to Remove the Poison from Your Body and Your Life - Nursing School Search Blog
This is a compendium of social beliefs about health, or "avoiding toxins" as it's called currently.
health  illnessasmetaphor  psychology  sociology  religion 
july 2008 by ignatz
Skeptical Inquirer: Bridging the chasm between two cultures
Thoughtful essay by a former New Ager on the gulf between them and skeptics
newage  religion  skepticism  conversions  sociology  culture 
july 2006 by ignatz
Appendix C. Why Should I Care What Color the Bikeshed Is?
A good viewpoint on stupid mailing list arguments. Nothing new really, but well said.
software  psychology  social  geek  classics  email  groups  sociology  management 
may 2006 by ignatz
Mapping Sex in America - The Museum of Sex
sex map sex map! map of american sexual behavior
sex  maps  geo  sociology  psychology 
august 2005 by ignatz

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