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People Invested $1 Million In An App That Just Says 'Yo' | ThinkProgress
Arbel says that “you usually understand what the Yo means based on who you get it from and when you get it.” According to Arbel, once you start using Yo “the way it affects your life is profound.”
bubble  yo  solarlander 
june 2014 by ignatz
Clay Shirky on how TV sitcoms are analogous to gin
Television isn't gin, nerds shouldn't be allowed to use analogies without supervision, and people who did a thing with a computer once are not universal experts. SHUT UP.
internet  pundit  failure  television  tv  alcohol  gin  history  analogies  hardware  culture  no  shutup  solarlander 
may 2008 by ignatz
Sex Tips For Geeks
Sex tips from a heavily armed and socially inept horndog!
esr  sex  no  ha  nerds  geeks  social  error  love  nosex  failure  solarlander 
may 2007 by ignatz - where wine lovers meet
have sex with people who enjoy the same wine. it'll work out great.
sex  alcohol  commerce  nichemarkets  solarlander  dotcom  bubble  bubbly  wine 
april 2007 by ignatz
Dr. Laura Action Figure
when you pull the string it shrieks at you about morality until you burn it
no  aiee  drlaura  wingnuts  evil  toys  harpies  talkingtina  media  celebrities  solarlander 
december 2006 by ignatz
New Rocky film marketed to evangelical Christians. Start the reactor.
churchianity  film  movies  rocky  no  christianity  marketing  fundies  solarlander 
december 2006 by ignatz
Orange County Weekly: The Playground
Unbelievably patronizing "best of OC" piece on the terror and native charms of Santa Ana, CA
orangecounty  ocweekly  theoc  oc  no  solarlander  assholes  racism  santaana 
november 2006 by ignatz

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