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Waffle House Index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Waffle House Index is an informal metric used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to determine the impact of a storm and the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery. The measure is based on the reputation of the Waffle House restaurant chain for staying open during extreme weather and for reopening quickly
disaster  statistics  usa  government  waffles  data 
october 2016 by ignatz
CRAN - Package biglm
R that doesn't load everything into RAM
R  statistics  server  sysadmin  work 
january 2013 by ignatz
Visualising the Guardian Datablog | Information Is Beautiful
visualizing the relative dangers of various recreational drugs versus their reported dangers
drugs  politics  visualization  statistics  publichealth 
november 2009 by ignatz
Physiognomy and moneylending | About face | The Economist
Unfortunately, Dr Duarte’s method was not designed to find out which features label someone as trustworthy.
ha  economics  psychology  statistics  credit 
march 2009 by ignatz
Most Unwanted Scrobbles
These tracks and artists were most frequently deleted by the community from their scrobbles.
via:britta  music  musicbusiness  taste  stats  statistics  ha 
october 2008 by ignatz
PolicyMap. Good Data. Smart Decisions.
Mapping with demographics, lots of neat tools. Free version available.
visualization  statistics  reference  gis  geo  mapping  economy 
august 2008 by ignatz
Section I: The Changing Media Landscape: Internet Sapping Broadcast News Audience
changing audiences for traditional and internet media, including some good stats on broadcast versus cable and satellite tv
tv  internet  audiences  statistics  demographics  television  media 
february 2008 by ignatz
world clock with stats counter
clock, with updated statistics on various doom, disease etc. events
clock  environment  statistics  doom  counter 
september 2007 by ignatz
eBMJ -- How to read a paper
how to analyze medical research and other scientific publications
howto  medicine  science  reference  research  statistics  tutorial 
december 2005 by ignatz
Kayak Buzz popular flight searches
See what low fares people are searching for from an airport code
maps  travel  socialnetworks  geography  statistics  webtoys 
november 2005 by ignatz
Simple and inexpensive traffic safety improvers
Protected turn signals, extended merge lanes, and moving bus stops reduced crashes dramatically
cars  autos  safety  science  statistics 
august 2005 by ignatz

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