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ignatz : television   67
neural network generates a new episode of Full House daily
fullhouse  neuralnetworks  television  writing 
april 2016 by ignatz
Sub-Machine Gun
Great blog of bizarre screenshots/text.
blog  film  television  wtf 
january 2013 by ignatz
Tachyon TV – Do You Believe in Rock and Roll?
When confronted by Animal Kwackers, an experience more like being dragged from wakefulness into a land of nightmares than a mere programme, I was reminded of a critic whose opinion of Sam Peckinpah’s Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia was that “the only analysis it deserves is psychoanalysis.”
television  doom 
april 2012 by ignatz
U B U W E B - Film & Video: Chris Burden - The TV Commercials 1973-1977
Burden's four legendary television interventions, which date from 1973 to 1977. For each of these conceptual projects, Burden purchased commercial time on broadcast television and aired his own subversive "ads."
art  chrisburden  television 
march 2011 by ignatz
MikeSacks » photos of TV
screencaps with incongruous images and type
tv  television  foundart  screencaps  ha 
october 2009 by ignatz | Conflict over event using Fred Rogers' name, 2009
College kid from San Diego County attempts to appropriate Fred Rogers' legacy. Tells everyone that everyone else approved it. Failure to launch ensues.
tv  television  mrrogers  fraud  entertainment  psychology  fakes 
june 2009 by ignatz
Fox orders downsizing reality series
Fox has ordered a one-hour unscripted series that turns real-life company layoffs into a reality contest.
grimmeathookfuture  fox  television  failure  financialcollapse  entertainment  yeesh 
april 2009 by ignatz
A&E TV distributes iPhone app to detect THE UNSEEN
A&E Television Network has tapped Bellrock Media subsidiary Moderati to launch its first application for the Apple iPhone - a meter to measure levels of paranormal activity - to the international market.
entertainment  iphone  television  tv  ghosts  ha 
february 2009 by ignatz
The Trashout Squad - SoCal Connected
Something few people ever see - the dirty work of contractors hired by banks and mortgage companies to empty out foreclosed homes of whatever the former owners leave behind so the property can be readied for re-sale.
mortgages  documentary  television  tv  financialcollapse  kcet 
february 2009 by ignatz
Nina Hagen and Don Rickles on the Merv Griffin Show. Video - Buzznet
Nina Hagen on the Merv Griffin Show? Don Rickles? It's so beautiful I want to cry.
video  buzznet  ninahagen  donrickles  mervgriffin  tv  television  1980s  yow 
june 2008 by ignatz
Clay Shirky on how TV sitcoms are analogous to gin
Television isn't gin, nerds shouldn't be allowed to use analogies without supervision, and people who did a thing with a computer once are not universal experts. SHUT UP.
internet  pundit  failure  television  tv  alcohol  gin  history  analogies  hardware  culture  no  shutup  solarlander 
may 2008 by ignatz
Section I: The Changing Media Landscape: Internet Sapping Broadcast News Audience
changing audiences for traditional and internet media, including some good stats on broadcast versus cable and satellite tv
tv  internet  audiences  statistics  demographics  television  media 
february 2008 by ignatz
ANDY KAUFMAN LIVES, The Book of Illusion
Nutcase, postmodern nutcase impersonation, or Andy? You make the call.
andykaufman  psychoceramics  wtf  conspiracy  television  celebrities  yow 
january 2008 by ignatz
YouTube - Werner Herzog gets shot by LA sniper during interview
Someone caps Werner with an air rifle while he's being interviewed. Nice.
herzog  wernerherzog  television  failure  losangeles  film  guns  wtf 
december 2007 by ignatz
YouTube - god's angry man - herzog
Clip from Herzog's film about legendary evangelical broadcaster, including chorus of windup monkeys.
genescott  wernerherzog  herzog  film  documentary  religion  television  youtube 
december 2007 by ignatz
Francinedancer on buzznet
The unstoppable Francine of Public Access Hollywood fame has a new site
francinedancer  publicaccess  losangeles  outsider  television  dance  buzznet 
december 2007 by ignatz
Threat Level - Wired Blogs
TRULY EPIC LULZ COME FROM RAIDS AND INVASIONS. Thanks, FOX News, for that informative hacker report.
lol  lulz  rofl  foxnews  tv  television  tvnews  lolcopter  fud  ha 
july 2007 by ignatz
Go Meat Meat Go Meat Meat
It's so great when people pop out from under your desk yelling about meat
meat  video  advertising  ads  tv  television  food  blorf  no 
july 2007 by ignatz
Kevin Spacey doing Star Wars Auditions
Spacey is three different actors, hilarious
snl  comedy  tv  television  starwars  ha 
july 2007 by ignatz
jazz hands, three's company, art trumpets
television  video  art  threescompany  wtf  ha 
march 2007 by ignatz
The Test Card Gallery
Obsessive gallery of TV test patterns and cards.
obsess  testpatterns  testcards  television  graphics  history  art  broadcasting  bbc  video  film 
september 2006 by ignatz
TV Karts. Childrens entertainment shopping karts
Place your children in this rolling indoctrinator as you shop our aisles.
no  children  marketing  television  tv  ubiquity  advertising  food  supermarkets  villainy  americafuckyeah  usa 
august 2006 by ignatz
Heat Vision and Jack
Making fun of Knight Rider would have been redundant. Just stop, guys.
television  tv  irony  hipsters  no  knightrider  heatvisionandjack  jackblack 
july 2006 by ignatz
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Video collection from the Florence Foster Jenkins of Tampa, FL public access TV.
outsidermusic  music  outsider  video  publicaccess  television  tv  90s  florida  sondraprill 
may 2006 by ignatz
updates on what fraud is happening in tv land
infomercials  fraud  television  tv  gripes  consumer 
may 2006 by ignatz
Insane chase video
This is the most insane chase ever. They got to play GTA for reals.
police  video  television  lawenforcement  death  guns  pursuits  madness 
may 2006 by ignatz
The Meaning of Food | PBS
PBS series and associated webpage about food history
food  foodhistory  culture  history  television  tv  pbs 
may 2006 by ignatz
Ax a Pirate
pirate write-in show. better than it sounds.
pirates  comedy  video  television 
may 2006 by ignatz
Jumpcut [Home]
make movies with lightweight web interface
video  web2.0  movies  tools  videos  web20  flash  film  television 
april 2006 by ignatz
Tonight with Bradman - November 03, 2005 - Google Video
cabletv  publicaccesstv  television  trainwreck  outsider  video  comedy 
january 2006 by ignatz
Samurai Champloo
english version from australia
television  animation  japan  flash 
december 2005 by ignatz
Mechanical Death Spider
The only mechanical death spider you'll need this holiday season.
games  humor  video  viral  viraladvertising  advertising  spiders  commercials  television 
november 2005 by ignatz
Panorama: The Spaghetti Farm Prank
Great moments in TV: the Spaghetti Farmer Broadcast
pranks  tv  television  history 
october 2005 by ignatz
Meet the Golden Girls!
Download every song performed by the Golden Girls on their eponymous TV show.
mp3  tv  television  music  kitsch 
august 2005 by ignatz
Randy Johnson Kills the Hell out of a Bird
If you're a pigeon, don't wander into the strike zone.
video  television  tv  baseball  sports  death  wtf 
july 2005 by ignatz
Guest Appearances for "Highlander" (1992)
It's the Love Boat for the 90s: festival of B actors and other celebs
tv  funny  television 
june 2005 by ignatz
Chip the Black Boy
the site for David Nkrumah Liebe Hart, producer of the JuniorChristian Science Bible Lesson Show
outsider  television  religion  wacko  puppets 
may 2005 by ignatz

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