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Report Says Principal Put Dallas Students in Fight Cage -
A high school principal and his security staff shut feuding students in a steel cage to settle disputes with bare-knuckle fistfights. Every line is a pullquote.
failure  ha  sports  trainwreck  via:positivejeff  education  pedagogy 
march 2009 by ignatz
Life on Atlantis
This was part of the 'whole being', and we did not appear to age physically and often lived to 200 years old. Others had sex with animals, or part human - part animal beings, such as a horses body with a man's head, and a very large penis. It was in these days that they could transplant things successfully and there were many that did this for sexual purposes.
failure  ha  trainwreck  newage  foodcourtdruids  atlantis 
february 2009 by ignatz
Child Porn Pandemic as Police Estimate 600,000 Americans, 65,000 Canadians Trading Child Porn Online
Dr. Judith Reisman, an internationally-recognized author, scientist, and educator specializing in sexual perversion, says the growing appetite for child pornography corresponds to the "pornographic, erototoxic epidemic.”
sex  failure  religion  via:kellyramsey  psychoceramics  cranks  strangelove  erototoxins  trainwreck  pseudoscience 
february 2009 by ignatz
Principles of the American Cargo Cult
list of bad thinking, some of it particularly American
curmudegon  usa  failure  cognition  culture  society  trainwreck  grumpy 
february 2009 by ignatz
Green Bible creates controversy
The Bible contains a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, essays from theologians and a "Green Subject Index" that organizes verses by topic, including air, dust and pollution... "But others fear the new Bible, which has been endorsed by secular groups such as the Sierra Club and the Humane Society, will mislead Christians."
failure  commerce  religion  trainwreck  environment  churchianity  bible  environmentalism 
december 2008 by ignatz
AAA: 85% of Nashville-area stations out of gas | | The Town Talk
Hurricane Ike whacked a pipeline and a whole town is out of gas until the inevitably slow fix arrives.
infrastructure  failure  oil  gasoline  energy  usa  hurricane  singlepointoffailure  trainwreck 
september 2008 by ignatz
Runaway Transcript
audio and transcript of a terrified train engineer on a runaway train
trains  disaster  audio  documentary  canada  history  trainwreck 
september 2008 by ignatz
New Scarlett Johansson - "Anywhere I Lay My Head" (& Album Art) - Stereogum
La Scarlett moans out the song over a tinkly casiotone and clicktrack drums. Karaoke on a CD.
mp3  music  trainwreck  celebrities  vanity  failure  ha  goldenthroats 
april 2008 by ignatz
The Concrete Tomb of Hradzka - books to make my flist's heads explode: John Ringo
"he's committed the literary equivalent of charging money for folks to watch him roll naked in a pile of dead and smelly fish..."
trainwreck  fiction  no  augh  cripes  yeesh  johnringo  sex  psychosis 
march 2008 by ignatz
The Impulsive Buy » Archive » Carl’s Jr. Cap’n Crunch Shake
"The cereal bits can easily clog the straw and make consumption-on-the-go pretty much impossible. "
food  blorf  danger  fastfood  trainwreck  ouch  capncrunch  cereal  americafuckyeah  carlsjr 
march 2008 by ignatz
ShouldIEatThis - Mefi Wiki
A collection of "should I eat this" trainwrecks from Ask Metafilter, in wiki form
metafilter  askmetafilter  food  death  doom  ha  blorf  foodsafety  health  disease  failure  trainwreck 
february 2008 by ignatz
Body is found in L.A. tow yard a day after car accident - Los Angeles Times
So yeah there was a dead person in the car when they towed it after the crash. Yeah.
yikes  failure  losangeles  crash  death  cars  trainwreck 
december 2007 by ignatz
Van Halen Synthesizer Catastrophe
When your synth is at 48k instead of 44.1k and you decide to bravely play on, no power on heaven or earth can save you.
ha  music  synthesizer  performance  trainwreck  vanhalen  ouch 
october 2007 by ignatz
A site for vice presidents, #2, and people who like to be in the shadow! A portal about the concept... of... vice-presidency. Do not look at the cartoons.
politics  no  failure  trainwreck  webmagazines  web  publications  badideajeans  publishing 
june 2007 by ignatz
LA Observed: Dr. Laura 'takes a break'
Dr. Laura is in an appropriate amount of trouble, this time because of the war and her typically suave remarks.
trainwreck  trainwrecks  drlaura  war  news  celebrities  villainy  christwhatanasshole  lauraschlessinger  jerks 
may 2007 by ignatz
I am Facing Foreclosure .com
The anti-infomercial: how this guy lost his shirt playing with real estate. Oops.
commerce  doh  mistakes  money  realestate  trainwreck  trainwrecks 
october 2006 by ignatz
FRNK Radio
Streaming radio of latest livejournal voice posts. Oh dear.
trainwrecks  trainwreck  livejournal  lj  audio  radio  mp3  mp3streaming  internetradio  augh 
august 2006 by ignatz
The Diet Code by Stephen Lanzalotta
Because we can learn everything from this wonderful book: a diet.
davincicode  yeesh  dumb  doh  fads  diets  commerce  books  publishing  trainwreck 
may 2006 by ignatz
Spy Magazine article from 1992 about Jerry Lewis's horrific unreleased death camp comedy: The Day the Clown Cried
movies  film  no  offensive  wtf  jerrylewis  spymagazine  holocaust  badideajeans  trainwreck 
march 2006 by ignatz
How Harvard Lost Russia
Institutional Investor magazine on the Russian failures of Harvard economists
commerce  economics  currentevents  history  russia  trainwreck 
february 2006 by ignatz
radioman55's Xanga Site
Blog of Chad Thompson, extremely confused gay right-wing fundamentalist. Rich in "wtf" moments.
blog  religion  sex  homosexuality  trainwreck  politics 
january 2006 by ignatz
The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award Nomination : Steven Seagal
out of control guestbook postings about near-actor Seagal and his "humanitarian" award and/or jacked up life
trainwreck  celebrities  movies  lol  guestbooks  awards  lamers 
january 2006 by ignatz
Tonight with Bradman - November 03, 2005 - Google Video
cabletv  publicaccesstv  television  trainwreck  outsider  video  comedy 
january 2006 by ignatz

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