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Thrift Shop Horrors
Compilation of bizarre tchotchkes found in thrift stores.
kitsch  foundobjects  tchotchkes  livejournal  photos  art  failure  trainwrecks  yes 
august 2007 by ignatz
LA Observed: Dr. Laura 'takes a break'
Dr. Laura is in an appropriate amount of trouble, this time because of the war and her typically suave remarks.
trainwreck  trainwrecks  drlaura  war  news  celebrities  villainy  christwhatanasshole  lauraschlessinger  jerks 
may 2007 by ignatz
Baby Names
trainwrecks  americafuckyeah  parenting  culture  language  names  no  babynames  lj  livejournal 
may 2007 by ignatz
I am Facing Foreclosure .com
The anti-infomercial: how this guy lost his shirt playing with real estate. Oops.
commerce  doh  mistakes  money  realestate  trainwreck  trainwrecks 
october 2006 by ignatz
FRNK Radio
Streaming radio of latest livejournal voice posts. Oh dear.
trainwrecks  trainwreck  livejournal  lj  audio  radio  mp3  mp3streaming  internetradio  augh 
august 2006 by ignatz
The Dilemma
"If exersize can make everyone younger and live longer (to a degree), then why can't business power? Both are forms of power after all. But one is more powerful than the other in affecting livlihoods." etc.
psychoceramics  wtf  theoriesofeverything  geeks  philosophy  trainwrecks  no 
july 2006 by ignatz
Welcome to the 1st 100% Unofficial Coggiola T-Rex Site...
Huge, underpowered, luxurious, and completely useless Italian super SUV.
suv  no  cars  trucks  automobiles  trainwrecks  engineering  baddesign  doh 
may 2006 by ignatz

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