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Underground Utility Colour Codes Explained
Underground utility colour codes are used to differentiate and identify underground utilities to protect it from damage during excavation. There are different types of utilities and in order to tell them apart coloured lines, flags or sometimes both are used. They help mark the location and indicate the type of utility that is buried underground.

I had no idea! (via Tony Finch)
utilities  power  underground  excavation  digging  repair  urban  infrastructure  via:jm 
november 2018 by ignatz
Fire Escapes
All about fire escapes, their varieties and problems.
firefighting  urban  infrastructure  safety 
october 2017 by ignatz
Cities and citizenship; fake security and the real thing « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
..."a progressive cordoning by way of which the right of free movement in cities is slowly replaced by a checkpoint mentality, the contours of public space are subtly conditioned by simulations of blast physics, and events like the Olympics or the G20 are used to field-test techniques and strategies of urban control that eventually make their way into everyday policing"
security  sociology  cityplanning  urban  oppression 
july 2010 by ignatz
Subtopia: MOUT Urbanism - (Military Operation on Urban Terrain)
Large-scale city simulators for the oppressive occupying armies of the near future
military  architecture  urban  simulation  war  oppression  warfare  via:regine 
february 2008 by ignatz
Parrot Project
Parrot Project of California tracks wild tropical birds in the suburban jungle
zoology  birds  environment  parrots  science  urban 
july 2005 by ignatz

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