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It's Paper. Paper Made Of Wombat Poo : NPR
A company in Tasmania has found a way to make paper out of excreta from the Australian marsupials known as wombats
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march 2009 by ignatz
A Tribute to Fallen Sodas | Gunaxin
A look back at failed and dead soft drinks.
food  via:deusx  history  pop  softdrinks  soda 
february 2009 by ignatz
Here's an easy way to see if a song uses the Sensitive Female Chord Progression - The Boston Globe
So what is the Sensitive Female Chord Progression, exactly? It's simple enough for the music theory-inclined: vi-IV-I-V.
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february 2009 by ignatz
Sharkify - Sharks On-Demand
Sharkify is the #1 shark service worldwide, giving websites fear around the world. Sharkify any website
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february 2009 by ignatz
Headset Hotties
Thanks for stopping by. This site examines the cross-cultural trend of headset-wearing customer support representatives on corporate websites! While supplies last, we aim to provide 1 per workday for your entertainment and analysis.
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february 2009 by ignatz
Qlink Reloaded
the predecessor to AOL, QLink, reanimated in an emulation
c64  commodore64  aol  retro  emulation  via:deusx 
december 2007 by ignatz is a compendium of the origins of voice samples found in music.
music  samples  archive  sampling  sounds  reference  database  via:deusx 
november 2007 by ignatz
WoW Forums -> UPDATED Halbrium's Shaman's PVP GUIDE(Quebec)
DRUID: This fight is for those that say "OH NO WHY IS ANIMALS ON MY FACE?!"
via:deusx  wow  gaming  ha  funny 
november 2007 by ignatz

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