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Our Incredible Journey
Nice compendium of multiple "we're thrilled to be shutting down" messages: RT @WIZARDISHUNGRY test/description testdescription
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march 2013 by ignatz
Pinpopular - The Pinboard Top 100
RT @Skud: fandom, checkout which @alex_weinstein made for us (most popular 100 fannish links on @pinboard)
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december 2012 by ignatz
Yet More Pinboard Tips, Again
RT @macdrifter: I really need to get some more sponsors so I can stop writing about Pinboard:
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december 2012 by ignatz
A Generation Lost in the Bazaar - ACM Queue
The trouble is that the market for two pieces of wood nailed together—inexpertly—is fairly small outside of the "proud grandfather" segment
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august 2012 by ignatz
Marine Resource Issues, Poaching Pressures on Northern California's Abalone Resource
Investigation of a Point Arena bed and breakfast lodging that appeared to cater only to commercial sea urchin divers and tenders led to prison for those involved in what turned out to be an abalone for heroin operation
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june 2012 by ignatz
moon solutions for every business | Microsoft Enterprise
RT @fatbusinessman: @Pinboard @tominsam By way of example, thanks to Microsoft: (apologies for broken styles)
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january 2012 by ignatz
The most satisfying YouTube search ever
This is very good if you want to feel smarter, or at least less injured, than others.
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april 2008 by ignatz
Hal Lindsey Oracle Cartoons - Gallery of John Rule cartoons - OneImage Graphic Design
Welcome to the worst fucking political cartoons in the fucking history of the goddamned fucking world
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january 2008 by ignatz
YouTube - Mr Awesome!
Life, love, fame, and sex advice from the Missile Command legend.
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october 2007 by ignatz
Cheese with mites in it. Thanks, Germany!
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october 2007 by ignatz

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