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Society for the Appreciation of the Lowly Tinned Sardine
Yeah, it's a whole blog about canned sardines. No, I don't know either.
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march 2009 by ignatz
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Underwear protest at India attack
Indians outraged at an attack on women for drinking in a bar have gathered together to send a provocative gift of underwear to right-wing activists.
religion  news  via:splodinvark  gender  india 
february 2009 by ignatz
ANR | Radium Face Cream, 1918
Let's all smear ourselves with deadly radioactive isotopes.
history  via:splodinvark  death  doom  cosmetics  radiation  radium 
february 2009 by ignatz
Europe's 'Medicinal Cannibalism': The Healing Power of Death - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
"In 1492, when Pope Innocent VIII was on his deathbed, his doctors bled three boys and had the pope drink their blood. The boys died, and so did the pope."
via:splodinvark  death  medicine  failure  cannibalism  yikes 
february 2009 by ignatz
"The Birds" Barbie
Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Barbie® Doll
yikes  toys  film  via:splodinvark  dolls  hitchcock  barbie  thebirds 
december 2008 by ignatz - Woman Attempts To Kidnap Ex-Virtual Boyfriend
A virtual relationship began between the victim, whose character was a Lion, and Jerrigan, whose online persona was said to be a virtual woman.
via:splodinvark  secondlife  failure  crime  crazy  stalker 
august 2008 by ignatz
YouTube - Screaming Bunny
Scary fucking bunny noises to scare the fuck out of you, forever.
video  eek  via:splodinvark  animals  phear 
june 2008 by ignatz
Working Class Cats
It's hard to be a cat in the city.
via:splodinvark  cats  nyc  blog  photos  animals 
december 2007 by ignatz
YouTube - Ivan Mládek - Jožin z bažin
sideburns, guy with huge mouth, jug band sound, dancing guy with beard, go!
youtube  musicvideo  video  cz  ha  via:splodinvark 
december 2007 by ignatz
The benthic bacteria spoof (Deltoid)
area climate change deniers fall for hilarious junk science spoof
pointnlaugh  climate  science  freedomscience  via:splodinvark  ha 
november 2007 by ignatz
Cat's daily routine baffles owner (BBC)
cat expects to be picked up by car every day at same place
cats  animals  bbc  weird  via:splodinvark 
november 2007 by ignatz
Cheese with mites in it. Thanks, Germany!
cheese  via:splodinvark  via:maciej  via:britta  augh  blorf 
october 2007 by ignatz
Historic Foood
Food history, seems to be mainly English
via:splodinvark  food  history 
june 2007 by ignatz
Squirrel Recipes
Pork Rind-Crusted Fried Squirrel with Molasses Red-Eye Gravy. Also: 1.5 cups LARD.
squirrel  varmints  cooking  recipes  hunting  pork  porkrinds  americanfood  blorf  via:splodinvark  fieldandstream  magazines  no 
april 2007 by ignatz

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