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Gallery: 'Brain scans' map what happens during inside machine learning | WIRED UK
Bristol-based Graphcore has used its AI processing units and software to create maps of what happens during a machine learning process
machinelearning  visualization 
february 2017 by ignatz
The Same Number Of Americans Live In The Red Region As In The Orange Region
the American population is very unevenly distributed around the country, with a significant amount densely populated on tiny strips of land.
population  visualization  usa  politics  sociology  geography 
november 2015 by ignatz
Cold Case Playing Cards
Each card features a photograph and factual information about an unsolved homicide or missing person case.
playingcards  cards  design  lawenforcement  crime  visualization 
august 2015 by ignatz
2015 California Fire Map
map of the entire state on fire, basically
maps  geo  fire  disasters  california  visualization 
august 2015 by ignatz
Drone Wars
us drone strikes in pakistan mapped interactively
maps  gis  geo  visualization  war  drones 
january 2013 by ignatz
San Francisco pedestrian injury risk map | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos
RT @enf: Mapping pedestrian risk using SF injury statistics vs pedestrian counts approximated ...
december 2012 by ignatz
Dorothy - Film Map - Original Open Edition
A street map made up of over 900 film titles including cinema classics such as Lost Highway, On the Waterfront, Jurassic Park, Reservoir Dogs, Carlito's Way, Nightmare on Elm Street, Valley of the Dolls and Chinatown.
art  film  movies  map  visualization 
july 2012 by ignatz
S-Band Gallery | USA-Satcom
waveforms from s-band satellite transmissions
radio  satcom  visualization  satellite  s-band 
june 2012 by ignatz
Day Length Calculator
Gives the length of day on date by location
calculator  webtoy  time  geography  date  mapping  gmaps  visualization 
june 2012 by ignatz
Cat Database
The CAT dataset includes 10,000 cat images. For each image, we annotate the head of cat with nine points, two for eyes, one for mouth, and six for ears.
visualization  photos  data  cats 
june 2012 by ignatz
Submarine Cable Map
The Submarine Cable Map is a free resource from TeleGeography. Data contained in this map is drawn from Global Bandwidth Research Service and is updated on a regular basis.
infrastructure  maps  map  visualization  gis  geo  internet 
february 2012 by ignatz
Google Map Maker
see maps being made in real time
googlemaps  maps  live  geo  gis  visualization 
july 2011 by ignatz
Wireless- and Landline-Only Households in the U.S. » Sociological Images
graphics of how many households are cell phone only, cell phone free, etc
telecom  usa  demographics  visualization  geo  cdc  sociology  internet 
april 2011 by ignatz
a road atlas of the United States, with the names of cities, towns, and neighborhoods replaced with the words people use to describe themselves and those they want to be with.
geo  visualization  sex  usa  map 
april 2011 by ignatz
population graphs by latitude and longitude
Taking the northern and southern hemispheres together, on average the world’s population lives 24 degrees from the equator.
geography  visualization  demographics  population 
august 2010 by ignatz
Visualising the Guardian Datablog | Information Is Beautiful
visualizing the relative dangers of various recreational drugs versus their reported dangers
drugs  politics  visualization  statistics  publichealth 
november 2009 by ignatz
Surface Area Required To Solar Power The World
map of the increasing but still small area needed to "power the world" with solar panels
visualization  energy  solarpower  graphics  design 
september 2009 by ignatz
The Unofficial Thomas Pynchon Guide to Los Angeles
A map of Greater Los Angeles keyed to the novels of Thomas Pynchon
literature  pynchon  losangeles  map  geo  visualization  nerd 
july 2009 by ignatz
Mistaeks I Hav Made: What do Programmers Feel About their Software?
tool that extracts comments from source code and displays its interpretation of the programmers' emotional experience
visualization  programming  despair  software  tools  via:mendel 
july 2009 by ignatz
20 Visualizations to Understand Crime | FlowingData
While a lot of this crime data is kept confidential to respect people's privacy, there's still plenty of publicly available records. Here we take a look at twenty visualization examples that explore this data.
via:whatevernevermind  visualization  crime  maps  googlemaps  geo 
june 2009 by ignatz
384 – Does My Metro Area Look Big in this Ring Road? « Strange Maps
The map layers the peripheral highways of 27 of the world’s larger cities onto a poster, designed by the Rice School of Architecture in Houston, TX. That location is no coincidence, because the poster highlights a record for Houston: it has the largest ring road in the world (or at least the largest of all the world cities surveyed).
maps  geo  cities  visualization  roads 
may 2009 by ignatz
In search of the click track « Music Machinery
finding click track/automated drumming by variation analysis
visualization  music  audio  automation  drumming  clicktrack 
march 2009 by ignatz
363 - Ego-cartography: the Island of Philippe Gonzalvez « Strange Maps
“I must say that by now there is much more snow on the Mountains of Moustache and that the Hair Republic has been invaded by the Federation of the Face.” A map made from someone's face.
art  visualization  maps  cartography 
march 2009 by ignatz
Jonathan Jarvis » Archive » Crisis of Credit Visualized
The Crisis of Credit Visualized is an animated short that explains the economic crisis by giving it form. It is also an argument for how designers have the ability to see a complex situation, then turn around and communicate it to others.
finance  crash  visualization  design  animation 
february 2009 by ignatz
Comedy Chart
Flowchart of standup comedy, accurate.
visualization  ha  entertainment  cliches  comedy  flowchart  tropes 
january 2009 by ignatz
Inauguration Day | Popular Science
satellite view of the inauguration. the crowds look like lint.
usa  news  visualization  politics  photos  space  satellite 
january 2009 by ignatz
renaissance map :: hyperexperience
maps drawn by Leonardo da Vinci scanned and posted in a Google maps interface
geo  visualization  history  maps  googlemaps  gmaps  geography 
december 2008 by ignatz
Yay Hooray | Infopornographic! Datagraphic! Diagramatic!
everything is explained by a few simple graphs here, folks
what  visualization  graphics 
november 2008 by ignatz
Family Tree of Telecommunication -
Since the very first telephone companies were founded, it seems that telecommunication companies never do business as just one entity when ten would do. Whatever the reason - be it compliance with local regulations, taking advantages of tax loopholes, obfuscation or simply fondness of complexity - subsidiaries and complex corporate structures are the raison d'être for these companies.
via:joshu  telecom  visualization  history  commerce 
november 2008 by ignatz
News: More time needed for foreclosures -
Map of estimated time it would take to sell the foreclosures in each zip code in OC
visualization  finance  commerce  realestate  orangecounty  mortgage  foreclosures  geo 
october 2008 by ignatz
PolicyMap. Good Data. Smart Decisions.
Mapping with demographics, lots of neat tools. Free version available.
visualization  statistics  reference  gis  geo  mapping  economy 
august 2008 by ignatz
LastGraph: Home
graph and otherwize analyze your own listening  blog  music  visualization  graphing  svg 
july 2008 by ignatz
food pairing
Graphical tree visualization of good flavor combinations
food  cooking  recipes  visualization  reference  foodscience  gastronomy 
november 2007 by ignatz
Drugs in de hersenen
animated visualizations of "drugs" in the brain
visualization  animation  education  drugs  narcotics  reference 
may 2006 by ignatz
NASA - Titan Descent Data Movie with Bells and Whistles - Movie
Why did they make a sped up video of data with 1980s video game music on it?
nasa  video  space  wtf  videogames  music  quicktime  what  visualization  weird 
may 2006 by ignatz
Credit Cards
visualize credit card debt to see what's going on
money  commerce  credit  tools  webtoys  visualization 
february 2006 by ignatz
Japanese Automakers Forge Extensive International Alliances
charts showing the interrelationships among auto manufacturers and suppliers
autos  cars  business  industry  globalization  charts  reference  visualization 
december 2005 by ignatz
show visitors to your site on a map
google  maps  tracking  visualization  geo  gis  blog 
september 2005 by ignatz (video/quicktime Object)
quicktime time lapse of 15 days of london underground outages
tech  travel  london  tube  visualization 
june 2005 by ignatz

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