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Iron Spike on Twitter: "Hello. Have you met Anita Berber? She was a disasterpiece. I think you'd like her." / Twitter
When not dancing her self-choreographed nude pieces, which had titles like "Cocaine" and "Morphium," for rapt and scandalized audiences, Berber could sometimes be seen in hotel lobbies, nude except for a sable wrap, a pet monkey, and a silver brooch filled with cocaine.
twitter  yikes  history  biography  anitaberber  drugs  wtf  entertainment 
5 weeks ago by ignatz
Sean Burke LISP madness
I'm wading through some early-1960s #Lisp code by some people of just break-out levels of evil/eval superscience brilliance.

My favorite bit is this one program... it's about 5 pages, and it define...
lisp  software  wtf 
november 2019 by ignatz
Views on Trained Cats
government attempts literal cat herding
cia  usa  cats  wtf  foia 
august 2019 by ignatz
Spotify – 'Til I Can't No More
way more old town road than is recommended
music  wtf  oldtownroad  lilnasx  spotify  playlist 
august 2019 by ignatz
Russian Tea |
What we’ve got here is a drink mix with instant tea, spices, and powdered orange drink. If you search for “Russian tea” and “Tang,” you’ll get a number of iterations, some of which use instant lemonade in the mix, too.
tea  usa  wtf 
july 2019 by ignatz
The Strange Case of Dr. Ho Man Kwok | Colgate Magazine
the man who created msg panic as a joke, or did he?
food  health  wtf  usa  racism  diet 
july 2019 by ignatz
BBC - Future - How modern life is transforming the human skeleton
This has led to a discipline known as “osteobiography" – literally “the biography of bones” – which involves looking at a skeleton to find out how its owner lived.
bones  anatomy  bbc  wtf  science  future  doom 
june 2019 by ignatz
Claudia Schiffer, Supermodel and Palm Model
the claudia schiffer special edition palm vx
celebrities  celebs  palm  marketing  wtf  ha  2000s 
may 2019 by ignatz
The Littlest Boy – Foreign Policy
The backpack-portable nuclear weapon and its weird history
sadm  nuclearweapons  coldwar  wtf 
january 2019 by ignatz
Timeline of Russian innovation - Wikipedia
very odd list of russian innovations, starting with baked milk
wikipedia  russia  history  technology  wtf 
november 2018 by ignatz
Lowe's Innovation Labs
the hardware store is being disruptive
wtf  techbros  lowes  hardware  vr  bubble 
october 2018 by ignatz
Wardoghk comments on Found hooked up to my router
Someone's roommate hooked up a phishing/snooping device to the house router after being conned by a pyramid scheme
security  infosec  wtf  reddit  networking 
september 2018 by ignatz
Sharon Otieno's murder: The full story - Daily Nation
A governor in Kenya had his pregnant girlfriend murdered
murder  kenya  oppression  gender  misogyny  wtf 
september 2018 by ignatz
concept aircraft including huge over the top fantasies
aviation  history  design  wtf 
september 2018 by ignatz
Musician Akon is creating a futuristic city and his own cryptocurrency in Senegal
cryptocurrency  akon  akoin  blockchain  senegal  wtf 
june 2018 by ignatz
Ghost word - Wikipedia
A ghost word is a word published in a dictionary or similarly authoritative reference work, having rarely, if ever, been used in practice, and hitherto having been meaningless.
language  wtf  wikipedia 
february 2018 by ignatz
Megacryometeor - Wikipedia
big chunk of ice from the sky?
wtf  nature 
december 2017 by ignatz
Sonny Bono Memorial Collection : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
I do not understand why there is a Sonny Bono collection, or why it is so weird.
books  sonnybono  wtf 
october 2017 by ignatz
World’s Oldest Edible Ham – Smithfield, Virginia - Atlas Obscura
The 115-year-old piece of pork wears a brass collar and was once a man's "pet ham."
ham  food  wtf  pets  meat 
august 2017 by ignatz
Unmasking The Bullet-Shaped Mystery Aircraft After It Reemerges At Victorville - The Drive
We have the first high resolution image of the aircraft, a tail number, and a whole lot more as to its origins.
aviation  wtf 
june 2017 by ignatz
SS Upper - Educational Passages
3 foot long boat launched across the Atlantic
boats  wtf  trackers 
june 2017 by ignatz
Inside the Cut-Throat World of Toddler Bike Racing | Outside Online
As our writer cheered on his three-year-old at the Strider Cup in Texas—a merciless race replete with tears, anxiety, and elation—he had one question: Is intense competition good for the tiniest of competitors?
sports  wtf 
june 2017 by ignatz
Jones Grips - Info Creepin - YouTube
Death Grips feat. Alex Jones Song: Death Grips- Blood Creepin Voice Clips from InfoWars
march 2017 by ignatz
The Strange, Dark Fate Of The Looncup Menstrual Tracker
LOONCUP is the world's first smart menstrual cup! We're live on Kickstarter now. Please visit our page and support us!
march 2017 by ignatz
I’m Renting a Dog? - Bloomberg
Can purebreds on leases democratize credit? The Nevadan behind Wags Lending thinks so.
commerce  villainy  pets  finance  leasing  wtf 
march 2017 by ignatz
Photoacoustic Sounds from Meteors : Scientific Reports
Concurrent sound associated with very bright meteors manifests as popping, hissing, and faint rustling sounds occurring simultaneously with the arrival of light from meteors.
science  wtf  meteors  astronomy 
march 2017 by ignatz
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Plankton LP Milan - Stranded Records
Plankton is a unique artistic collaboration between biologist Christian Sardet, visual artist Shiro Takatani and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. In 2016 the three me
music  plankton  wtf 
march 2017 by ignatz
Cucumis humifructus - Wikipedia
cucumber that is mutually dependent on aardvarks
aardvarks  cucumbers  food  nature  wtf 
february 2017 by ignatz
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