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Approved News 6 - Home
The only necessary news team for this here now life.
news  friends  ha  yes 
march 2015 by ignatz
The Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced With Adversity
Lemony Snicket to give a cash prize, a weird object, and a certificate annually to a library who has faced adversity.
libraries  prizes  yes  lemonysnicket  librarians 
january 2014 by ignatz
Amici Curiae brief filed by NFL players for gay marriage
lgbt  usa  law  nfl  sports  football  yes 
march 2013 by ignatz
Mojo Nixon World Empire
The triumphant return of the madman who made Southern California in the 1980s bearable
music  california  la  80s  yes 
december 2012 by ignatz
Comedy | VICE
It's funny because it's true.
comedy  robdelaney  yes 
october 2011 by ignatz
Language Log » Fucking shut the fuck up
The main syntactic problem is to determine whether the fuck is being used as an pleonastic (semantically empty) direct object of shut or as a pre-head modifier of the preposition phrase (PP) headed by up.
grammar  syntax  language  swearing  linguistics  yes 
july 2009 by ignatz
This Continues To Literally Be The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen - Cable Access - Videogum
"Oh, whatever, he's just painting, exercising, and playing ping pong. Big whoop!" NO. He is also fielding hostile calls and TAKING IT IN STRIDE.
video  youtube  yes  cranks  publicaccesstv  videogum 
february 2009 by ignatz
Nerf N-Strike Product Demo
nerf assault rifle with illuminated target designator, flip-up sight, clip fed
nerf  toys  war  guns  yes  raygun  via:ethan_t_hein 
october 2008 by ignatz
found_objects: literally the greatest book i have ever read
PROM NIGHT: a book by a kid, found at a thrift store. Instant classic!
books  kids  found  LJ  writing  art  outsider  yes 
september 2008 by ignatz
Encyclopaedia of Tiny Facts
Wonderful stuff. Blog, "reference," and personal narrative all at once.
reference  blog  ha  yes 
august 2008 by ignatz
Moblog: Rad shirt
This is a fine shirt for any occasion.
ha  yes  shirts  dvda 
july 2008 by ignatz
Shrine of the Mall Ninja " LonelyMachines
the thin dumb line that protects our malls... has an elite.
guns  lol  mallninjas  trolls  yes  ha  geek  hilarity 
may 2008 by ignatz
WHAT A MESS !!!! -- An alternative view of reality.
Each individual human had a fundamental adverse problem imposed on their senses when they had their first photograph taken.
psychoceramics  ha  yes 
may 2008 by ignatz
The Black Oven
Immaculate confections succumbed to northern darkness
food  recipes  music  blackmetal  yes  pastry  satan  darkness 
april 2008 by ignatz
Mercer For President 2008
"There are some concern about how we do our concerns of circumstances." I agree, and I support this man's candidacy.
politics  psychoceramics  usa  elections  psychiatry  outsider  leemercer  schizophrenia  cranks  yes 
november 2007 by ignatz
Cyriak: cow ufo abductions
the truth about cattle mutilation at last
cows  animation  cattlemutilation  ufos  yes 
november 2007 by ignatz
HENRY VIII's WIVES - iconic moments
pensioners recreate history's great photos
photos  history  art  conceptualart  yes 
november 2007 by ignatz
Thrift Shop Horrors
Compilation of bizarre tchotchkes found in thrift stores.
kitsch  foundobjects  tchotchkes  livejournal  photos  art  failure  trainwrecks  yes 
august 2007 by ignatz
wtf_inc: Good Lord!
sf  pulp  comics  leopardwomen  saurians  reptoids  venusians  yes  art 
july 2007 by ignatz
Night Flight - Watch Night Flight On YouTube
good clips from the show that went well with a triple chili cheeseburger and a sixer of Pepsi in 1984
80s  1980s  video  musicvideo  nostalgia  sedition  youtube  nightflight  cabletelevision  yes 
april 2007 by ignatz
okay I like these guys. loud 'n' guitary and fun.
music  bands  onlinemusic  muso  rockandroll  yes 
march 2007 by ignatz
perfect phrase for these people
goth  subcultures  malls  usa  ha  yes  books 
november 2006 by ignatz
The Devil’s Dictionary (2.0)
Homage to Bierce, the Web 2.0 Devil's Dictionary.
technology  misanthropy  ha  yes 
october 2006 by ignatz
the Aardvark and I share the "No" esthetic
no  meta  ha  explodingaardvark  yes 
september 2006 by ignatz
wtf sticker
W... tf? Good political sticker.
politics  propaganda  stickers  usa  w  yes  ecommerce 
march 2006 by ignatz

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