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COVID-19 & Freelance Artists
big list of resources, many pandemic-centric
freelance  work  money  race  resources  links  art  design 
14 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Randomness and color
nice exploration of generated/random color palettes
generative  color  art  design  webdesign  inspiration  reference  code 
24 days ago by inrgbwetrust
svelte musings
from twit-mattdesl, author of other great sketch scaffolding
code  javascript  webdev  svelte  generative  art  reference 
24 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Smithsonian Open Access | Smithsonian Institution
eventually will release 1.5MM+ images into public domain 👍
art  history  stock  photography  images  resources  opensource  free  design 
4 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Old Book Illustrations
not explicitly in public domain, but 98% confident
art  stock  illustration  resources  opensource  free  images  gallery 
7 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
awesome dither/halftone patterns, $50ish
software  dither  graphics  tools  design  art  textures  patterns 
7 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Portfolio | Geoffrey Bradway
solid plotter art using axidraw v3 & python; lots of moire stuff
generative  plotter  art  portfolio  patterns  python 
8 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
The Grease Diner
classes and open studio time on 66th & san pablo; classes $125–200ish (to be certified)
berkeley  oakland  print  hardware  education  tutorial  studio  art  design 
9 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
How to hang art
straightforward formulas and advice
art  nesting  tutorial  reference  diy 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Series: Automatic Drawings - Harm van den Dorpel
“Drawings on paper made with a CNC-router, disturbed and complemented by my own hand.”
generative  art  inspiration  plotter  newmedia  design 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
bringing back 1996–2006 digital art hell yeah
design  inspiration  art 
december 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Excerpt: The Temple of Design doesn’t rule this century. – How To Speak Machine 📘: Computational Thinking For The Rest Of Us
“The Temple of Design isn’t an actual place, but more of a standard for knowing what great design is. In harsh, concrete terms, it is a cartel run by the museums, galleries, fashion and beauty industry, and arts education institutions worldwide that decree what great design is all about.”

“Nothing the Temple of Design can say or do really impacts what happens with computational products today, because, frankly, the Temple of Tech has sped past it in in relevance at Moorean speed.”

should prob read book — How to Speak Machine: Computational Thinking For the Rest of Us
design  politics  book  commentary  art 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
A p5.js library for generating files suitable for Risograph printing. It helps turn your sketches into multi-color prints. The p5.Riso Library helps automate color separation and lets you preview of how your prints will look.
generative  art  color  tools  processing  print  code  library  programming 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Shop - Blkmarket
trendy/edgy stock for physical product mockups; some free
graphics  tools  prototyping  stock  photography  design  art  posters  textures  free 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
the wrong biennale
brutalist ...just a fat stack of links
art  webdesign  typography  inspiration 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Malika Favre
simple, brassy line art; some with 'subtle' entendres
art  design  illustration  vector  adult 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Rad Lines by @msurguy
neat concentric shape generator; would look nice on paper w/ plotter
svg  resources  vector  downloads  generative  art  graphics  plotter  ui  stock 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Generaaaaaative - Generative art
neat/cheeky ongoing series of glyphs/genitals/boxes arranged into grids, w/ UI sliders to tinker. no source code, but can save off massive PNGs
generative  art  design  webdev  inspiration  gallery  blog  resources  stock  graphics 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
GitHub - nornagon/saxi: Tools & library for driving the AxiDraw pen plotter
nice in-browser interface (can host on raspberry pi elsewhere on network); does a bunch of sweet optimizations
plotter  tools  free  opensource  software  art  hardware  optimization 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Generative Design
nice big gallery of p5.js example sketches (w/ links to GH) from a book
art  book  code  generative  design  webdev  tutorial  javascript  gallery  inspiration 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
GitHub - mattdesl/workshop-p5-intro: Intro to Creative Coding workshop with p5.js and Tone.js
“Resources & course notes for students attending my Intro to Creative Coding workshops, demonstrating p5.js and Tone.js”

‘Further Reading’ section is a goldmine of design books/videos/etc

generative  art  code  javascript  tutorial  animation  library  links  inspiration 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
amazing; open source but uses his custom-built framework
3d  generative  art  design  webdev  webgl  gallery  opensource  animation 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Nodes is a new way to create with code
looks verrrrrry interesting; modular pieces can be manipulated visually (rip yahoo pipes)
javascript  3d  nodejs  programming  webdev  generative  design  art  tools  framework 
september 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Ashley Wicks
dude draws some very nice birds
newzealand  art  illustration  wishlist  gifts 
may 2019 by inrgbwetrust
pen plotterable circle pack demo with D3 + canvas-sketch + utils · GitHub
mattdesl example script using his canvas-sketch boilerplate — circle packing with keyboard shortcut to output png and svg
javascript  generative  art  code  reference  software  design  canvas  svg  tools 
april 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Hakim El Hattab
maker of good shit, including interactive generative art sketches
generative  design  webdesign  ui  ux  javascript  animation  art  webdev  portfolio 
february 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Daniel Eatock
design/web OG ... co-creator of indexhibit, what a prolific fucker
art  design  inspiration  indexhibit  newmedia  portfolio 
february 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Main : Penjet
awesome diy conversion with quirky results
generative  art  design  hardware  diy  inspiration  plotter 
february 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Agatha Yu
cool trendy 3d shit with a low-fi feel and vein of VR UI
3d  design  art  animation  ui  vr  inspiration 
january 2019 by inrgbwetrust
tim rodenbröker creative coding •
prolific art coder just getting started

"La Luz Negra" → arctiles heh
design  generative  art  portfolio  inspiration  processing  3d  animation 
december 2018 by inrgbwetrust
does what it scene jobs (and design too)
art  jobs  search  design  resources 
november 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Daniel Brown's
impressive breadth; did work for latest William Gibson editions
generative  art  design  3d  inspiration 
october 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Discrete Universe
lovely discrete mathematics art
generative  art  blog  images  japan 
october 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Generative art / Observable
recreating OG art with code; posts are editable (some with sliders), very nice
generative  art  history  gallery  code  reference  inspiration  svg 
september 2018 by inrgbwetrust
code doodles made with P5; all source available on GH
generative  art  design  opensource  inspiration  reference  code  javascript  webdev 
september 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Ben Skinner
cool shit tho sometimes apes Barbara Kruger too hard
art  typography  inspiration  design  creative  propoganda 
september 2018 by inrgbwetrust
looks like a very nice competitor to paperjs
animation  canvas  javascript  library  generative  art  design  webdev  nodejs  paperjs 
august 2018 by inrgbwetrust
animated grid lines
great starter for animated lines in a field
javascript  nodejs  generative  art  tutorial  webdev  code 
july 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Adelina Lirius shop
jenna likes, and the artist accepts commissions
art  illustration  wishlist  gifts 
june 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Some generative risograph stuff
neat output:

"The library/tool is entirely browser-based (no dev server needed, should work with plain <script> tag). It seems like Chrome has come a long way with force-downloading dataURI in the last few months, it can render out multiple 10k * 10k PNGs with no sweat!"
generative  art  design  print  reference  javascript  code  browser 
june 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Generative Artistry
nice simple tutorials for simple projects (only 3 right now)
generative  art  tutorial  javascript  code  webdev  programming 
june 2018 by inrgbwetrust
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