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Font Match
overlay fonts in browser, neat (can't upload own, but has wide selection from goog etc)
webdesign  design  fonts  typography  tools  reference 
4 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Urbit is for Communities - Urbit
The incentives in the current structure are totally misaligned. Let’s walk through them:

I want to keep my data forever, but most companies are beholden to growth. If they can’t produce that growth and die, my data either disappears or becomes unusable without their software. I don’t want my data to be sold or for anyone to spy on me, but ad-funded companies have to engage in these practices to stay alive. I don’t want a piece of software to go away if a company dies, but apps and services require maintenance that’s complicated and expensive to do. Without the company around, their software is useless.
p2p  hosting  communication  opensource  software  commentary  tools  internet 
12 days ago by inrgbwetrust | Home
remote screen sharing (& pair programming) from the creator of Screenhero (acquired by Slack)
remote  work  communication  tools  freelance  software 
12 days ago by inrgbwetrust
IFOST Blog: How I teach classes remotely
good stuff for general remote work sprinkled in, like
remote  work  tools  software  list  links  video  communication 
19 days ago by inrgbwetrust
What is Meshtastic? | Meshtastic
An opensource hiking, pilot, skiing, Signal-App-extending GPS mesh communicator
backpacking  Outdoors  tools  communication  opensource 
26 days ago by inrgbwetrust - CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line
fantastic speculation on mixing some GUI bits into command line UI to make learning curve (or general discoverability) better
cli  ui  ux  commentary  inspiration  software  webdesign  tools 
4 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Sketching an iPhone Lock Screen |
good content marketing for an app that helps catch subtle UI states

“Most bugs I see in "modern" apps are related to the designers failing to handle states implied by network calls: loading, timeout, data-not-found, etc. I find thinking about statecharts reminds me to design these cases. (Which are easy to forget when just sketching visuals.)”
ui  ux  prototyping  tutorial  tools  code  software 
5 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
visual editor for react components
webdev  webdesign  react  javascript  tools  prototyping  ui 
7 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
awesome dither/halftone patterns, $50ish
software  dither  graphics  tools  design  art  textures  patterns 
8 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust / John Keough
dude's got a ton of shit filed away; works at a decent agency in NYC
webdev  webdesign  gallery  tools  links  resources  stock  code  images 
8 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Basement - Ground floor CSS utility classes - Documentation
bulkier and more powerful/flexible than basscss, but inspired by it
css  webdev  code  library  organization  tools 
8 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Request Map Generator
be glad for adblockers; js on journo sites is a plague
analytics  webdev  optimization  datavis  tools  privacy 
10 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
TLDR pages
simple, crowdsourced alt to man pages, with emphasis on example usage
cli  unix  webdev  programming  tools  reference  free  opensource  software 
10 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
All – Tiny Helpers
A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers
css  javascript  html  tools  webdev  webdesign  accessibility  color  ui  ux  code 
10 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Deploying to Netlify via CircleCi | Brad McGonigle
Gatsby site with 1k posts and over 16,000 images will time out on Netlify, so circleci can take up the slack

see also:
gatsbyjs  static  hosting  reference  tutorial  tools  webdev  free 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Roam: Why I Love It and How I Use It - Nat Eliason
like a crazy little wiki that helps you cross-reference notes?
wiki  writing  organization  tools  software 
12 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
product design practice prompts
career  webdesign  ux  tools  resources  work  ui 
december 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Gingko App
decent brain dump app? puts blobs of text in spatial/ancestral order
tools  software  writing  prototyping  organization  productivity 
december 2019 by inrgbwetrust
My Lightweight Backpacking Gear List - Erik The Black's Backpacking Blog
this guy's been blogging for ages and it's refreshing to see him be honest about cost
backpacking  tools  hardware  Outdoors  reference 
december 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Legit (Git Workflow for Humans)
simplifies basic tasks by rolling up multiple commands into one
git  programming  tools  webdev  code  cli  unix 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
A p5.js library for generating files suitable for Risograph printing. It helps turn your sketches into multi-color prints. The p5.Riso Library helps automate color separation and lets you preview of how your prints will look.
generative  art  color  tools  processing  print  code  library  programming 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
paid software (plus tightly integrated sketch plugin that it began as) to generate styleguides or otherwise manage design systems (and visual assets??)
webdesign  tools  prototyping  sketchapp  plugin  productivity  organization  ui  ux 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Shop - Blkmarket
trendy/edgy stock for physical product mockups; some free
graphics  tools  prototyping  stock  photography  design  art  posters  textures  free 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Who Can Use
punch in a color combo and see who it might trip up
color  accessibility  webdesign  ui  ux  tools 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Tailwind Builder | Create Tailwind templates in minutes
rapidly slap together solid/cliche components built with tailwind, very nice; $89 or $12/mo
webdev  webdesign  prototyping  productivity  tools  html  css  library 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Simple Scraper — Scrape Website and Table Data in Seconds
click around with chrome extension to get started, neat
api  tools  webdev 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
create secure 1-page sites that self-host magically because all their data is represented in the url
static  tools  webdesign  webdev  privacy  security  hosting  free 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
great framing of the crises we face

e.g. “To focus on energy efficiency is to make present ways of life non-negotiable.”
diy  inspiration  progress  climate  sustainable  nesting  hardware  tools 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Git 101 in a single bash script
covers 95% of git usage, by example (with solid comments)
git  tutorial  reference  tools  software  programming 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Free for developers
massive list of services offering free tiers
software  webdev  tools  programming  free  links  list 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Design System Playground
quickly generate a MVP; random buttons = experimentation
css  code  tools  webdesign  webdev  generative  styleguide  ui 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
GitHub - nornagon/saxi: Tools & library for driving the AxiDraw pen plotter
nice in-browser interface (can host on raspberry pi elsewhere on network); does a bunch of sweet optimizations
plotter  tools  free  opensource  software  art  hardware  optimization 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
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