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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back | Jxnblk
dude behind Basscss & Tachyons lays out some hindsight and changes his tune

“While CSS-in-JS libraries help with a lot of issues, some of the key benefits to libraries like Basscss and Tachyons got lost in the mix. Instead of using design constraints to define styles, developers are left with open-ended tools that tend to encourage one-off styles. The learning curve was reduced, but developers were left with more choices to make.”

styled-system, theme-ui, rebass, styled-components, etc
webdev  css  code  commentary  reference  javascript  ui  productivity  organization  architecture  react 
22 days ago by inrgbwetrust - CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line
fantastic speculation on mixing some GUI bits into command line UI to make learning curve (or general discoverability) better
cli  ui  ux  commentary  inspiration  software  webdesign  tools 
23 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Tailwind UI
big library of (vanilla-ish) responsive components (based on tailwind css) from author of nice Refactoring UI vids.

$349, woof. is the quality high enough to blow the eastern europeans out the water?

preview section has a fair number of freebies w/ viewable code
webdev  webdesign  templates  ui  productivity  prototyping  library  resources  html  css  responsive  stock 
4 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Sketching an iPhone Lock Screen |
good content marketing for an app that helps catch subtle UI states

“Most bugs I see in "modern" apps are related to the designers failing to handle states implied by network calls: loading, timeout, data-not-found, etc. I find thinking about statecharts reminds me to design these cases. (Which are easy to forget when just sketching visuals.)”
ui  ux  prototyping  tutorial  tools  code  software 
4 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust / HP 9845C Demo
Primarily developed by Colin Cantwell, who also played a crucial role in the design of Star Wars' space ships such as Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer or X-Wing Fighter. Colin worked as a consultant for the team which created the 9845C color system and had been a visionary for computer graphics applications.
tech  history  inspiration  gallery  images  graphics  3d  ui 
4 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
The Design Graph | Jxnblk
“I get a lot of questions about how Theme UI is different from Styled System or Rebass. I think the Design Graph might be the best way to explain this”

Q: “Isn’t Theme UI is an evolution of both? No?”
A: “I think you could say that as well”

(from basscss/tachyons crew member)
styleguide  organization  css  architecture  webdev  webdesign  ui  reference  code  javascript 
5 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
visual editor for react components
webdev  webdesign  react  javascript  tools  prototyping  ui 
6 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
No more requirements • Modernist Studio
“By pretending we know what a solution should be ahead of time, we’re short-circuiting the value of the work – and our own value, too.”
design  management  organization  commentary  productivity  work  business  ui  ux  webdesign 
7 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
The Web is Industrialized and I helped industrialize it -
“We’ve industrialized design and are relegated to squeezing efficiencies out of it through our design systems. All CSS changes must now have a business value and user story ticket attached to it.”
agile  productivity  organization  management  webdev  webdesign  styleguide  commentary  links  business  ui  ux 
7 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Design Systems, Agile, and Industrialization | Brad Frost
“There’s a big difference between having smart, reusable patterns at your disposal and creating a dictatorial culture designed to enforce conformity and swat down anyone coloring outside the lines.”

“I’ve seen first-hand what happens when the boring stuff is captured in a design system so the team can focus on way more interesting things.”
agile  productivity  organization  management  webdev  webdesign  styleguide  commentary  links  business  ui  ux 
7 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
How to tell the difference between a React component and a design pattern — Robin Rendle | CSS-Tricks
“It’s easy to see every problem or design as a new component or a mix of currently existing components. But instead, we should make components that can slot into each other neatly, rather just continue to make more components.”
webdesign  ui  ux  organization  management  styleguide  commentary  optimization  webdev  react 
8 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
All – Tiny Helpers
A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers
css  javascript  html  tools  webdev  webdesign  accessibility  color  ui  ux  code 
9 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Focusing on Focus Styles | CSS-Tricks
every web page should be navigable with keyboard
accessibility  css  html  webdev  reference  code  ui  ux 
10 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
product design practice prompts
career  webdesign  ux  tools  resources  work  ui 
december 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Ecosistema: A Blueprint for Spanish Design | Design by FOLCH
rich & snappy bottom-fixed menu; probably too clever by half tho
ui  ux  inspiration  webdesign 
december 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Style Overrides in Symbols using Sketch 52 - YouTube
good example of state-of-the-art Sketch workflow (using components and nested symbols and style overrides) of 2018
sketchapp  tutorial  video  webdesign  ui  ux  prototyping  organization 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
paid software (plus tightly integrated sketch plugin that it began as) to generate styleguides or otherwise manage design systems (and visual assets??)
webdesign  tools  prototyping  sketchapp  plugin  productivity  organization  ui  ux 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Studio WTF
clever & simple UI; looks hand-coded (jquery fucks with z-index)
jquery  webdesign  inspiration  studio  portfolio  ui 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Apple built its $1 trillion empire on two metaphors. One is breaking
“Who knows how much easier, how much more satisfying, our digital lives might be if the governing metaphor for smartphones were one of human connection, rather than programs.”

evolving past skeuomorphism
book  reviews  commentary  ux  history  apple  mobile  ui  tech  progress  software  ios 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust / Interface Research
great collection of interesting & avant garde sites
webdesign  ui  ux  inspiration  gallery  links 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Adam Thorman
interesting work in an interesting collage UI (cargo site)
photography  oakland  inspiration  webdesign  ui  cargo 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Who Can Use
punch in a color combo and see who it might trip up
color  accessibility  webdesign  ui  ux  tools 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
The Dashboard Problem ・ Robin Rendle
“I can begin to tell if the UI was made by one team, and if they’re an engineer-heavy organization. Or whether they have a bunch of junior designers without much UX experience. I can start to tell which parts of a company might own this feature or that one and that they don’t communicate properly with one another. I can tell if they have a design systems team, too.”

webdesign  business  management  ui  ux  commentary  organization 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
inspired by styled-system (of basscss guy), see intro:

'Playroom' lets you quickly prototype pages using your own components across multiple viewport sizes
opensource  styleguide  ui  react  javascript  webdev  resources  library  productivity 
november 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Design System Playground
quickly generate a MVP; random buttons = experimentation
css  code  tools  webdesign  webdev  generative  styleguide  ui 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Using and customizing official Gatsby themes from scratch without starter sites - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
thorough walk-thru from scratch, not with a gatsby-provided starter; good intro to shadow components

see part 4 for graphql intro
gatsbyjs  theme  tutorial  code  javascript  webdev  static  nodejs  ui  react 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Rad Lines by @msurguy
neat concentric shape generator; would look nice on paper w/ plotter
svg  resources  vector  downloads  generative  art  graphics  plotter  ui  stock 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Homepage – Carbon Design System
IBM open sourced their design system, very impressive. super nice design resources, incl. sketch
design  ui  ux  webdesign  opensource  styleguide  sketchapp  reference  resources  free 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Photon: Voice and Tone
one of the very few design systems to lay out aspects of copywriting
styleguide  reference  communication  writing  ux  ui  inspiration  organization  management  business 
october 2019 by inrgbwetrust
The Vandalisation of ‘UX’ - Spotless Says - Medium
“Hiring managers remained confused and bought the most colourful portfolios with their eyes and the most strident and aggrandising design mythos with their ears. Others insisted on ramming untrained graphic designers into UX-type roles. The floodgates were opened, and the rapids scarred the landscape into an unrecognisable form.”
ux  business  management  commentary  design  ui 
september 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Sketch is not a UX design tool - The Startup - Medium
good thoughts on the future of designing for screens/software; points toward Subform, React Studio, Native Studio
webdesign  commentary  prototyping  tools  react  ux  ui  sketchapp 
september 2019 by inrgbwetrust
How to Make Sense of Any Mess
looks like a solid book; has Vikram's hearty endorsement
book  ux  ui  webdesign  business  management  reference 
september 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Chakra Design System
“This component library is heavily inspired by TailwindCSS, Styled System, Reach UI and Atomic Design Principles by Brad Frost.” (ala basscss?)
react  ui  webdev  styleguide  library  prototyping 
september 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Introducing Drama
framer w/out writing js? looks like a pretty clean/simple/focused prototyping tool
animation  prototyping  tools  ux  webdesign  ui  mobile  wireframe 
july 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Trajectories for the future of software –
Harsh dismissals, but not necessarily incorrect. We should be working to blur and eventually eliminate the boundary between code and UI. Echoes of Bret Victor here.

“The problem is that the web invited in two generations of programmers who somehow believed that this perverse ecosystem was sane and that wasting their own time and the resources of the computers their stuff was running on was natural.”

“The difference between a programmer and a non-programmer is fundamentally that the non-programmer was told that some tools were off-limits to them and they believed it.”

“Programming language design is part of user interface design. Not only that, but user interface design is part of programming language design. A user interface is a language with which a user explains their intent to the computer, and a user interface that makes decisions that would not be welcome in a programming language is broken, because a user interface is a programming language.”
webdev  code  programming  ui  commentary  history  browser  html  javascript  internet  software 
july 2019 by inrgbwetrust
Design engineers
really nice summary of what a healthy ecosystem could look like, including version control, accessibility, design patterns/libraries, and on and on

alt link:
webdesign  ui  design  inspiration  organization  management  git  styleguide  optimization  tools  progress  sketchapp 
may 2019 by inrgbwetrust
neat ideas for a new desktop OS
osx  ui  ux  inspiration  prototyping 
may 2019 by inrgbwetrust
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