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Hobbling Huawei: Inside the U.S. war on China’s tech giant
For months, Australia warned the United States about the destructive capacity of 5G technology. Now, America is aggressively campaigning against Chinese telecom champion Huawei, fearful Beijing’s domination of 5G could be used for espionage and sabotage.
Huawei  telecoms  5G  security  China  USA  Reuters  2019 
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Huawei Just Copied the iPhone—Down to the Last Screw | WIRED
The world needs tech companies to innovate rather than chase Apple through its walled garden. It needs more repairable, recyclable products. But no one is smart enough, or brave enough, to do that. In their misguided and single-minded focus to emulate Jony Ive, these companies are copying everything Apple does, down to the last screw.
Huawei  Apple  smartphones  productdesign  hardware  recycling  critique  Wired  2016 
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China Smartphone Shipments Hit a Record 438 Million Units in 2015
According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, China smartphone shipments grew 3 percent annually to hit a record 438 million units in 2015. Xiaomi maintained first position and captured 15 percent smartphone marketshare in China last year.
smartphones  sales  marketshare  Xiaomi  Huawei  Apple  Vivo  OPPO  China  StrategyAnalytics  2016 
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China’s Rising Giants in Enterprise Hardware | DIGITS to DOLLARS
There are many reasons for their success. Competitors will say they win by price alone, but that is not true. They do have the advantage of a very low cost of capital, but even that may be changing. Both Huawei and ZTE are much more innovative than they are given credit for. Perhaps most importantly, they have succeeded by finding new sales channels. In particular, they have partnered with their many telecom operator customers to push sales of enterprise gear throughout the emerging markets.
hardware  enterprise  China  emergingmarkets  Lenovo  Huawei  growth  DigitstoDollars  2016 
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Hard Passage to India for China's Phone Makers
Chinese mobile phone makers are building brand awareness and trying new sales strategies to expand market share in India
smartphones  India  growth  opportunity  Xiaomi  Coolpad  Huawei  Gionee  Caixin  2015 
september 2015 by inspiral
Apple, Samsung & The Great Cluster - Counterpoint Technology Market Research
But the long-term growth won’t be easy for these long tail brands as the growth potential is entirely dependent on one important factor: unique business model.
smartphones  marketshare  competition  Apple  iPhone  Samsung  WindowsPhone  LG  Xiaomi  Lenovo  Sony  Huawei  review  CounterpointResearch  2014 
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Market Monitor : Q1 2014 : Smartphone Brands Market Share By US Carriers - Counterpoint Technology Market Research
According to latest research from Counterpoint’s Market Monitor quarterly tracker program, USA smartphone market reached 33 million units at the end of Q1 2014. The smartphone market grew a modest 7% annually but now accounts for more than 87% of the total handset shipments, highest ever.
smartphones  mobile  sales  Apple  Samsung  Motorola  LG  Nokia  Kyocera  HTC  Huawei  ZTE  Android  iOS  marketshare  USA  CounterpointResearch  2014 
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Market Monitor : Q1 2014 :: Handset & Smartphone Markets Landscape - Counterpoint Technology Market Research
Handset shipments reached a record March quarter high of under half a billion units for the Q1 2014 quarter (Growth 9% YoY) Smartphone shipments were slightly under 300 million units, a first quarter record  (Growth 28% YoY.) Smartphone now represent 64% of all mobile phones shipped during the quarter (55% in Q1 2013) as feature phone demand is briskly shrinking across globally. Consumers can buy a new branded smartphone now for less than $50 and will be for under-$40 by year end Demand across developed markets such as North America & Western Europe shrunk coming from a strong holiday season quarter while emerging markets continued to grow above industry average.
mobile  smartphones  sales  global  Samsung  Nokia  Apple  LG  Huawei  Alcatel  Lenovo  Xiaomi  Sony  Coolpad  CounterpointResearch  2014 
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Huawei hopes P7 phone will help it 'Ascend' to Apple-like heights - CNET
New flagship Android phone continues Chinese firm's push to become premium, global brand. Also: a Google partnership.
Huawei  smartphones  premiumisation  strategy  Cnet  2014 
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China Taps a Growing Phone Market -
“There’s a long tail of local competitors that are going to push Apple and Samsung harder and harder,” said Neil Mawston, an analyst at Strategy Analytics. “There’s a million and one people trying to eat their lunch.”
China  smartphones  marketshare  sales  Apple  Samsung  Huawei  Goophone  NYTimes  2013 
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