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How to lose a monopoly: Microsoft, IBM and anti-trust — Benedict Evans
None of this is an argument against regulation per se of any specific issue in tech. If a company is abusing dominance today, it is not an argument against intervention to point out that it will lose that dominance in a decade or two - as Keynes says, ‘in the long term we’re all dead’. The same applies to regulation of issues that have little or nothing to do with market dominance, such as privacy (though people sometime fail to understand this distinction). Rather, the problem comes when people claim that somehow these companies are immortal - to say that is to reject all past evidence, and to claim that somehow there will never be another generational change in tech, which seems unwise.
Microsoft  IBM  monopoly  strategy  regulation  review  history  informationtechnology  BenedictEvans  2020 
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Microsoft’s Monopoly Hangover – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Still, the fact that enterprises no longer have data centers doesn’t mean integration is no longer valuable; rather, the locus of needed integration has shifted to the cloud as well. The average enterprise customer uses 20~30 apps, data is often scattered on and off premise, or stuck in email or personal accounts, and while IT departments may be happy to no longer upgrade servers, managing identity and security across all of these services and on a whole host of new devices far more likely to be used outside a company’s intranet calls for the same sort of integrator Gerstner wanted IBM to be.

This seems to be the long-term goal of Microsoft 365.
Microsoft  strategy  comparison  IBM  cloudcomputing  enterprise  integrations  review  Stratechery  2017 
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IBM’s Watson Won Jeopardy! But Can It Win the New AI Biz? | WIRED
IN RETROSPECT, THERE was much more at stake than a mere $1 million when IBM’s Watson computer faced off against two Jeopardy! champions back in 2011. The bot’s victory gave Big Blue a shot at conjuring up a new line of business at the perfect possible moment. A series of advances in image and speech recognition was about to trigger a frenzy of investment and excitement about the moneymaking potential of artificial intelligence.
Six years later, it’s fair to ask whether that plan could have been better executed. IBM today is even more urgently in need of new business, with quarterly results released earlier this week showing that revenue has declined for 21 consecutive quarters. CEO Ginny Rommety has made a habit of talking about Watson as a kind of savior, and the company declared this week that this part of the business is growing. But IBM won’t release details on Watson’s financial performance, and skeptics abound. Last week, investment bank Jefferies released a report warning shareholders not to expect IBM’s investments in AI to repay themselves; Watson, it said, risks being eclipsed by competing AI platforms from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.
IBM  IBMWatson  artificialintelligence  machinelearning  review  critique  Wired  2017 
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The New Game of Global Tech
Because the companies in the ICT sector no longer compete within the old sector boundaries, they must now define themselves another way: through the manner in which they offer value to their customers. There are many methods of doing so, but five value propositions are particularly prevalent in this industry. All five are viable ways of reaching customers, especially enterprise customers, with technological solutions. Each of the five has a business model and economic profile distinct from the others and distinct from the overall ICT 50 formula. Each has its own approach to growth, profitability, scale, and investment. The archetypes are detailed here, along with the indicators used to identify them.
tech  IT  enterprise  strategy  IBM  Microsoft  SAP  Oracle  Cisco  HewlettPackard  Tata  Apple  EMC  Alphabet  Google  Samsung  Intel  Accenture  Infosys  WiPro  HCLTechnologies  Symantec  Salesforce  ComputerAssociates  CGIGroup  Qualcomm  Amadeus  Adobe  StrategyBusiness  2016 
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IBM says it is 3X more expensive to manage PCs than Macs | Computerworld
IBM today told the record-setting seventh Jamf Nation User Conference that it is saving even more money by deploying Macs across the company than it thought: each Mac deployment saves the company up to $535 over four years, in contrast to the $270 per Mac it claimed last year.

That’s a hugely significant statistic for any Mac user and follows extensive use of the platform by IBM. IBM VP of Workplace as a Service, Fletcher Previn, told the conference that 90,000 employees are now using Macs, up from 30,000 in 2015. 100,000 of IBM’s global workforce will be using Macs by the end of the year, he said, and the number is climbing.
PCs  MacOS  totalcostofownership  enterprise  comparison  IBM  ComputerWorld  2016  MicrosoftWindows 
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Chevy Is Tapping Into IBM's Watson to Fuel People's Positivity, and Their Cars | Adweek
vrolet wants people to see life—and their gas tanks—as half full instead of half empty.
Just in time for International Day of Positive Thinking, the Detroit-based automaker is launching a campaign to help the optimists of the world "find new roads." Partnering with IBM, Chevy built the Chevrolet Global Positivity System (conveniently abbreviated as GPS), which uses Watson's cognitive capabilities to analyze people's social media channels to see what kind of positivity they're pumping out.
While anyone can access the Chevy GPS online, the company has also activated several gas stations around the world to surprise visitors with free gas. Based on an analysis by Watson of the words and emojis people use on various social media channels, visitors to the selection of stations will be rewarded with a certain amount of free fuel. But, in order to boost everyone's mood, Chevy says even those whose online personalities are more negative in nature won't go away with an empty tank.
Chevy is initially temporarily taking over gas stations in New Orleans, Cape Town and Buenos Aires, but he initiative is also planned for other markets including Canada, Dubai and South Korea.
Chevrolet  IBM  partnership  socialmedia  automotive  creativeshowcase  Adweek  2016 
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Just in time for holiday shopping, e-commerce gets AI upgrade with IBM Watson - TechRepublic
On Monday, outdoor clothing company The North Face announced a partnership with IBM Watson and e-commerce company Fluid to launch a new AI-powered shopping tool to make it easier to find the right item. The new experience is called XPS and uses natural conversation and a dialog-based recommendation engine to help users pick out the jacket that best fits their needs.
NorthFace  IBM  collaboration  partnership  ecommerce  artificialintelligence  IBMWatson  naturallanguageprocessing  creativeshowcase  TechRepublic  2016 
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Apple's enterprise partnerships, big and small, start to pay off | CIO
Apple is slowly strengthening its foothold in the enterprise through a series of partnerships with established providers of business services, large and small. Here's a breakdown of what's working, from the perspective of Apple's leading business partners, as well as how the pacts benefit CIOs.
Apple  enterprise  partnership  collaboration  IBM  SAP  Cisco  Box  Docusign  CIO  2016 
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The Incredible True Story Behind AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire – How Compaq Cloned IBM And Created An Empire | Internet History Podcast
This Sunday, AMC is premiering a new original series called Halt And Catch Fire. Set in the early 1980s, it tells the story of a band of cowboy entrepreneurs and engineers who join the PC Wars by cloning an IBM machine and taking on Big Blue for control of the nascent personal computer industry.

AMC’s show is fictional, but it turns out, there is a true life story that is similar to this course of events, and it led to the creation of one of the greatest technology companies of all time, Compaq Computers.

Rod Canion was one of the co-founders of Compaq back in the early 80s, and he was there for the real world PC wars. He’s written a book about the time period, Open: How Compaq Ended IBM’s PC Domination and Helped Invent Modern Computing. In the interview below, I spoke to Rod about the book, the process of taking on Big Blue and cloning the IBM-PC, and how a series of incredible calculated gambles paid off to eventually build one of history’s most successful technology companies.
HaltandCatchFire  television  PCs  history  Compaq  IBM  personalaccount  RodCanion  interview  InternetHistoryPodcast  2014 
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Apple earnings growth hangs on enterprise use
Apple had another record quarter, but the company looks to grow even more by enabling iOS in the mobile enterprise through key partnerships and features.
Apple  strategy  iOS  enterprise  iPad  partnership  IBM  Cisco  SearchMobileComputing  2015 
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IBM Cloud: Overview | LinkedIn
The IBM Cloud LinkedIn page welcomes cloud computing aficionados to discuss all things cloud. This page is managed by Liz Klipp and Daryl Pereira and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines.
IBMCloud  cloudcomputing  socialmedia  LinkedIn  creativeshowcase  IBM  2015 
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IBM Cloud
The official IBM Cloud Facebook page. Managed by Liz Klipp and Daryl Pereira, and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines.
IBMCloud  Facebook  socialmedia  cloudcomputing  creativeshowcase  IBM  2015 
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Only 5% of Mac users at IBM need help desk support, compared to 40% of PC users
IBM's internal deployment of Mac hardware has been a resounding success, the company announced this week, with rapid adoption and very little need for employee technical support.
IBM  Apple  hardware  support  PCs  advocacy  AppleInsider  2015 
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Enterprise tech vendors: Sizing up the next gen field | ZDNet
That reticence comes through in our most recent CXO survey from Tech Pro Research. The data from more than 400 IT leaders is cut multiple ways, but the takeaways for me come down to priorities are shifting and tech buyers are already betting on who will be key in the next generation stack.
informationtechnology  enterprise  threats  opportunity  priorities  research  vendors  VMWare  Microsoft  Cisco  Google  Intel  Oracle  HP  SAP  Citrix  Amazon  Apple  IBM  Salesforce  Workday  NetSuite  ServiceNow  Splunk  Cloudera  Hortonworks  ZDNnet  2014 
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FWA winner | US Open Sessions
IBM collaborated with James Murphy on a project called IBM's U.S. Open Sessions. James worked to turn live gameplay tennis data collected via the IBM Cloud into real-time music.
IBM  Technology  cloudcomputing  microsite  music  JamesMurphy  creativeshowcase  FWA  2014 
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US Open Sessions | 2014 US Open Official Site - A USTA Event - Official Site by IBM
IBM and musician James Murphy are turning US Open match data into live streaming music in real time with the IBM Cloud.
tennis  JamesMurphy  datavisualisation  audio  music  IBM  creativeshowcase  USOpen  2014 
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Apple and IBM Storm the Enterprise | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
The news Apple and IBM have joined forces to deliver a powerful new business approach to the enterprise is the shot heard round the IT world. This global deal, where IBM in essence becomes a VAR (value added reseller) for Apple and includes IBM porting more than 150 of their IT apps and tools exclusively to iOS for use in full native mode, will give IBM more tools in their mobile arsenal as well as provide Apple a stronger foothold in the enterprise — beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Even though Apple’s iPad represents 73% of tablets in the enterprise and the iPhone also has a substantial position in IT, this partnership with IBM helps solidify that iOS is the OS for business tablets and smartphones and gives them a huge edge over their competition.
Apple  IBM  partnership  enterprise  tablets  Techpinions  2014 
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IBM and Apple: Catharsis | Asymco
This dramatic turnaround–Apple moving to a device leadership position and IBM moving to a service leadership position–created the conditions for today’s announcement of a strategic partnership–an event which is astounding to those who witnessed the 1980s and 1990s. Were it not for the tenacious independence of Apple and the business model agility of IBM, neither company would be around today to leverage one another.
PCs  market  evolution  sales  brands  IBM  Apple  Asymco  2014 
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Forget 'the Cloud,' Computing's Future Is in 'the Fog' -
Here's the reality: Getting data into and out of the cloud is harder than most engineers, or at least their managers, often are willing to admit. The problem is bandwidth. If you're a company simply seeking to save the cost and headache of storing data yourself, the cloud is great as long as all you need to do is transfer data back and forth via high-speed wiring. But in the world of mass connectivity—in which people need to get information on an array of mobile devices—bandwidth is pretty slow.
FogComputing  cloudcomputing  Cisco  mobile  IBM  edgecomputing  WallStreetJournal  2014 
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Stepping up to the challenge CMO insights from the Global C-suite Study
In the first installment of our Global C-suite Study, we spoke in person with 4,183 top executives from more than 20 industries to find out how they’re earning the loyalty of digitally enfranchised customers and citizens. This report focuses on how the 524 CMOs we interviewed are helping their enterprises become more “customer-activated.” The news is both good and bad. On the one hand, CMOs are wielding more power in the boardroom, as CEOs increasingly call on them for strategic input. In fact, the CMO now comes second only to the CFO in terms of the influence he or she exerts on the CEO (see Figure 1). A growing number of CMOs are also liaising closely with CIOs—with remarkably positive effects on the bottom line. Where the CMO and CIO work well together, the enterprise is 76 percent more likely to outperform in terms of revenues and profitability. On the other hand, very few CMOs have made much progress in building a robust digital marketing capability. Only 20 percent have
CMO  survey  marketing  strategy  research  priorities  digitalstrategy  global  IBM  2014 
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Best Global Brands 2010
Interbrand give their principles for strong brands and gives a brief assessment of the World's top scoring 100 brands and an analysis of different sectors.
branding  global  cocacola  ibm  microsoft  google  ge  mcdonalds  intel  nokia  disney  hp  toyota  Mercedes  gillette  cisco  bmw  louisvuitton  apple  marlboro  samsung  h&m  oracle  pepsi  americanexpress  nike  sap  nescafe  ikea  jpmorgan  budweiser  ups  hsbc  canon  sony  kelloggs  amazon  goldmansachs  nintendo  thomsonreuters  citi  dell  philips  ebay  gucci  loreal  ford  interbrand  2010  imported 
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IBM Slides
IBM slide presentation from 1975
ibm  visuals  1975  imported 
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