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Is Kombucha Actually Good For You? - Eater
Kombucha’s unlikely rise from Soviet elixir to modern-day miracle drink
kombucha  drink  health  nutrition  review  history  USA  Eater  2018 
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Emerging Consumer Survey 2017
The top three of this year's Emerging Consumer Survey are India, Indonesia and China. On the other end of the spectrum are Russia, Turkey and Mexico. On top of providing a close look at the emerging markets, the report examines current trends of particular relevance to them, such as e-commerce, aware consumerism, and the growing popularity of domestic brands.
economy  consumerspending  mobile  disposableincome  property  health  diet  food  drink  ecommerce  mobilecommerce  smartphones  localism  Indonesia  Brazil  SouthAfrica  Mexico  India  Russia  China  Turkey  CreditSuisse  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
Bangkok city guide: what to do plus the best hotels, restaurants and bars | Travel | The Guardian
Skipping the temples and the backpacker hub of the Khao San Road, our writer focuses on the food, drink and arts scenes in the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods
tourist  guide  food  drink  Bangkok  Thailand  Guardian  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
Goodbye, fish and chips: National Food Survey data reveals changing trends in British dining | Life and style | The Guardian
Consumption of tea, baked beans and sliced bread has fallen since 1974 while takeaway food, pizza, pasta and fruit became more popular
food  drink  trends  tea  milk  fruit  bread  pizza  pasta  potato  cucumbers  aubergine  mushrooms  takeaways  chips  kebabs  spend  NationalFoodSurvey  UK  Guardian  2016 
february 2016 by inspiral
The Tipping Point (E-Commerce Version) | Jeff Jordan
The drivers of this shift are simple:

Online retail has strong cost advantages over its offline counterparts and is rapidly taking share in many retail categories through better pricing, selection and, increasingly, service.
These offline players have high operational leverage and many cannot withstand declining top-line revenue growth for long.
The resulting bankruptcies of physical retailers remove competition for online players, further boosting their share gains.
retail  ecommerce  tippingpoint  sector  clothing  pharmacy  food  drink  furniture  homefurnishings  media  comparison  USA  AndreessenHorovitz  2014  groceries 
september 2014 by inspiral

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