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London’s rental market is being flooded by bargain Airbnb listings | WIRED UK
The capital is awash with rentals that bear all the hallmarks of hastily rejigged Airbnbs
Airbnb  Coronavirus  housing  decline  review  London  UK  Wired  2020 
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How Will the Coronavirus End? - The Atlantic
The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it’s going to play out.
Coronavirus  health  review  forecast  USA  TheAtlantic  2020 
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The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming | WIRED
Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, who warned of pandemic in 2006, says we can beat the novel coronavirus—but first, we need lots more testing.
LarryBrilliant  health  healthcare  interview  Coronavirus  vaccine  strategy  review  Wired  2020 
9 days ago by inspiral
For Musicians, the Coronavirus Is a Second Cataclysm - The Atlantic
Since the coronavirus shut down the way we make a living, musicians like me—and service workers of all sorts—are going to need some help.
music  live  Coronavirus  review  decline  TheAtlantic  2020 
10 days ago by inspiral
10 Days That Changed Britain: "Heated" Debate Between Scientists Forced Boris Johnson To Act On Coronavirus
“This is going to get much, much worse, very quickly, both in terms of deaths and the economy,” a cabinet minister told BuzzFeed News. “It will not be long before we are getting numbers like Italy. I don’t think people realise that yet.”
Coronavirus  health  healthcare  government  politics  BorisJohnson  Conservatives  policy  review  critique  UK  Buzzfeed  2020 
10 days ago by inspiral
Augmented-Reality Startup Magic Leap Is Said to Weigh a Sale - Bloomberg
Florida-based company also weighing partnerships, stake sale
Magic Leap could fetch more than $10 billion in a sale process
MagicLeap  augmentedreality  startup  acquisition  review  Bloomberg  2020 
15 days ago by inspiral
Why Coronavirus Testing in the U.S. Is So Delayed - The Atlantic
Bureaucracy, equipment shortages, an unwillingness to share, and failed leadership doomed the American response to COVID-19.
Coronavirus  testing  bureaucracy  health  healthcare  review  critique  USA  TheAtlantic  2020 
17 days ago by inspiral
WHO Expert: Aggressive Action Against Coronavirus Cuts Down On Spread : Goats and Soda : NPR
Hong Kong and Singapore were hit early with the coronavirus. But each now has fewer than 200 cases, while France, Germany and Spain, which were hit late, all have more than 10 times that number.

Three weeks ago, Italy had only three cases. Now it has more than 10,000.

These dramatic differences show that how governments respond to this virus matters, says Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization's head of emergencies.

"Hope is not a strategy," says Ryan, who is an epidemiologist. "We are still very much in the up cycle of this epidemic."
coronavirus  health  country  comparison  Italy  France  Germany  HongKong  Singapore  USA  review  penetration  NPR  2020 
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Taking an Uber or Lyft pollutes more than driving, California finds. Next stop: Regulations - Los Angeles Times
Behind the tap-of-your-phone convenience of hailing an Uber or Lyft lies an inconvenient truth: Such rides generate more carbon emissions than simply driving yourself.
ridesharing  Uber  Lyft  pollution  climatechange  automotive  review  critique  LATimes  2020 
20 days ago by inspiral
Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now - Tomas Pueyo - Medium
With everything that’s happening about the Coronavirus, it might be very hard to make a decision of what to do today. Should you wait for more information? Do something today? What?
Here’s what I’m going to cover in this article, with lots of charts, data and models with plenty of sources:
How many cases of coronavirus will there be in your area?
What will happen when these cases materialize?
What should you do?
coronavirus  health  healthcare  forecast  review  Medium  TomasPueyo  2020 
20 days ago by inspiral
Smart devices are eating the accessible watches market | Vogue Business
Brands need to rethink how they position watches under £500 as shoppers increasingly opt for smartwatches.
watches  trends  fashion  premiumisation  review  VogueBusiness  2020 
20 days ago by inspiral
The infinite scroll - Columbia Journalism Review
It all happened in the way that decline generally happens in American culture, which is one anxious, hopeful, cynical capitulation at a time. We have compressed and corroded and finally collapsed what used to be the core of a publication—its relationship with its readers, and the basic notion that one should not make it hard for them to read.
onlinecontent  onlineadvertising  review  critique  userexperience  ColumbiaJournalismReview  2020 
23 days ago by inspiral
How Mount Everest became a multimillion-dollar business
Growing crowds have turned the world’s tallest mountain into a valuable commercial asset. But where’s all the money going?
Everest  tourism  mountaineering  commercialisation  review  critique  overcrowding  safety  Nepal  TheHustle  2020 
23 days ago by inspiral
Ferdinand Mount · Après Brexit · LRB 9 February 2020
Well, it may not come to that. Under the pressure of events, the Johnson government, and others in the same mould, may back down towards normality, or be replaced by genuinely centrist leaders. But what is clear is that this is not a continuation of Thatcherism at all. There are not many hymns being sung to the free market and deregulation, no reluctance to intervene, to splash public cash (or at least promise to splash). Every opportunity is taken to avoid being tagged as ‘austerian’ or ‘neoliberal’. In its hectic tone, its personality cult, its flattening of the surrounding political landscape, this government is, at the very least, not ordinary.
BorisJohnson  politics  Brexit  Conservatives  UK  review  critique  LondonReviewofBooks  2020 
25 days ago by inspiral
In bloom: the secret history of the 3D-rendered trees of Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop, the powerhouse photo-editing software that makes blemishes disappear and powers the meme-industrial complex, was released 30 years ago last month. Since then, the program has added a seemingly endless number of features for fine-tuning your images. There are now so many options available that you could be forgiven for not delving into Photoshop’s deepest, darkest menus.
Photoshop  trees  CGI  review  InputMag  2020 
25 days ago by inspiral
Shell Has a Plan to Profit From Climate Change
The fossil-fuel companies expect to profit from climate change. I went to a private planning meeting and took notes.
Shell  petroleum  climatechange  globalwarming  review  personalaccount  NYMag  2020 
25 days ago by inspiral
Why underdogs do better in hockey than basketball - YouTube
In his book, The Success Equation, Michael Mauboussin places sports on the skill-luck continuum by using a statistical technique earlier demonstrated by sports data analysts. He found that season standings for the NBA reflect skill levels more so than the seasons of other major team sports, with NHL hockey being the sport closest to the luck side of the continuum. In this video we explore the characteristics of the sports that either enhance or diminish the influence of luck on the results, and we'll walk through the method for calculating the contribution of luck.
sport  skill  luck  icehockey  AmericanFootball  basketball  baseball  football  review  statistics  Vox  2017 
25 days ago by inspiral
Here’s the File Clearview AI Has Been Keeping on Me, and Probably on You Too - VICE
We used the California Consumer Privacy Act to see what information the controversial facial recognition company has collected on me.
Clearview  privacy  photography  disclosure  review  critique  personalaccount  Vice  2020 
28 days ago by inspiral
Why sports sound better in your living room - YouTube
Audio engineers are the unsung heroes of the live sports broadcast.
sport  television  audio  review  innovation  Vox  2020 
4 weeks ago by inspiral
Coronavirus Could Cause Sudden Collapse of Global Supply Chains - Bloomberg
Global supply chains have yet to come apart mostly because trade and prosperity generally have been rising. But now, for the first time since World War II, the global economy faces the possibility of a true decoupling of many trade connections.
coronavirus  supplychain  globalisation  vulnerability  review  critique  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2020 
4 weeks ago by inspiral
Defra challenged over 'unlawful' release of 57m game birds in UK | Environment | The Guardian
Environmental campaigners have issued a legal case against the government to try to halt the release of more than 50m non-native game birds this summer, saying the birds could damage Britain’s most important wildlife sites.

Wild Justice, a campaign group led by the environmentalists Chris Packham, Mark Avery and Ruth Tingay, said the annual release of 47m pheasants and 10m red-legged partridges was “unlawful” without a proper assessment of the ecological impacts the animals have on protected areas.
wildlife  birds  pheasants  partridges  conservation  review  critique  hunting  UK  Guardian  2020 
4 weeks ago by inspiral
New cars producing more carbon dioxide than older models | Business | The Guardian
New cars sold in the UK produce more carbon dioxide than older models, according to new research that suggests the industry is going backwards in tackling the climate crisis.

Cars that reach the latest standards of emissions use cleaner internal combustion engine technology to combat air pollution, but the relentless rise in demand for bigger, heavier models meant that average emissions of the greenhouse gas rose, according to the consumer group Which?
automotive  pollution  emissions  growth  trends  review  critique  UK  Guardian  2020 
4 weeks ago by inspiral
Uber and Lyft generate 70 percent more pollution than trips they displace: study - The Verge
According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, ride-hailing trips today result in an estimated 69 percent more climate pollution on average than the trips they displace. In cities, ride-hailing trips typically displace low-carbon trips, such as public transportation, biking, or walking. Uber and Lyft could reduce these emissions with a more concerted effort to electrify its fleet of vehicles or by incentivizing customers to take pooled rides, the group recommends.
Uber  Lyft  pollution  climatechange  electricvehicles  review  critique  TheVerge  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
A Vaccine Won’t Stop the New Coronavirus - The Atlantic
Most cases are not life-threatening, which is also what makes the virus a historic challenge to contain.
coronavirus  health  vaccine  review  containment  TheAtlantic  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?
Wiener writes especially well — with both fluency and astonishment — about the verbal habits of her peers: “People used a sort of nonlanguage, which was neither beautiful nor especially efficient: a mash-up of business-speak with athletic and wartime metaphors, inflated with self-importance. Calls to action; front lines and trenches; blitzscaling. Companies didn’t fail, they died.” She describes a man who wheels around her office on a scooter barking into a wireless headset about growth hacking, proactive technology, parallelization, and the first-mover advantage. “It was garbage language,” Wiener writes, “but customers loved him.”
jargon  buzzwords  corporatespeak  enterprise  language  linguistics  review  critique  Vulture  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
How I stole my bike back — and what I learned about anti-theft measures along the way |
Only one in 10 bicycles in Portland are recovered. A mix of luck and cleverness set the odds in my favor
cycling  crime  theft  review  personalaccount  Portland  USA  Salon  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet | WIRED
People used to think the crowdsourced encyclopedia represented all that was wrong with the web. Now it's a beacon of so much that's right.
Wikipedia  internet  review  Wired  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
The messy, secretive reality behind OpenAI’s bid to save the world - MIT Technology Review
The AI moonshot was founded in the spirit of transparency. This is the inside story of how competitive pressure eroded that idealism.
OpenAI  ArtificialIntelligence  artificialgeneralintelligence  ethics  profile  review  critique  TechnologyReview  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Bolivia’s lithium could feed high-tech’s growing need for batteries - Protocol
Bolivia has the largest known resources of lithium. Can it build an industry to supply the world's growing demand?
lithium  mining  extraction  review  Bolivia  Protocol  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Narcos: Mexico review: a show for people who want the drug war to last forever - The Verge
You could tell this story indefinitely, because it is still being told today, with every story of a white person enraged at the sound of Spanish being spoken, with every ICE raid, with every chant for the wall. Cartel dramas like Narcos are fairy tales for a nation in decline, flattening diverse and complicated countries for the benefit of a nation that refuses to acknowledge the havoc it has wreaked on the world.
Narcos  television  review  critique  drugwar  drugs  crime  TheVerge  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
The End of Miss America
That night, I saw a woman placed on a throne without a kingdom while no one watched.
MissAmerica  feminism  sexism  bodyimage  review  personalaccount  Jezebel  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
How Saudi Arabia Infiltrated Twitter
Accessing two Saudi dissidents’ information — one a prominent critic with more than 1 million followers, the other an impersonator of a Saudi Royal family member — Abouammo allegedly passed the information to al-Asaker. Twitter had long been a godsend to dissidents: Unlike Facebook, it had no policy requiring people to use their real names, allowing critics of repressive government to speak more freely. The allegations threw its value as a tool of anonymous dissent into question.
Twitter  privacy  security  espionage  SaudiArabia  review  critique  Buzzfeed  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Is Kombucha Actually Good For You? - Eater
Kombucha’s unlikely rise from Soviet elixir to modern-day miracle drink
kombucha  drink  health  nutrition  review  history  USA  Eater  2018 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Springtime for Nazis: How the Satire of “Jojo Rabbit” Backfires | The New Yorker
The present-day didacticism of “Jojo Rabbit,” by encouraging viewers to look with benign empathy at Nazis, the cinema’s iconic worst of the worst, is also encouraging a similar sympathy for the Trump supporter next door, and even for the self-caricaturing Trump himself. The actual target of “Jojo Rabbit” isn’t really the haters, it’s those who would presume to hate the haters. The movie doesn’t so much satirize Nazis, let alone expose the fraudulence of contemporary hatemongers (such as neo-Nazis or alt-rightists) or mainstream Republican Trump-cultists. Rather, the movie ultimately cautions against the easy contempt and dismissal of them by liberals and progressives: there are a lot of very fine people on both sides.
JojoRabbit  film  review  Nazi  TaikaWaititi  NewYorker  2020 
5 weeks ago by inspiral
Forget London House Prices. Take a Look at Paris and Dublin - Bloomberg
UBS recently ranked Paris the most unaffordable major city in the world, bar Hong Kong, estimating a skilled worker needed 15 years’ worth of wages to afford a 60-square-meter (646-square-foot) centrally-located flat. To be clear, one square foot of prime Parisian property is cheaper in U.S. dollar terms than San Francisco, London or New York. But the gap is narrowing. Even in the face of protests and strikes, the French capital’s prime residential market rose 6.4% last year and may rise 5.9% this year, outperforming other big global cities, according to Savills. Paris property prices have more than doubled in 15 years, and the average price per square meter is up 19% since 2016, according to Century 21.
housing  pricing  growth  review  critique  Paris  London  SanFrancisco  HongKong  bubble  comparison  Bloomberg  2020 
6 weeks ago by inspiral
The Next Streaming Trend? Recommendations From Actual People
Platforms are turning to human curation because of what they see as the limits of reactive recommendation algorithms: They can predict what you might like based on what you’ve watched in the past, but they can’t forecast how your tastes might change or how you’re feeling physically and mentally. “An algorithm doesn’t know that when I sit down to watch TV, I may be in the mood for something happy, something sad, something like a romantic comedy or a drama,” says Brynn Lev, vice-president of editorial and programming for Comcast Cable, which, under the brand name Xfinity, serves more than 20 million TV customers across 39 states and the District of Columbia. Lev argues that computers are also pretty helpless when it comes to spotting hot programming trends or figuring out what newer subscribers might want to watch, since algorithms use past programming choices to guess what you might want to see next.
television  streamingmedia  recommendation  curation  algorithms  review  critique  Vulture  2019 
6 weeks ago by inspiral
10 of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in London | Travel | The Guardian
We kick off Veganuary in London, the world’s most vegan-friendly city, with 10 of the capital’s best plant-based restaurants. We’d love to hear your suggestions from around the UK in the comments below
vegan  vegetarianism  restaurants  review  guide  London  Guardian  2020 
6 weeks ago by inspiral
Patriotism needn’t be negative – but it has to be honest | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
Which brings us back to Stormzy. What would these “progressive patriots” make of a young black man who personifies a positive story about what is possible in Britain, and articulates the banal if brutal reality that prospects for advancement among those who look like him are limited and the country is in denial about it? Would they hold him up as the trailblazing pioneer for an evolving and inclusive culture who would appeal to youngsters; drop him as the foul-mouthed, race-baiting ingrate who talks down his country and scares their grandparents; or would they hold him at arm’s length, happy for him to be seen, hoping he’s not heard?
patriotism  nationalism  review  Stormzy  author:GaryYounge  Guardian  2020 
6 weeks ago by inspiral
Cost Cutting Algorithms Are Making Your Job Search a Living Hell - VICE
More companies are using automated job screening systems to vet candidates, forcing jobseekers to learn new and absurd tricks to have their résumés seen by a human.
recruitment  employment  screening  algorithms  ArtificialIntelligence  review  critique  Vice  2020 
6 weeks ago by inspiral
I stumbled across a huge Airbnb scam that’s taking over London | WIRED UK
The curious tale of a man called Christian, the Catholic church, David Schwimmer’s wife, a secret hotel and an Airbnb scam running riot on the streets of London
Airbnb  housing  accommodation  regulation  review  critique  London  Wired  2020 
6 weeks ago by inspiral
Beyond Fracking: Oil-and-Gas Industry's Toxic Waste Is Radioactive - Rolling Stone
Oil-and-gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of toxic waste a year. An investigation shows how it could be making workers sick and contaminating communities across America
fracking  petroleum  energy  radiation  health  review  critique  RollingStone  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
Are Americans Ready to Love Trains Again? - YouTube
The long, disheartening decline of passenger rail in the U.S. may be turning around, thanks in part to the ambitious efforts of a new high-speed train service in Florida called Brighline (soon to renamed Virgin Trains), connecting Miami to Orlando on fast, luxurious new trains. But can this service survive long enough to convince Americans to take trains more often?
Brightline  Amtrak  railways  transport  review  USA  Bloomberg  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
The truth behind filter bubbles: Bursting some myths | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Many voices warn that social media may be filtering out news that we dislike. Here's what the research says about it
Journalism  webjournalism  filterbubble  socialmedia  review  critique  ReutersInstitute  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
The Woman Shaking Up the Diamond Industry | The New Yorker
Eira Thomas’s company has used radical new methods to find some of the biggest uncut gems in history.
EiraThomas  Lucara  diamonds  Botswana  review  NewYorker  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
MAGA War on Architectural Diversity Weaponizes Greek Columns - The New York Times
The Trump administration may impose a classical style on new federal buildings, a proposal aimed at the heart of modernism and diversity.
architecture  government  guidance  DonaldTrump  review  critique  USA  NYTimes  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
Amazon’s HQ2 Fiasco Was Driven by Bezos Envy of Elon Musk - Bloomberg
The notion of a second headquarters grew out of the realization that, over the years, Amazon had opened satellite offices around the country with little rhyme or reason, according to a person close to the process. Bezos’s senior executives decided it would be better to pick one location that could absorb headcount needs for the next decade. Amazon had been quietly scouting cities and had already identified 25 that could accommodate about 20,000 employees, according to the people.  The company could have whittled down that list and negotiated with select finalists. Instead, Bezos pushed for the bakeoff. Musk had enticed five states into a bidding war; Bezos would open his contest to all of North America, even if putting a second HQ in Canada or Columbus, Ohio, was unlikely.
Amazon  Tesla  subsidy  location  taxation  review  critique  USA  Bloomberg  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
The hidden signs that can reveal a fake photo - BBC Future
A picture may say a thousand words, but what if the photograph has been fabricated? There are ways to spot a fake – you just have to look closely enough.
photography  fake  forensic  review  analysis  BBC  2017 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
Coronavirus: Everything you need to know in a visual explainer
The coronavirus which was first reported in Wuhan late last year has quickly spread around the world. The Chinese authorities have locked down many cities in China's Hubei province, and some international flights to China have been suspended.
coronavirus  datavisualisation  health  review  China  Hubei  Wuhan  SouthChinaMorningPost  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
Suicide Hotspots Of The World | Slate Star Codex
I think the explanation here is the same as with Greenland: the combination of alcohol-naive hunter gatherers, alcohol, the alcohol-promoting effects of high latitudes, and a disruption of the traditional way of life.
suicide  death  alcohol  childabuse  statistics  research  review  Greenland  Guyana  Suriname  StateStarCodex  2020 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
That famous cello prelude, deconstructed - YouTube
Bach's G major prelude has captivated cellists and music lovers for years. Cellist Alisa Weilerstein deconstructs it.

Bach's six cello suites are considered a rite of passage for cellists. They're masterpieces of classical music, and the prelude in G major — the first movement of the suites — is perhaps the best example of Bach's power as a composer. In it, he's able to achieve rich and complex harmonic movements with just a four-stringed instrument, while using the very basic tenets of music composition. Those basic tenets are what Alisa Weilerstein, a renowned cellist and McArthur fellow, helps us understand.
Bach  cello  music  classical  review  AlisaWeilerstein  Vox  2020 
8 weeks ago by inspiral
China Coronavirus: How Misinformation Spreads on Twitter - The Atlantic
Even if you avoid the conspiracy theories, tweeting through a global emergency is messy, context-free, and disorienting.
Coronavirus  fakenews  socialmedia  information  health  viral  review  critique  China  USA  TheAtlantic  2020 
8 weeks ago by inspiral
Everything You Think You Know About Housing Is Probably Wrong - The New York Times
Solving what ails American cities also requires urbanists and activists to acknowledge that not all real-estate development is automatically bad. It demands rethinking some anti-densifying rules and regulations. And it will depend on a shared understanding of what density actually means.
housing  architecture  density  review  USA  NYTimes  2020 
8 weeks ago by inspiral
Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data - VICE
An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells 'Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.' Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey.
Avast  Jumpshot  privacy  consumer  internet  review  critique  Motherboard  Vice  2020 
8 weeks ago by inspiral
RA: 2010-19: Back To The Garden: The Return Of Ambient And New Age
Simon Reynolds looks back on a decade where serene music offered a counterpoint to digital maximalism.
newage  ambient  music  review  trends  2010s  author:SimonReynolds  ResidentAdvisor  2020 
8 weeks ago by inspiral
The Tragic iPad – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Instead, as Apple is so wont to do, it tried to fix the problem itself, by making the iPad into an inferior Mac. Thus the multi-tasking disaster Gruber decries, which not only is hard-to-use for consumers, but also dramatically ups the difficulty for developers, making the chances of earning a positive return-on-investment for an iPad app even more remote. Indeed, the top two developers making in-depth iPad apps are Microsoft and Adobe, in service to their own subscription models; the tragedy of the iPad is that their successors were never given the space to be borne, which ultimately has limited the iPad from truly succeeding the Mac.
iPad  software  pricing  review  critique  ecosystem  Stratechery  2020 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
The urgent case for antibiotic-free animals | Leon Marchal - YouTube
The UN predicts that antimicrobial resistance will be our biggest killer by 2050. "That should really scare the hell out of all of us," says bioprocess engineer Leon Marchal. He's working on an urgently needed solution: transforming the massive, global animal feed industry. Learn why the overuse of antibiotics in animal products, from livestock feed to everyday pet treats, has skyrocketed worldwide -- and how we can take common-sense measures to stave off a potential epidemic.
antibiotics  agriculture  review  critique  health  TED  2020 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
‘I’d rather spend £300 on fillers than face cream’: the rise of tweakment face | Life and style | The Guardian
From stars who don’t age to the Love Island pout, the ‘tweaked’ look is becoming the new normal. But what is it doing to us?
tweakment  filler  botox  bodyimage  review  Guardian  2020 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
What would you sacrifice for integrity? - UnHerd
Malick’s debt in this film to ancient philosophy — before he became a film director, he was an academic philosopher — is undisguised. And in one of the film’s many eloquent and poignant interior monologues (a Malick trope) we hear Franz allude to Socrates’s dictum that “a good man cannot be harmed”. It’s what the Athenian philosopher told the jurors who had just convicted him on the trumped-up charges of corrupting the youth of the city and introducing new Gods.
AHiddenLife  TerrenceMalick  film  review  principle  philosophy  Unherd  2020 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It - The New York Times
His tiny company, Clearview AI, devised a groundbreaking facial recognition app. You take a picture of a person, upload it and get to see public photos of that person, along with links to where those photos appeared. The system — whose backbone is a database of more than three billion images that Clearview claims to have scraped from Facebook, YouTube, Venmo and millions of other websites — goes far beyond anything ever constructed by the United States government or Silicon Valley giants.
Clearview  facialrecognition  privacy  crime  justice  review  USA  NYTimes  2020 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
Is The Mafia More Powerful Than It’s Ever Been?
If you think of violent, influential organized crime in Italy as a thing of the past, think again.
mafia  crime  Ndrangheta  review  Slate  2018 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
Why ‘1917’ Is the Last Film That Should Be Winning the Oscar – Variety
There’s a feeling I always get at the end of a long Oscar night when the movie that won isn’t a terrible choice, but it’s the safe, blah, MORE predictable choice, the one that conforms to the dullest conventional wisdom about the kinds of movies Oscar voters prefer, because in the core of their being they’re out to reinforce a don’t-rock-the-boat vision of what a movie should be. The feeling gathers, imperceptibly, over the course of the evening, and by the time the best picture winner is announced the feeling has a name: mild depression. Here are a handful of the winners that have inspired it: “Chariots of Fire,” “Out of Africa,” “Dances with Wolves,” “The English Patient,” “The Artist.”
1917  review  critique  Oscars  film  cinema  OnceUponaTimeinHollywood  Parasite  TheIrishman  Joker  Variety  2020 
9 weeks ago by inspiral
Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups - Lightspeed Venture Partners - Medium
There are a mix of product approaches and go-to-market strategies within this category, but the job to be done of all these products is the same: helping customers organize and complete their work. Companies like Airtable and Notion could fit here, but this category is for startups where the explicit mission of the company is project management. These startups compete directly with public companies like Atlassian and Smartsheets for general task management, which remains a massive market allowing for several impact companies within this category.
collaboration  enterprise  startup  review  messaging  voice  video  calendar  documentation  projectmanagement  design  search  LightspeedVenturePartners  2020 
10 weeks ago by inspiral
More than 400,000 German jobs at risk in switch to electric cars - Handelsblatt - Reuters
The shift to electric vehicles could cost 410,000 jobs in Germany by 2030, daily Handelsblatt reported on Monday, citing government advisers.
automotive  electricvehicles  manufacturing  employment  Germany  review  forecast  Reuters  2020 
10 weeks ago by inspiral
As Google Chrome crumbles the third-party cookie, what's next for adtech? | The Drum
ustin Schuh, director of Chrome engineering, outlined his intent to “render third-party cookies obsolete” in an announcement on the news. This single API change is likely to alter the fabric of adtech as we know it, having ramifications for digital marketers across the globe. The tech giant will be working over the next two years to iron out some of the creases emerging from the obsolesce of the cookie.
GoogleChrome  browser  tracking  privacy  review  forecast  adtech  TheDrum  2020 
10 weeks ago by inspiral
How to lose a monopoly: Microsoft, IBM and anti-trust — Benedict Evans
None of this is an argument against regulation per se of any specific issue in tech. If a company is abusing dominance today, it is not an argument against intervention to point out that it will lose that dominance in a decade or two - as Keynes says, ‘in the long term we’re all dead’. The same applies to regulation of issues that have little or nothing to do with market dominance, such as privacy (though people sometime fail to understand this distinction). Rather, the problem comes when people claim that somehow these companies are immortal - to say that is to reject all past evidence, and to claim that somehow there will never be another generational change in tech, which seems unwise.
Microsoft  IBM  monopoly  strategy  regulation  review  history  informationtechnology  BenedictEvans  2020 
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‘You’re a bunch of dopes and babies’: Inside Trump’s stunning tirade against generals
Tillerson, Dunford, and Mattis would not take those body blows for much longer. They failed to rein in Trump’s impulses or to break through what they regarded as the president’s stubborn, even dangerous insistence that he knew best. Piece by piece, the guardrails that had hemmed in the chaos of Trump’s presidency crumpled.
DonaldTrump  internationalrelations  defence  MaxTillerson  MikePence  JointChiefsofStaff  politics  review  critique  USA  Afghanistan  NATO  SouthKorea  WashingtonPost  2020 
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Nobody Makes Money Like Apollo’s Ruthless Founder Leon Black - Bloomberg
The private equity CEO with a fearsome reputation skates on the edges of other people’s catastrophes and manages to walk away richer.
Apollo  LeonBlack  profile  privateequity  finance  review  JeffreyEpstein  Bloomberg  2020 
10 weeks ago by inspiral
A Museum Is a Terrible Place for a Date | GQ
Strictly-enforced quiet, bright lighting, and scarce opportunities for eye contact? No thanks.
dating  relationships  onlinedating  museum  gallery  guide  review  critique  personalaccount  GQ  2020 
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Twitter hashtags aren’t as useful as they used to be - The Verge
Hashtags remain useful for organizing discussion around breaking news, such as wildfires; conferences and other temporary gatherings of folks who may not follow one another; and broad-based social movements, such as #MeToo. But when it comes to big, messy subjects like politics, hashtags are beginning to look dated.

Last year I wrote about the launch of Twitter topics, which allow you to follow subjects related to sports, gaming, and entertainment. In the past, fans of a music group like BTS might have added a hashtag to every relevant post to help fans find their tweets. But with the launch of Topics, Twitter’s algorithms are now doing that work, elevating popular tweets to everyone else who follows it. And in my own experience, they organize tweets around subjects better than hashtags ever did.
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10 weeks ago by inspiral
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