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Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
cv  vision  surveillance  walls  privacy  wifi  rf 
june 2018 by ivar
Tutorial — Lasagne 0.2.dev1 documentation
This tutorial will walk you through building a handwritten digits classifier using the MNIST dataset, arguably the “Hello World” of neural networks.
python  ml  cv  image  recognition  vision  data  nn 
december 2015 by ivar
How the 'Quiet Eye' Technique Makes Athletes More Coordinated - The Atlantic
But in the past few years, a small group of neuroscientists have identified a new way of understanding coordination, one that focuses on visual and cognitive skills over physical prowess.
The concept, known as the quiet-eye theory, is deceptively simple: Before you perform an action, you focus your gaze on the salient aspects of your goal—the rim, the catcher’s mitt, the malignant tissue, and so on.
learning  performance  psychology  vision  athletics  sports  agility  focus  dexterity  coordination  training 
november 2015 by ivar
The myopia boom : Nature News & Comment
Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Some scientists think they have found a reason why. Too much time indoors!
health  science  vision  eyes  neuroscience  sight  myopia 
march 2015 by ivar
menpo - Welcome to the Menpo project!
The Menpo project is a set of Python libraries for manipulating data that is particularly useful for Machine Learning and Computer Vision. The core menpo library contains a number of powerful tools for manipulating annotated image and mesh data. menpo focuses on making importing, manipulating and visualizing data as simple as possible. This makes us strong supporters of projects like the IPython notebook.
cv  computer  vision  computervision  library  python  util  dev 
february 2015 by ivar
dlib C++ Library (with Python interface)
C++ library (with Python interface)
Unlike many other GUI toolkits, the entire dlib GUI toolkit is threadsafe
Numerical Algorithms
A fast matrix object implemented using the expression templates technique and capable of using BLAS and LAPACK libraries when available.
Numerous linear algebra and mathematical operations are defined for the matrix object such as the singular value decomposition, transpose, trig functions, etc.
General purpose unconstrained non-linear optimization algorithms using the conjugate gradient, BFGS, and L-BFGS techniques
Levenberg-Marquardt for solving non-linear least squares problems
Box-constrained derivative-free optimization via the BOBYQA algorithm
An implementation of the Optimized Cutting Plane Algorithm
Several quadratic program solvers
Combinatorial optimization tools for solving optimal assignment and min cut/max flow problems as well as the CKY algorithm for finding the most probable parse tree
A big integer object
A random number object
Machine Learning Algorithms
Conventional SMO based Support Vector Machines for classification and regression
Reduced-rank methods for large-scale classification and regression
Relevance vector machines for classification and regression
General purpose multiclass classification tools
A Multiclass SVM
A tool for solving the optimization problem associated with structural support vector machines.
Structural SVM tools for sequence labeling
Structural SVM tools for solving assignment problems
Structural SVM tools for object detection in images
Structural SVM tools for labeling nodes in graphs
A large-scale SVM-Rank implementation
An online kernel RLS regression algorithm
An online SVM classification algorithm
Semidefinite Metric Learning
An online kernelized centroid estimator/novelty detector and offline support vector one-class classification
Clustering algorithms: linear or kernel k-means, Chinese Whispers, and Newman clustering.
Radial Basis Function Networks
Multi layer perceptrons
Graphical Model Inference Algorithms
Join tree algorithm for exact inference in a Bayesian network.
Gibbs sampler markov chain monte carlo algorithm for approximate inference in a Bayesian network.
Routines for performing MAP inference in chain-structured, Potts, or general factor graphs.
Image Processing
Routines for reading and writing common image formats.
Automatic color space conversion between various pixel types
Common image operations such as edge finding and morphological operations
Implementations of the SURF, HOG, and FHOG feature extraction algorithms.
Tools for detecting objects in images including frontal face detection and object pose estimation.
Data Compression and Integrity Algorithms
A CRC 32 object
MD5 functions
Various abstracted objects representing parts of data compression algorithms. Many forms of the PPM algorithm are included.
A thread safe logger object styled after the popular Java logger log4j
A modular unit testing framework
Various assert macros useful for testing preconditions
library  programming  c++  machinelearning  vision  computer  cv  ml 
february 2015 by ivar

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