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The JVM's mysterious AllocatePrefetch options: what do they actually do?
The HotSpot JVM comes with a range of non-standard -XX: options, many of which have an impact on performance. One set are the family of so-called AllocatePrefetch options comprising: -XX:AllocatePrefetchStyle, -XX:AllocatePrefetchStepSize, -XX:AllocatePrefetchLines, -XX:AllocatePrefetchInstr, -XX:AllocatePrefetchDistance and -XX:AllocateInstancePrefetchLines. In this blog post you’ll learn the background behind why AllocatePrefetch is necessary and how it can help performance.
java  jvm  Clojure  optimisation 
7 weeks ago by iyoti
Build OpenJDK for a Nice Speedup
So, while you need to test with your own applications, it is clear that targeting the JDK to a specific architecture can provide significant throughput improvements. Coupled with the absolute ease of building new JDKs (Project Skara is awesome), developers of performance-critical Java applications should seriously consider building an optimized JDK, just the same as C/++ developers build optimized binaries.
java  performance 
november 2019 by iyoti
*Really* Small Java Apps
For a simple project requiring, using these steps produced a 23MB jlink image. Hopefully this can be improved further if jlink improves –compress=2 to use LZ4
java  docker  performance 
november 2019 by iyoti
Comparing Python to Java
A subjective analysis of two high-level, object-oriented languages - Python and Java.
python  performance  java  comparison 
may 2009 by iyoti

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