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The JVM's mysterious AllocatePrefetch options: what do they actually do?
The HotSpot JVM comes with a range of non-standard -XX: options, many of which have an impact on performance. One set are the family of so-called AllocatePrefetch options comprising: -XX:AllocatePrefetchStyle, -XX:AllocatePrefetchStepSize, -XX:AllocatePrefetchLines, -XX:AllocatePrefetchInstr, -XX:AllocatePrefetchDistance and -XX:AllocateInstancePrefetchLines. In this blog post you’ll learn the background behind why AllocatePrefetch is necessary and how it can help performance.
java  jvm  Clojure  optimisation 
7 weeks ago by iyoti
Optimizing WebAssembly Startup Time | Inside PSPDFKit
Four simple yet effective solutions we currently employ in PSPDFKit for Web to reduce WebAssembly startup time.
WebAssembly  performance  optimisation 
november 2019 by iyoti
GPU.JS – GPU Accelerated JavaScript
Perform massively parallel GPGPU computations using GPU.

Graceful pure JavaScript fallback when GPU is not available.
javascript  optimisation  optimization 
june 2019 by iyoti
Web Performance 101
An introduction to the modern web loading performance. Learn why performance is important, what performance optimizations exist and what tools help to understand if your app is doing well.
performance  optimisation 
october 2018 by iyoti
Optimized Python Docker Image
Start your Dockerfile with:

FROM revolutionsystems/python:3.6.4-wee-optimized-lto

To run a container based on Google's base Debian image (which rips out systemd and all it's dependencies yielding a MUCH smaller image), with Python 3.6 which has some compile-time optimizations that give significant speed improvements; up to 19% faster and nearly 75% smaller than the official Python images.
python  docker  optimisation  performance 
may 2018 by iyoti
Optimising the front end for the browser
CSS: Styles at the top and scripts at the bottom. Compress HTML, compress, minimise, and minify assets. Use preload/prefetch/prerender/preconnect appropriately. Use media attributes to target devices and limit overhead. Defer loading of unnecessary/advanced CSS until later.

JS: Use `async` to load scripts without blocking page load. Defer loading of scripts with `defer` when possible. Clone/replace nodes before manipulation to avoid jitter/FOUC.

General: ALWAYS serve critical CSS from the root domain. Serve *some* assets from shadow domains. Keep assets smaller than 14kb. Defer loading images until after page load. Internal Styles for Above the fold content in the header. Load fonts asynchronously.
html  css  optimisation  optimization  performance 
april 2018 by iyoti
josh/css-explain · GitHub
Like SQL EXPLAIN, but for CSS selectors.
optimisation  performance  css 
december 2012 by iyoti

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