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Optimizing TLS for High–Bandwidth Applications in FreeBSD
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is becoming increasingly
desirable and necessary in the modern Internet.
Unfortunately it also induces heavy penalties on application
CPU performance for both the client and server. In this paper
we examine the server-side performance implications on CPU
computational and data-movement overhead when enabling TLS
on Netflix’s OpenConnect Appliance (OCA [1]) network. We then
explore enhancements to FreeBSD to reduce the costs that TLS
adds when serving high volumes of video traffic. Finally we
describe recent changes and future improvements to FreeBSD’s
OpenCrypto Framework that can be used to further improve
netflix  https  paper  freebsd  performance  filetype:pdf 
august 2016
Monads for functional programming
The use of monads to structure functional programs is described.
Monads provide a convenient framework for simulating effects
found in other languages, such as global state, exception handling, output,
or non-determinism. Three case studies are looked at in detail: how
monads ease the modification of a simple evaluator; how monads act as
the basis of a datatype of arrays subject to in-place update; and how
monads can be used to build parsers.
functional  monads  monad  programming  paper  comp-sci  cs  filetype:pdf  functional-programming  haskell 
july 2016
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