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MacroBase: Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data
As data volumes continue to rise, manual inspection is becoming
increasingly untenable. In response, we present MacroBase, a data
analytics engine that prioritizes end-user attention in high-volume
fast data streams. MacroBase enables efficient, accurate, and modular
analyses that highlight and aggregate important and unusual
behavior, acting as a search engine for fast data. MacroBase is
able to deliver order-of-magnitude speedups over alternatives by
optimizing the combination of explanation and classification tasks
and by leveraging a new reservoir sampler and heavy-hitters sketch
specialized for fast data streams. As a result, MacroBase delivers
accurate results at speeds of up to 2M events per second per query
on a single core. The system has delivered meaningful results in
production, including at a telematics company monitoring hundreds
of thousands of vehicles.
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may 2016 by jabley

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