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Understanding Architecture Decisions in Context
Many organizations struggle with efficient architecture decision-making
approaches. Often, the decision-making approaches are not articulated or understood.
This problem is particularly evident in large, globally distributed organizations
with multiple large products and systems. The significant architecture
decisions of a system are a critical organization knowledge asset, as well as
a determinant of success. However, the environment in which decisions get
made, recorded, and followed-up on often confounds rather than helps articulation
and execution of architecture decisions. This paper looks at aspects of architecture
decision-making, drawing from an industry-based case study. The data
represents findings from a qualitative case study involving a survey and three
focus groups across multiple organizations in a global technology company. Architects
in this organization are responsible for multiple products and systems,
where individual products can include up to 50+ teams. The impact is not just on
others in the system; architecture decisions also impact other decisions and other
architects. The findings suggest recommendations for organizations to improve
how they make and manage architecture decisions. In particular, this paper notes
the relevance of group decision-making, decision scope, and social factors such
as trust in effective architecture decision-making.
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august 2018 by jabley

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