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This article is intended to serve as an introduction to the newest Linux IO interface, io_uring, and compare it to the
existing offerings. We'll go over the reasons for its existence, inner workings of it, and the user visible interface. The
article will not go into details about specific commands and the likes, as that would just be duplicating the information
available in the associated man pages. Rather, it will attempt to provide an introduction to io_uring and how it works,
with the goal hopefully being that the reader will have gained a deeper understanding of how it all ties together. That
said, there will be some overlap between this article and the man pages. It's impossible to provide a description of
io_uring without including some of those details.
linux  kernel  io  async  io_uring  data-structures  performance  overview  design  filetype:pdf 
4 days ago by jabley

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