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Optimizing TLS for High–Bandwidth Applications in FreeBSD
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is becoming increasingly
desirable and necessary in the modern Internet.
Unfortunately it also induces heavy penalties on application
CPU performance for both the client and server. In this paper
we examine the server-side performance implications on CPU
computational and data-movement overhead when enabling TLS
on Netflix’s OpenConnect Appliance (OCA [1]) network. We then
explore enhancements to FreeBSD to reduce the costs that TLS
adds when serving high volumes of video traffic. Finally we
describe recent changes and future improvements to FreeBSD’s
OpenCrypto Framework that can be used to further improve
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august 2016 by jabley
Lineage-driven Fault Injection
Failure is always an option; in large-scale data management systems,
it is practically a certainty. Fault-tolerant protocols and components
are notoriously difficult to implement and debug. Worse
still, choosing existing fault-tolerance mechanisms and integrating
them correctly into complex systems remains an art form, and programmers
have few tools to assist them.
We propose a novel approach for discovering bugs in fault-tolerant
data management systems: lineage-driven fault injection. A lineagedriven
fault injector reasons backwards from correct system outcomes
to determine whether failures in the execution could have
prevented the outcome. We present MOLLY, a prototype of lineagedriven
fault injection that exploits a novel combination of data lineage
techniques from the database literature and state-of-the-art
satisfiability testing. If fault-tolerance bugs exist for a particular
configuration, MOLLY finds them rapidly, in many cases using an
order of magnitude fewer executions than random fault injection.
Otherwise, MOLLY certifies that the code is bug-free for that configuration.
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may 2016 by jabley
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