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How to cut Big Tech down to size | Prospect Magazine
Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are too big. But what’s the right way to tame the giants?
data-access  data-value  platform  competition 
20 days ago by jackhardinges
Subscribe to read | Financial Times
Privacy concerns collide with the public interest in data
data-access  platform 
24 days ago by jackhardinges
Technology | Academics | Policy - Jonathan Zittrain and Jack Balkin Propose Information Fiduciaries to Protect Individual Privacy Rights
In the current digital economy, where consumers’ personal information is gathered, tracked, and used for corporate gain, Harvard professor Jonathan Zittrain and Yale professor Jack Balkin question how consumers can trust online services when there are no real guarantees that online platforms will not abuse that trust.
data-trusts  data-access  data-governance  information-fiduciaries  platform 
26 days ago by jackhardinges
A new AI method can train on medical records without revealing patient data - MIT Technology Review
When Google announced that it would absorb DeepMind’s health division, it sparked a major controversy over data privacy.
privacy  privacy-stats  ai  data-access  anonymisation  health 
9 weeks ago by jackhardinges
The Seductive Diversion of ‘Solving’ Bias in Artificial Intelligence
The controversy of A.I. bias, and the false allure of “solving” it, detracts from bigger, more pressing questions about the technology.
ai  ethics  bias  competition  platform  data-access 
10 weeks ago by jackhardinges
New forms of governance needed to safely and ethically unlock value of data
Despite today's abundance of data, most of it remains locked off in silos, meaning new governance structures are needed to open it up and unlock its potential value to society.
data-trusts  data-access  data-governance 
10 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Google, Apple, and Uber should be forced to share their mapping data - MIT Technology Review
But … While it sounds lovely, there are no levers UK authorities can currently pull to force internet giants to share their data—and happily hand over their competitive advantage—in this way. It’s also unlikely to work without top political backing. The ODI suggests that perhaps public sector organizations should have powers to mandate access to data held by large firms, but that’s a faraway prospect for now.

data-access  city-data  data-sharing  geo-data 
10 weeks ago by jackhardinges
future_of_california/ at master · argo-marketplace/future_of_california · GitHub
From the world's largest port to the nation's first freeways to pioneering aqueducts, California's history has been defined by visionary public works - argo-marketplace/future_of_california
data-access  data-discovery 
11 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Beyond Interactive: Notebook Innovation at Netflix – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
At Netflix, we're reimagining what a Jupyter notebook can be, who can use it, and what they can do with it. And we're investing big to make this vision reality.
platform  data-access  data-tools 
september 2018 by jackhardinges
Why Governments Should Force Tech Companies to Share Their Data
Don't break up digital giants that monopolize online markets; force them to share their data with their competitors instead.
data-access  monopoly  google  facebook  competition 
august 2018 by jackhardinges
The NHS's datasets are unparalleled - we mustn't give them away for free
But this is not just about MPs. The select committees, parliament as a whole and especially those outside of parliament have a huge amount of expertise and insight on these issues. I welcome the progress being made by this government, and its laudable ambitions to better regulate the online world and to transform our public services using technology. But I call on them to listen, to act with haste but with appropriate caution, to make sure we get this right for the British people the...
nhs  personal-data  politics  data-access  data-trusts  data-ownership 
august 2018 by jackhardinges
The economic value of data: discussion paper - GOV.UK
A discussion paper on the economic value of data and the challenges to address to strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in data-driven innovation.
open-data  data-ownership  data-access  data-policy  data-portability  data-regulation  gov-data 
august 2018 by jackhardinges
How is data kept safe? | Understanding patient data
There are four ways that your privacy is shielded: by removing identifying information, using an independent review process, ensuring strict legal contracts are in place before data is transferred, and implementing robust data ​security standards.​​​​​​
health  personal-data  data-access 
july 2018 by jackhardinges
If farmers sold their data instead of giving it away, would anybody buy?
Farm data is big business. But mostly for big businesses. A new startup wants to convince farmers to think about their data the way they do about their crops, as a stream of revenue—and to start selling it.
farming  data-access  data-rights  cities 
july 2018 by jackhardinges
A Proposed End-To-End Principle for Data Commons – Robert Grossman – Medium
Introduction. There are now several efforts that are building data commons for biomedical data, including the NCI Genomic Data Commons (GDC), the NIH Data Commons Pilot Consortium (DCPPC), and the…
data-access  data-trusts  data-commons 
july 2018 by jackhardinges
Trafford Data Lab
The Trafford Data Lab supports decision-making in Trafford, Greater Manchester, by revealing patterns in data through visualisation. We provide various outputs from raw open data to visualisations as thematic profiles and interactive maps. We are also involved in various open data and data visualisation projects.
data-access  platform  open-data-projects  open-data 
july 2018 by jackhardinges
Exploring governance experiments – Doteveryone – Medium
Traditional ways of balancing the needs of society and industry may not work so well today. We need to be experimenting with alternatives.
data-governance  data-access  trust  engagement 
june 2018 by jackhardinges
Alternative models for sharing confidential biomedical data | Nature Biotechnology
the most permissive and accessible data-sharing policies are essential for a robust research community, in which researchers gain unfettered access to large, clinically characterized data sets.
june 2018 by jackhardinges
Testing when data sharing is for the public benefit - Involve
We want to build a democracy that works for everyone – that gives people real power to effect change in their lives, communities and beyond
data-sharing  data-access 
june 2018 by jackhardinges
Nordic Banks Collaborate To Improve AML, KYC |
Bank Regulation News: Five of the biggest banks in the Nordics are teaming up to create joint anti-money laundering infrastructure. Bank lending institutions Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB, Danske Bank and DNB are teaming up to improve AML and KYC standardized processes.
kyc  data-access  data-sharing 
june 2018 by jackhardinges
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