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Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate by 1%.
html  speed  javascript  fast  webdev 
8 days ago
Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, or how fast you ship features. The market you’re in will determine most of your growth.
advice  startup  failure  business 
10 days ago
A javascript tool for adjusting size, leading, and grades to cast continuously responsive typography. It works over your current CSS as a progressive enhancement.
typography  javascript  webtype  css 
11 days ago
Kirby 3.0 - The file-based content management system
Kirby is the content management system that adapts to your projects like no other
cms  design  php  tools  webdev  kirby  webdesign 
4 weeks ago
WALL·E | Typeset In The Future
From a trash-filled Earth to the futuristic Axiom and back again, WALL·E is a finely crafted balance between consumerist dystopia and sixties space-race optimism. Please join me, then, for a detailed dive into the uniquely robotic future of a remarkably human film, as seen through the eyes of its eponymous hero, WALL·E. [This article is from…
design  movies  pixar  typography  film  fonts 
9 weeks ago
How to Make Billing and Shipping Fields Optional in WooCommerce - ThemeSkills
Here's how to make your billing and shipping fields optional in your WooCommerce's checkout page without using yet another plugin!
woocommerce  php  snippet  wordpress 
10 weeks ago
The State of Web Browsers – Ferdy Christant
Update (Dec 6, 2018): Microsoft has confirmed the rumor to be true. We now have one less browser engine, and a last man standing (Firefox) in deep trouble (reasons below). If you agree that this…
technology  webbrowser  web  browser 
10 weeks ago
Guide to Sony a7 III Camera Menu Settings Hacks
Sony a7 III is loaded with lots of new menu settings since the Mark II. Here's a list of settings you'll want to change as soon as you get the camera.
sony  a7iii  photography  camera  settings 
10 weeks ago
nystudio107 | An Annotated webpack 4 Config for Frontend Web…
As web development becomes more complex, we need tooling to help us build modern websites. Here's a complete real-world production example of a…
javascript  build  webpack  tooling  websites  webdev  tools 
october 2018
Marvel Developer Portal
The Marvel developer portal gives Marvel fans, partners and other technologists access to an array of powerful APIs, documentation, and other tools to interact with Marvel's systems.
api  comics  developers  development  marvel  web 
october 2018
WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) by actualityextensions | CodeCanyon
Buy WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) by actualityextensions on CodeCanyon. Features       No Monthly Fees Like WordPress and WooCommerce, this plugin is self-hosted – say goodbye to monthly f...
woocommerce  pos  retail  ecommerce 
october 2018
vrajroham/aws-s3-url-signer-php: Create AWS S3 url parameters to upload directly from browser
Create AWS S3 url parameters to upload directly from browser - vrajroham/aws-s3-url-signer-php
aws  amazon  cloud  upload  php  functions 
september 2018
Sublime Merge - Git, done Sublime
Sublime Merge is a sweet git client, from the makers of Sublime Text
app  mac  git  diff  merge  sublime  application 
september 2018
Rebrand 2018 | Case studies | Design at Uber

A tech startup turned global mobility platform in eight
short years: that deserves a holistic brand system that’s instantly
recognizable, works around the world, and is efficient to execute.
casestudy  design  uber  rebrand  UX 
september 2018
A Guide to Combining Fonts | Better Web Type
Combining fonts is one of the trickiest parts of typography. Here are five guidelines to get font combinations right.
design  fonts  typography  webdesign  font  free  guide 
august 2018
Google, but for colors.
color  design  search  tools  colors  resources 
august 2018
the secret behind great copywriting
all great copywriting share a few underlying patterns. here's the secret ingredient to making your copy more persuasive and memorable.
writing  copywriting  marketing 
august 2018
Best UI UX Design Pattern Examples Library | Design Knowledge Base
Find the best UI UX design pattern examples at Waveguide. We aim to create a repository of referenceable concepts that can help designers and developers build the future of technology design. Waveguide is a searchable base of design examples and design knowledge
design  gallery  patterns  ux  design-patterns  ui  inspiration  designpatterns 
august 2018
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