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Full-stack web development with C# and WebAssembly
blazor  dotnet  webassembly  programming  framework  web-development 
february 2019 by jalilhweber
The Ultimate List of .NET Dependency Injection Frameworks
The following list contains all available Dependency Injection frameworks for the .NET platform in alphabetical order beginning with the actively maintained and developed frameworks ending with the inactive and deprecated frameworks.
dotnet  programming  resources-list  blog-post 
february 2019 by jalilhweber
A functional ASP.NET Core micro web framework for building rich web applications.
fsharp  dotnet  dotnetcore  framework  web-framework 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Full-stack, functional reactive web programming for .NET
Develop microservices, client-server web applications, reactive SPAs, and more in C# or F#.
fsharp  csharp  dotnet  web-framework  web-development 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Freya is a modern, purely functional stack for web programming in F#. Familiar functional programming techniques for state and concurrency are combined to give you a consistent and seamless approach to building web applications.
fsharp  dotnet  web-framework  web-development 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Suave is a simple web development F# library providing a lightweight web server and a set of combinators to manipulate route flow and task composition.
fsharp  web-framework  web-development  dotnet 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
C# Online Compiler | .NET Fiddle
We are a group of .NET developers who are sick and tired of starting Visual Studio, creating a new project and running it, just to test simple code or try out samples from other developers.
online-code-playground  repl  dotnet  csharp  fsharp  visual-basic  tools 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
C# Guide
The C# guide provides many resources about the C# language.
csharp  dotnet  reference  programming  programming-languages 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Uno Platform
Build native apps for Mobile and Web using XAML and C#.
Uno is a free UWP Bridge for iOS, Android and WebAssembly.
dotnet  framework  tools 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Join in on a hand-picked round up of the best .NET articles every day.
Curated by our Moderators and Voted up by our Community. Free.
dotnet  community 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Discover .NET
Awesome .NET open source & community resources
dotnet  resources-list 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
ASP.NET Boilerplate
Web Application Framework
dotnet  web-framework  web-development 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
DotNetify is a free, open source project that lets you create real-time, reactive, cross-platform apps with React, React Native, Vue, or Knockout front-end on C# .NET back-end.
dotnet  web-framework  web-development 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Lightweight Web Framework for .net
dotnet  web-framework  web-development 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
A simple, cross platform, modularized ecommerce system built on .NET Core
dotnet  ecommerce  framework 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Free. Cross-platform. Open source.
A developer platform for building all your apps.
dotnet  framework  programming  web-development  web-framework  hacker-school-resources 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
A collection of articles and tutorials on web development with ASP.NET by Mike Brind
aspnet  dotnet  web-development  blog 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
This is the Microsoft Technology blog of Anuraj. Anuraj is a Technical Lead with Suyati Technologies, Kochi. Anuraj has extensive 12+ years of experience working on different technologies, mostly in Microsoft space. His focus areas are Data Analytics, Architecture and Cloud Computing. He writes about technology at his popular blog Anuraj is a K-MUG Community Council Member and an active volunteer in Microsoft Technology Community. You can follow him on twitter @anuraj
blog  dotnet  azure  cloud-computing 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Daily .NET Tips
Your Daily Development Productivity Tips & Tricks
dotnet  azure  web-development  development-tips 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Our favourite .NET, Azure and C# podcasts
Podcasts can be good to catch up on the newest things in the industry or just to listen to in the background while doing other work. It can though be tough to find the one that goes into detail at just the level you want or the one whose post schedule fits your weekly plan. Below we have made a big list of some good .NET podcasts that are out there for you to listen to for free.
podcast  dotnet  azure  csharp 
january 2019 by jalilhweber
Projects built with .net framework, .net core, xamarin, mono, mono game, unity, or godot
dotnet  xamarin  mono  project-showcase 
january 2019 by jalilhweber

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