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How Mark Zuckerberg’s Altruism Helps Himself - The New York Times
The point is that we are turning into a society of oligarchs. And I am not as excited as some to welcome the new Silicon Valley overlords.
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december 2015 by jaskerr
pfff is a set of tools and APIs to perform some static analysis, dynamic
analysis, code visualizations, code navigations, or style-preserving
source-to-source transformations such as refactorings on source code.
For now the effort is focused on PHP but there is preliminary support
for Javascript, C++, Erlang and other languages. There is also
preliminary support for OCaml code so that the framework can be used
on the code of pfff itself.
language  analysis  visualization  programming  development  facebook  ocaml  github 
november 2012 by jaskerr

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