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LMFDB - The L-functions and modular forms database
The LMFDB is an extensive database of mathematical objects arising in Number Theory.
math  reference  database 
may 2016 by jazwiecki
Blood Types • Mathematical Poetics • math for/about human beings
A topological space contains a zero object, maybe other objects, and all unions ∪ & intersections ∩ of anything in the space. So taking the power set ℘ of {A, B, +} yields the “power set topology” which I drew above. AB+ is the 1 object and “nullset” O− is the 0 object.
math  topology  interesting 
may 2011 by jazwiecki
Thue-Morse sequence tilings
"Why this works (nested circuits in this weave pattern, colored by connectivity in the left image) is a mystery to me. How would a larger Thue-Morse pattern with the same motifs be connected? I designed the motif, shading and coloring, but I didn't design the pattern; I found it."
math  image  cool 
february 2010 by jazwiecki
Ageev's hyperbolic line arrangement
Found while searching for graphs of the ackermann sequence
Math  image  cool 
august 2009 by jazwiecki
Number Numbness
In a society where big numbers are commonplace, we cannot afford to have such appalling number ignorance as we do. Or do we actually suffer from number numbness? Are we growing ever number to ever-growing numbers?
numberwang  math  scale  toread 
june 2009 by jazwiecki
Who Can Name the Bigger Number?
It’s not hard to fathom why physicist Albert Bartlett asserted "the greatest shortcoming of the human race" to be "our inability to understand the exponential function."
numberwang  math  education  toread 
june 2009 by jazwiecki

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