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RT : hey library folks, come join us in Windsor for the 2019 Cdn workshop (CLAW) Oct 22-2…
assessment  library 
4 weeks ago by jbfink
RT : Does anyone in the or universe know of a library school that offers an elective in o…
liaison  library  arl_liaison 
february 2019 by jbfink
RT : Recently, a few friends have left for non- jobs that pay more. Add this to the list of things…
librarylife  library 
april 2018 by jbfink
RT : Can you recommend anyone for this ? Digital Humanities Librarian - , RI
Providence  Hiring  Library  CareerArc  job 
january 2018 by jbfink
RT : Today, we're talking about diversity in the workforce— here's a breakdown.
LB21focus  library 
november 2017 by jbfink
Library Visits Have Gone Way Up Over the Last Two Decades. Here’s Why…
RT : Library visits way up in the last two decades in the US. gives some reasons why.
september 2017 by jbfink
RT : Where can you hold a Raspberry Jam? You could try your local

rjam  library 
april 2017 by jbfink
Things I learned while working as a reference librarian | LibrarianShipwreck
RT : I've worked as a reference since 2011.
Today is my last day.
Here's what I learned at the :
librarian  library 
august 2016 by jbfink
cardinalfang | Scribd
Andrew Colgoni's slides and such. he's got the design and aesthetic skills that I entirely lack, so I am sort of jealous.
library  presentations 
september 2009 by jbfink

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