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Algorithms Have Already Gone Rogue | WIRED
For more than two decades, Tim O’Reilly has been the conscience of the tech industry. via Pocket
pocket  ai  wired  algorithm 
october 2017 by jburkunk
The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest develops music search, personalization and interactive applications based on our Musical Brain.
ai  algorithm  analysis  analytics  analyzer  api  music  audio  xml  web 
april 2008 by jburkunk
marius watz:
Unlekker contains current projects by Marius Watz. See also Amoeba's sandbox Evolutionzone for sketches, experiments and evolutionary bric-a-brac.
2d  3d  abstract  aesthetics  algorithm  processing  art  programming  interactive 
april 2008 by jburkunk
Create Digital Music » Musical Brain
Musical Brain API: An API for Music on the Web - And it Makes Pretty Pictures
algorithm  analysis  api  community  development  free  music 
april 2008 by jburkunk
a growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and time
3d  algorithm  typography  design  processing  visualization  java  text  generative  code 
march 2008 by jburkunk

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