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Gutter guard Ratings, Consumer Reports
Gutter guard Ratings. Recommendations, expert buying advice, comparisons, and features from Consumer Reports.
gutterguard  gutter  gutterguards 
2 days ago
The rise and fall of the company behind ‘Reader Rabbit’ and all your favorite educational games | The Outline
Inside the collapse of a once-robust industry, and the ‘Shark Tank’ star who abetted the process.
readthis  videogamehistory 
2 days ago
Find something to watch -
Filter more than 100,000 movies & TV shows including Netlix and Prime. 100% free with no ads.
movies  ratings  moviereccomendations 
3 days ago
Roku Guide | Your Independent TV Streamer Guide
Reviews of Roku channels and apps, tips for using the Roku streaming media player, and recommendations for the latest and best Roku channel content.
8 days ago
Snappa makes it easy to create any type of online graphic. Create & publish images for social media, content marketing, and more!
infographic  infographics  editing  image  memes  graphics  cruse  online  socialmedia  tool  Tools 
11 days ago
Icon Archive - Search 735,802 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons
Search through more than 735,000 free icons. Browse icons by category, artist, popularity, date. Organize and share your favorites.
infographic  free  design  icon  graphics  icons  webdesign  images  download  resources  web 
11 days ago
Icograms 3D Map Designer - Create your maps from Isometric Icons
Create your own 3D Map from Isometric Icons within minutes.
11 days ago
Offline Infographics Software - Create Infographics Easily
Offline infographic software doesn't take time to load symbols. It's more fast, stable, and capable of making highly personalized infographics. You can easily draw, edit, share and print infographics like professionals.
infographics  infographic 
11 days ago
40 Free Infographic Templates to Download - Hongkiat
Infographics are extremely popular these days. They help readers understand and remember huge chunks of information in a fun, engaging form. As
infographics  downloadthis 
11 days ago
How to Insulate Ductwork | This Old House
This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner insulate his ductwork
homeimprovement  insulation 
11 days ago
ReadComicOnline - Read comics online in high quality
Read comics online in high quality for free, fast update, daily update. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page, and many more...
comicbooks  comic  comics 
14 days ago
Short, instructional screencast video tutorials for web developers on @eggheadio
Concise screencast video tutorials that cover the best tools, libraries, and frameworks that modern javascript web developers can use to code more effectively and stay current.
javascript  tutorial  video  angularjs  angular  learning  programming  training  development  tutorials 
26 days ago
MakeMKV - Make MKV from Blu-ray and DVD
MakeMKV - software to convert blu-ray and dvd to mkv
mkv  archive  backup  dvd  video  Blu-ray  bluray  computer-use  drm  handbrake 
4 weeks ago
On Point
Go behind the headlines: From the economy and health care to politics and the environment – and so much more – On Point hosts Meghna Chakrabarti and David Folkenflik speak with newsmakers and real people about the issues that matter most. On Point is produced by WBUR for NPR.
npr  hearthis  radio 
4 weeks ago
The Home Depot Home Improvement 3rd Edition with DVD-0696238500 - The Home Depot
Get the 1-2-3 Books Home Improvement 1-2-3 3rd Edition with DVD 0696238500, how-to book comprehensive reference guide to home repair, maintenance and improvement from The Home Depot
homeimprovement  buythis 
4 weeks ago
Sleep Like The Dead : Independent and Unbiased Sleep Product Reviews – Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows, Bedding and More
Sleep Like The Dead reviews and rates hundreds of sleep-related products based on 391394 actual consumer experiences.
shopping  bedroom  household  mattress  sleep 
4 weeks ago
Courts Are Using AI to Sentence Criminals. That Must Stop Now | WIRED
Opinion: Courts should pause the use of algorithms for criminal sentencing.
courts  bias  law  usa  pocket  ai  artificialintelligence  CJReform  crime  IFTTT  justice  ml 
4 weeks ago
500+ JavaScript Practice Challenges // Edabit
Practice JavaScript coding with fun, bite-sized challenges. Earn XP, unlock achievements and level up. It's like Duolingo for learning to code.
javascript  programming 
4 weeks ago
Blinds | Window Blinds and Shades | Custom Window Coverings
Buy Blinds and Shades at, the #1 online seller of blinds in the world. You won't find lower prices on custom window coverings anywhere else!
blinds  homeimprovement 
4 weeks ago
Smart $aver - Energy Home Rebate Program - Duke Energy
The Smart $aver energy home rebate program from Duke Energy makes your home more comfortable and helps you save money.
homeimprovement  dothis 
4 weeks ago
Smart $aver - Insulate and Seal - Duke Energy
Make your home more energy efficient and save money as you insulate and seal through Duke Energy's Smart $aver program.
homeimprovement  dothis 
4 weeks ago
Local Storage And How To Use It On Websites — Smashing Magazine
Storing information locally on a user's computer is a powerful strategy for a developer who is creating something for the Web. In this article, we'll look at how easy it is to store information on a computer to read later and explain what you can use that for.
javascript  localstorage 
5 weeks ago
31 Tips for Repairing, Updating and Maximizing Your Deck | Family Handyman | The Family Handyman
Check out this collection of hints and tips for repairing, updating, and replacing deck parts - and adding some comfort, too!
deck  decking 
5 weeks ago
Do-It-Yourself Deck Construction Instructions
Building your own deck is a tempting DIY project that many people complete successfully, and others regret ever attempting.
deck  decking 
5 weeks ago
Backyard Decks: Build an Island Deck | Family Handyman | The Family Handyman
Built with composite decking and hidden fasteners, this maintenance-free backyard ground level deck is designed to fit in anywhere.
deck  decking 
5 weeks ago
How to Build a Platform Deck | Family Handyman | The Family Handyman
If you want to expand your outdoor living space, a ground level deck might be your best option. Since it’s not connected to a house, this deck design can go anywhere in your yard and doesn’t require deep footings.
deck  decking 
5 weeks ago
Video Series: Build a Grade-Level Deck - Fine Homebuilding
Watch veteran builder Mike Guertin as he builds a new, grade-level deck on the Fine Homebuilding Project House. Mike share updates on the current code, tips for making a deck weather the elements, and tricks for making the whole job run more smoothly
deck  decking 
5 weeks ago
Creating eye-popping infographics with Google Drawings | Ditch That Textbook
Infographics are visually stimulating and force us to summarize well. What if we did more infographics in schools and less research papers?
infographic  infographics 
5 weeks ago
Infographics Templates with Google Slides • TechNotes Blog
Students can use these infographics templates in Google Slides to showcase learning in any content area and at any grade level.
5 weeks ago
NETFLIX is offering Test Patterns to configure your HDR display! - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews
Imagine my surprise when i searched for HDR inside my the built-in Netflix App on my TV (LG OLED B6). One of the search results is a episodic show
hdtv  testpattern  testpatterns 
5 weeks ago
HDR10 test patterns set - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews
Mehanik HDR10 calibration and test patterns set HDR-10 calibration and test patterns set is designed and created by group of video enthusiasts. Main
hdtv  calibration  testpatterns 
5 weeks ago
AVS HD 709 - Blu-ray & MP4 Calibration - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews
INTRODUCTION This project aims to provide a free set of calibration patterns for high definition (HD) video players. You will find downloads here to
mediacenter  calibration  video 
5 weeks ago
Take a clandestine look at the inner workings of a robocall scam center in action
If you are a human with a phone number, you’ve either received a scam robocall before or are probably getting one right this very second. While most of us tend to ignore calls from unfamiliar numbers at this point, someone is still falling for these scams, or they wouldn’t be worthwhile. In the fascinating video below, YouTuber Jim Browning employs some of the scammers’ own tricks against them, gaining remote access to a scam operation in India to show exactly how they operate before...
5 weeks ago
Piracy is not theft.
"Piracy" in the modern day refers to the practice of deliberate copyright infringement. Feel free to talk about that, but discussions relating to historical or real-life piracy are also allowed.
piracy  warez 
5 weeks ago
WyzeCam: 1080p HD Smart Home Camera With Free AWS Cloud
See the moments that matter. 1080p full HD, night vision, 2-way audio, 14-day free cloud storage, continuous recording, time lapse, and more.
camera  security 
6 weeks ago
Suppose | Compare Cable, Satellite & Streaming TV Services
Suppose lets you select your favorite TV channels, searches billions of combinations of cable, satellite and streaming TV services, and finds the best for you.
cordcutting  internet  iptv  tv  broadcast  broadband  guide  streaming  streams  television 
6 weeks ago
Thread by @TFSTweets: "Hey , we compiled a list of and anthro-adjacent . Read to the end, it's good all the way down. Share wi […]" #anthrotwitter #anthropology #podcasts #humanitiespodcasts
Thread by @TFSTweets: "Hey , we compiled a list of and anthro-adjacent . Read to the end, it's good all the way down. Share widely! If we misdd them. @AmericanAnthro @JasonAntrosio @anthrowor […]" #anthrotwitter #anthropology #podcasts #humanitiespodcasts
6 weeks ago
ASRock > DeskMini 310 Series
Supports Intel 8th Core™ / Pentium / Celeron LGA1151 processors<br />Dual DDR4 SO-DIMMs, up to 32GB<br />Triple Video outputs: DisplayPort, HDMI & D-Sub<br />1 x Ultra M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 Slot<br />2 x 2.5 HDD/SSD Tray<br />1 x M.2 (2230) Wi-Fi Slot<br />USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C port<br />Micro SD Card Reader
server  buythis 
7 weeks ago
Front-End Web Developer | edX
Professional online program in Front-End Web Development. Master the foundational programming languages for Web development, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, to gain skills in one of the fastest growing careers. Learn more and register online.
7 weeks ago
Improve your garage door controller by adding remote access and control for your garage door.
automation  hardware  api  diy  iot  domotics  garage  garagedoor  home  homebridge 
7 weeks ago
Code your way through dungeons, prove your skills, and get hired. Find talent by filtering the players according to your needs, look at their problem-solving approach, and directly reach out to the best candidates.
javascript  programming 
8 weeks ago
Introduction to localStorage and sessionStorage ←
Learn how to use localStorage and sessionStorage in your web apps.
html5  javascript  storage  local-storage 
8 weeks ago
How to Use Local Storage with JavaScript – Tania Rascia
I like making tutorials where you build a small application completely from scratch with plain JavaScript. A to-do list is a common app idea…
js  css  javascript  framework  localStorage  howto  local-storage  primitive  storage  tabapp 
8 weeks ago
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