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Niche News - Paperback - Natalie Jomini Stroud - Oxford University Press
Fox News, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Rush Limbaugh Show, National Public Radio--with so many options, where do people turn for news? In Niche News, Natalie Stroud investigates how people navigate these choices and the political implications that their choice ultimately entails.
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22 days ago by jccalhoun
The rise and fall of the company behind ‘Reader Rabbit’ and all your favorite educational games | The Outline
Inside the collapse of a once-robust industry, and the ‘Shark Tank’ star who abetted the process.
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4 weeks ago by jccalhoun
Search Results - Products - Lerner Publishing Group
Lerner Publishing Group is committed to providing quality, relevant library and classroom resources that better prepare students for the future while exciting
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march 2019 by jccalhoun
News literacy resources - American Press Institute
API provides many resources that news organizations, educators, advisors, parents and students can use to better understand how news and media works.
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february 2019 by jccalhoun
Download Pear Deck For Chrome | Chrome Geek
Download Pear Deck for Chrome and experience one of the best student and teacher applications that lets you integrate easily with any classroom.
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december 2018 by jccalhoun
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