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If you want a marriage of equals, then date as equals [GREAT article]
OMG. This says so much of what I've been thinking and saying since my divorce. But it's heresy to speak it out loud.
getrichslowly  relationships  equality  feminism  marriage 
6 weeks ago by jdroth
Fascinating article on the gap between older feminists and younger feminists
I really like this piece. It articulates some of the things I've been thinking and observing. I've been actively promoting gender equality since 1988, yet more and more I feel like I'm a dinosaur. I'm not even allowed to have an opinion because I'm a white male. Anyhow, I like this article.
gender  politics  metoo  feminism  culture  society 
october 2019 by jdroth
Hi. Whatcha reading? | MetaFilter
I've always wondered why some women seem so afraid to go anywhere alone. After reading this, I have a much much better understanding. A long but fantastic post about how one goes from innocent to guarded, and in the process becomes a feminist.
life  feminism  women  gender  mefi  sexism  rape 
october 2009 by jdroth
Op-Ed Columnist - Blue Is the New Black -
Laura mentioned this article over the weekend. Women tend to be less happy than men. They're getting less happy with time (both individually and historically). But the most interesting thing to me is the STRONGLY-stated bit about the effects of children on happiness.
gender  happiness  psychology  children  women  feminism  relationships 
september 2009 by jdroth
Girl Wonder is a collection of sites dedicated to females in mainstream comics. Our goals are to foster an attentive, empowered audience community and to encourage respect and high-quality character depiction within the industry. (via Frykitty)
comics  feminism  blogfodder 
june 2006 by jdroth

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