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BatName • World's best domain name generator
> Welcome to the world's best domain name generator. Give me some words. I'll mash them together in various combinations and look for available .com domains.
domain  domains  names  generator 
11 hours ago
Testing Django with pytest: debugging a teardown failure

> This explicitly instructs Django to treat the default alias as the primary, and to treat replica as a mirror when testing. Once this change was made, the tests completed without problems 100% of the time.
django  testing  replias 
lukakerr/regxr: A minimal, beautiful, lightweight MacOS desktop application to check for regular expression pattern matches
> Regxr is a minimal, lightweight and beautiful MacOS desktop application that allows for easy checking of regular expression pattern matching.

Looks nice.
github_repos  github  regular_expressions  swift  development  mac  apple_mac_applications  app  mac_applications  regex  stem  tool  osx  macos 
8 days ago
laurenhallden/travellog: An interactive map of everywhere you traveled
> An interactive map of everywhere you traveled

I'd love to make this a Jekyll project.
github  travel  jekyll  travellog 
8 days ago
A comprehensive Django CBV guide — /var/
The most comprehensive guide to Django CBVs that I have ever seen.
django  python  views  cbv 
8 days ago
pluggy — pluggy 0.6.1.dev0 documentation
> pluggy is the crystallized core of plugin management and hook calling for pytest.
python  plugins  library 
8 days ago
Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
> Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub, and easily build and share your own.
integration  git  javascript  api  workflow  apps  app  bots  bot  github 
9 days ago
Fish, the Package Manager 🐠
> Fish is a cross-platform systems package manager, bringing the ease of use of Homebrew to Linux and Windows.
linux  development  managers  golang  universal  package  homebrew  windows  manager  mac 
13 days ago
> monote helps you to remember and organize interesting products
products  shopping  tracking 
15 days ago
Using Enum as Model Field Choice in Django – Hacker Noon
Moving to Python 3 means finally having a real enum type to use with a Django `choices` field option.
python  django  enum  choicefield 
15 days ago
> Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
> Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.
formatter  code  snippets  images 
16 days ago
jonparrott/cmarkgfm: Python bindings for GitHub's cmark
> Minimalist bindings to GitHub's fork of cmark.

GitHub-flavored markdown comes to Python. Finally.
python  markdown 
17 days ago
Mustard UI · A CSS framework that actually looks good
> Besides it being one of the top condiments used in today's lineup, mustard was built using common design trends and standards. It's separated out into SCSS modules to give you a great starting point for any new web project.

css  framework 
18 days ago
Yoast/YoastSEO.js: Analyze content on a page and give SEO feedback as well as render a snippet preview.
> Analyze content on a page and give SEO feedback as well as render a snippet preview.

SEO sucks, but it's a part of life.
seo  marking  research 
18 days ago
Radio Silence | Network monitor and firewall for Mac
> Radio Silence can stop any app from making network connections
firewall  network  mac  osx  internet  apps  app  macos  security  software 
20 days ago
The 2018 Barkley Marathons: Confidence through Failure - Race Ipsa Loquitur
> My training log entry the day before the 2018 Barkley Marathons read: “Once that cigarette is lit, I’m going to race my little brains out. Give it all my all, and give it hell.”
ultrarunning  trailrunning  running  barkley  morons 
20 days ago
GitLab CI/CD for GitHub — How and Why?
> But recently GitLab announced that their amazing CI/CD solution can now be combined with git projects hosted on Github. Having used a fullstack GitLab solution at work for the last 1.5 years I was really psyched to test it for my personal projects. Now you can finally have the best of both worlds — GitHubs reach in the community and GitLabs CI tooling 💃
gitlab  github  ci 
23 days ago
Brick By Brick: A free guide to building awesome communities
> Building an audience is already tricky, but establishing a true community is even harder.
guide  inspiration  communities  strategy  management  marketing  audience  community 
24 days ago
Similar to Helium, but allows you to float any webpage. Super cool.
window  picture_in_picture  software  growth  app  click-through  multitasking  mac 
4 weeks ago | Fast real-time website screenshot API
> provides real-time screenshots of websites. We are the only website snapshot generator to stream screenshots as soon as you request them.
free  technology  webapp  images  startup  screenshot  screenshots  work  website  tools 
9 weeks ago
Latency | Apex Software
> Global latency testing tool

This is an effective tool for testing the latency of your CDN provider.
network  latency  url  performance  lat  test  ping  global  design 
9 weeks ago
Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers
> Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow.
ide  coding  web  tools  development  productivity  editor  plugin  html  css 
9 weeks ago
The world needs more modest, linear growth companies. Please make some.
> Exponential growth gets all the glory. Every startup story that lands on the cover of a magazine has a hockey-stick chart to flaunt. Yes, disruption is driven by such violent expansion, and the world needs some disruption some of the time. But for the other 360 days out of the year, what it also needs is some modest, linear growth.
feed  economics  stars  business  twitter  advertising  wrangler  corporatocracy  digital 
10 weeks ago
> Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals: from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists and translators.
editor  writing  self-publishing  tools  book  publishing  ebooks  service  books  ebook 
11 weeks ago
Magic Sudoku
I want this but for counting dominos.
arkit  sudoku 
12 weeks ago
- Formatter allowing for colored output in log messages
logging  formatter  github  color 
12 weeks ago
5 Essential Ingredients for an Awesome Tech Talk
> I believe one of the big reasons people are afraid of public speaking (or writing) is impostor syndrome. You may think…

> > “I’m not an expert! I barely know anything! Everyone will know I’m a fraud!”
publicspeaking  tech  talks  speaking 
12 weeks ago
PackagesUI - Packages - Package Control
PackagesUI is great for seeing all of your installed packages and even lets you toggle them.
sublime  sublimetext  package 
12 weeks ago
The best software engineering conferences of 2018
> DjangoCon US is a six-day conference for users of the Django web framework. The event caters to the entire spectrum of Django users, from those who develop business apps on the framework to those who tinker with it in their spare time. Conference planners are committed to diversity and offer financial aid to members of the Django community to meet the costs of tickets, travel, and accommodations.
djangocon  djangoconus  django  conference 
12 weeks ago
> Distributed, versioned, schema-less object storage for Python
python  git  schema-less 
12 weeks ago
> Nested inline support for Django admin
django  admin  inlines  nested 
12 weeks ago
Mental Illness in the Web Industry
> The picture of the tortured artist has endured for centuries: creative geniuses who struggle with their metaphorical demons and don't relate to life the same way as most people. Today, we know some of this can be attributed to mental illness: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and many others.
article  news  newslettered  mentalhealth  health  292  facebook 
january 2018
Pick an idea and submit your talk!
> There are only a few days left to submit a talk proposal to the next DjangoCon Europe. Out of ideas? Here's a short list of talks I would love to see!
djangocon  ideas  conference 
january 2018
aws-cli bash helper functions
> The official AWS command line tools, have support for configuration profiles. See Configuring the AWS Command Line Interface - Named Profiles.
aws  with-aws  shell  bash  helpers 
january 2018
> 🎨 Create and share beautiful images of your source code
app  funny-project  development  needs-tags  tool  code  screenshot  github  image 
january 2018
When your manager isn't supporting you, build a Voltron
> In my years of coaching managers and individual contributors, I’ve routinely heard the following complaints about their bosses:
leadership  support  advice  management  work  business 
january 2018
> Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more
blockchain  market  crypto  tools  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  ethereum  doge  altcoin  charts 
january 2018
> An easier way to find creative and tech conferences.
conference  conferences  conferencias 
january 2018
Hiding from the mission
> We degrade the urgency of the mission. We become diffuse. We get distracted. Anything to avoid planting a stake and saying, "I made this."
twitter  sethgodin  totag 
january 2018
> Installing Development environment on Mac OS X

I strive to document my Mac this well someday.
setup  github  osx  development  mac  install 
january 2018
> A framework for making social media bots for multiple networks
mastodon  python3  bot  twitter  python  bots  github 
january 2018
Mastering Click: Writing Advanced Python Command-Line Apps
This is a great example of doing things with click. Some are not obvious.
python  click 
january 2018
“Build an audience? Bah. I’m a nobody.”
> “We all know we need to build an audience. Out-teach the competition. Collect those fans and emails before I even have something to sell, so when I do have something to sell, the money will come rolling in. Enough already. I haven’t accomplished anything. No one cares what I have to say. I can’t build an audience with this track record. And I’m a terrible teacher.”
december 2017
How transparent should you be as a leader?
> Two things I've found helpful to consider when trying to decide what to share with my team - and what to keep to myself.
leadership  management 
december 2017
Why Alabama Is Not A Victory For Black Women
> Black women have been the backbone of this nation since slavery, with absolutely no recognition or respect and here we are again.
december 2017
AwayBot, an out of office helper

I'd love to see more of these types of tools become popular.
slackbot  slack  ooto  twitter  productivity  calendar  bot  work 
december 2017
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