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kneufeld/alkali: a simple python database
> Alkali is a database engine, written in Python 3. It's raison d'etre is to provide a Django-like ORM while controlling the on disk format. If you already have your data in a real database like Postgres then you'll want SQLAlchemy, if however, your data is in json/yaml/csv/other/etc files then Alkali might be exactly what you're looking for.
python  data  django-like  orm  database 
5 days ago
Easy to Remember Color Guide for Non-Designers - Send With SES
> NOTE: I'm not a designer. This is what i've self-learnt over the years because i couldn't afford good designers. I don't know if this is scientific. This works for me. I hope it works for you.
colors  2019  programming  webdesign  color  design  web  webdev  colour  css 
5 days ago
Introduction - Mithril.js
> Mithril is a modern client-side Javascript framework for building Single Page Applications. It's small (< 8kb gzip), fast and provides routing and XHR utilities out of the box.
javascript  mithril  framework  -jsmicro  programming  js  webdev  spa  mvc  1808 
6 days ago
bnb/ source code for, a dead-simple site that doesn't have SSL... allowing public WiFi to MITM the request and get you authenticated
> source code for, a dead-simple site that doesn't have SSL... allowing public WiFi to MITM the request and get you authenticated
11 days ago
Lawn in a box service.
lawn  grass 
12 days ago
Blue Yeti Tutorial: How To Use The Blue Yeti Microphone To Get Clear Audio For Your Videos
> Blue Yeti Microphone Tutorial: Everything you need to know to learn how to use the Blue Yeti Microphone.
research  podcasting  blue  yeti  tips  mics  recording 
19 days ago
Why Marketing Matters
> I was honored to be given the opportunity to give a keynote address at O’Reilly’s 2018 Velocity Conference in NYC. Below is a web version of the talk — not a transcript, but a summary of the main ideas (with fewer jokes). I hope you enjoy.
research  marking 
19 days ago
Companies that use Django & Django Integrations | StackShare
> See which companies are using Django, tech stacks, integrations, comments, reviews, votes, and the latest news
research  conference 
19 days ago
Outreachy progress: 2019-02 – Sage Sharp
I love the format that Sage uses break down how the Outreachy applications were processed.
outreachy  research 
22 days ago
Confir | Event Targeting Made Easy
> Confir is a platform designed to help teams target & manage events more efficiently.
research  conferences  sponsorship 
25 days ago
New pytest plugin for Markdown reports
> Sometimes I would like to include a pytest test report in a GitHub issue or pull request comment, but do not want to manually reformat the CLI output. 😄
Thankfully, pytest can be extended and customized via plugins. Inspired by the fantastic pytest-html project, I created my new pytest plugin pytest-md for generating Markdown reports for pytest results! 📝
If you find it any useful, I’d love to hear from you via twitter!
26 days ago
My Twitch Live Coding Setup – Suz Hinton – Medium
> This article is an updated review of tools and software that I use to run my live coding stream each Sunday. If you're interested in the...
guide  podcasting  live  twitch  spring-tips  projects  live-streaming  education  streaming  macos 
4 weeks ago — A dead man's switch API
> We text and email you every couple of weeks and as long as you respond, we return false to your JSON endpoint. If you don't respond after repeated attempts, we return true.
death  deadmanswitch 
4 weeks ago
[OFFICIAL] DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Mac - Download and Convert Spotify Music to MP3
> A smart Spotify music downloader to save any Spotify songs and playlists offline and convert Spotify Ogg Vorbis to universal MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. losslessly for playing on any popular device and MP3 player.

I'm skeptical that this is legal, but I would love to be able to play my spotify lists on my old iPod Mini. Best iPod music device ever.
4 weeks ago
Building a static site with Parcel — Part 1 – Chester How – Medium
> In this two-part guide, we’ll learn how to use ParcelJS to build static sites and how to deploy the sites with Netlify. Let’s get started!
tailwind  css  tailwindcss 
5 weeks ago
The Many Worlds of Programming - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
> A look into the many worlds of programming and the pieces that make them up.
5 weeks ago
Build a web page with Tailwind – Rathes Sachchithananthan – Medium
> Since a few days I’ve been playing around with Tailwind, a CSS framework that’s been released some days earlier. And I fucking love it!
tailwind  css  tailwindcss 
6 weeks ago
swissmiss | Life Lessons
Life Lessons
1. Everything is temporary.
2. Life is not fair.
3. Others treat you the way you treat yourself.
4. Happiness is a choice and requires hard work.
5. Beneath anger is always fear.
6. Family are the people who truly love you.
7. Things don't matter that much.
8. A lifetime is not very long.
9. You played it too safe. You should take more risks.
thoughts  life  lists  twitter 
6 weeks ago
Basketball bribes: How Adidas bankrolled a black market for top teenage talent |
> Adidas, the second-largest athletic apparel and footwear brand in the world, funded a "black opps" crew that funneled payments to high school basketball players' families so their sons would attend an Adidas-affiliated school. Dramatic testimony from an Adidas bagman-turned government witness at a criminal fraud trial in October ripped the lid off the corruption long suspected in the sport and the footwear companies' role.
basketball  scandal 
6 weeks ago
Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult - The Verge
> Malenfant says that five to ten years from now, CAPTCHA challenges likely won't be viable at all. Instead, much of the web will have a constant, secret Turing test running in the background.
security  tech  1  automation  bookmarks)  captcha  entries  digest  ai 
6 weeks ago
CSS Reference - A free visual guide to CSS
> Learn by example: is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
reference  guide  coding_resources  tutorial  programming  development-tool  webdev  css  cssgridlayout  flexbox 
6 weeks ago
The KenPom Podcast: Episode 16: Jesse Newell
> Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star joins the podcast and discusses his AP poll voting philosophy, how to fix college basketball's end game, the state of affairs in KU basketball, and what it's like to cover KU football.&nbsp;
podcast  kenpom  sportsball 
7 weeks ago
Leave Me Alone - Take back control of your inbox
> See all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click.
unsubscribe  spam  email 
7 weeks ago
> AirBuddy brings the same AirPods experience you have on iOS to the Mac. With AirBuddy, you can open up your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the status right away, just like it is on your iPhone or iPad.
software  apple  mac  airbuddy  daringfireball  airpods  bluetooth  buy  macos  osx  mojave  2019 
7 weeks ago
Github Actions
> Built to help developers find GitHub Actions.
action  github-actions  github  actions 
7 weeks ago
Ten minutes a day – Alex Allain – Medium
> In early 2012, I published Jumping into C++. According to the calendar, I wrote the book between January 2010 and January 2012, but it took me less than 200 hours of work. I know this because for most of the time I worked on the book, I kept careful track of my time spent. Between 1/4/2010 and 9/29/2011 (when I stopped keeping track), I’d worked on the book for almost exactly 156 hours and written over 70,000 words.

> How, exactly, did I manage to write a book in this short a time? I had one simple rule: I had to work on the book for just ten minutes, every day, no excuses. Ever.
learning_to_learn  alexallain  habits  book  consistency  author  daily  writing  habit  programming  coding  cpp  productivity 
7 weeks ago
> A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.
programming  tools  development  git  tool  linting  dev  deployment  cicd  python 
8 weeks ago
craigds/decrapify: Some scripts that use for refactoring Python code
pybowler is an interesting code refactoring tool. Here are some examples for how to use it.
pybowler  examples 
8 weeks ago
TS Tricks: Type Guards
> With everyone getting excited about Typescript I thought it'd be fun to do a walkthrough of one of my favorite features, type guards. These are type-safe functions that allow us to assert that an argument matches a certain type. The best part is these work at runtime!
javascript  bestpractices  typescript  tips  tutorial  programming 
8 weeks ago
GitHub actions to deliver on kubernetes
> GitHub recently released a new feature called GitHub Actions. They are a serverless approach to allow developers to run their own code based on what happens to a particular repository. They are amazing for continuous integration and delivery. I used them to deploy and validate kubernetes code.
actions  kubernetes  docker  k8s  github 
8 weeks ago
Muzzle - silence embarrassing notifications
> Automatically turn on Do Not Disturb when screensharing starts. It works with everything.
app  apps  tools  notifications  software  osx  notification  design  macos  mac 
8 weeks ago
> Have you heard of a scraper site? A scraper site steals the content from another website and republishes it on their own. If the work is copyrighted, as it is by default, it’s illegal. There isn’t much you can do about it aside from file a DMCA takedown request as the owner of that content. It might work if you can find them and they take you seriously. But it’s a never-ending battle that’s probably not worth fighting for most of us.
conference  research  scams  youtube 
9 weeks ago
To bore or not to bore: How theatre can save your conference panel
> There are a number of things moderators can do ahead of time, and in the moment, to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.
research  conferences  panels 
9 weeks ago
Have Dyslexia? Make Coding Easier In Visual Studio Code
> Step by step instructions on how to change the font so programmers with dyslexia can easily read their code.
fonts  typography  dyslexia 
9 weeks ago
Overland GPS Tracking App for iPhone
> Overland tracks your location and sends your data to a server of your choosing. The app will save data while you're offline, and send it to the server later in batches.
location  tracking 
9 weeks ago
The JSConf & CSSconf EU Finances
I'd love to do this for DjangoCon US, but....

> Because it took us about eleven hours of unpaid volunteer labor to produce this and it wasn’t high enough on our priority list for a while.

I feel this.
conference  financials 
9 weeks ago
Continuous cloud infrastructure with Ansible, Molecule & TravisCI on AWS - codecentric AG Blog
> How to implement Test-driven development and Continuous Integration for cloud infrastructure code with Ansible, Molecule & TravisCI on AWS.
ansible  ci  cloud  aws  docker  molecule  research 
9 weeks ago
Security Checklist
This isn't bad but enough with LastPass already.
security  blindingly_useful  2019  checklist  privacy  bestpractices  hn  online  blogthis  internet 
9 weeks ago
Bjørn Karmann › project_alias
> Alias is a teachable "parasite" that is designed to give users more control over their smart assistants, both when it comes to customisation and privacy. Through a simple app the user can train Alias to react on a custom wake-word/sound, and once trained, Alias can take control over your home assistant by activating it for you.
parasite  hack  google-assistant  home  machinelearning  raspberry_pi  machine_learning  alexa  privacy  smart  machine-learning  assistant 
9 weeks ago
Mineral waters í  la carte » Khymos
> Cloning popular brands of mineral water is now simpler then ever before with the updated version of the mineral water calculator!
recipes  reference  mineral  waters 
9 weeks ago
> Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler
web  bundler  javascript  bundle  library  optimization  js  webdev  packaging  webpack 
10 weeks ago
How to start a Node.js project | Phil Nash
Node has some really nice tools for bootstrapping any kind of project.
npx  node  bootstrapping  project 
10 weeks ago
mkcert: valid HTTPS certificates for localhost
> The web is moving to HTTPS, preventing network attackers from observing or injecting page contents. But HTTPS needs TLS certificates, and while deployment is increasingly a solved issue thanks to the ACME protocol and Let's Encrypt, development still mostly ends up happening over HTTP because no one can get an
localhost  development  tools  certificate  tls  dev  web  certificates  ssl  https  security 
10 weeks ago
cortesi/modd: A flexible tool for responding to filesystem changes
Modd is easily the best/most flexible "do something when a file is changed tool" which also makes it easy to to run multiple rules unlike almost everything else in this space.
github  filesystem  files  entr  golang  libnotify  fsevents  tool  development 
10 weeks ago
The game-day caffeine routine keeps the Portland Trail Blazers, the NBA's most well-traveled team, running
> WHEN IT COMES to the toll of travel, the NBA is in a league all its own. NBA teams, according to ESPN Stats & Information's Vincent Johnson, average 43,534 miles per season, nearly 7 percent more than NHL teams (40,768 miles), 27 percent more than MLB teams (31,993) and 82 percent more than NFL teams (8,049). And over the past 10 full seasons across the four major North American pro sports, no team has traveled as far as the Trail Blazers.
basketball  caffeine  interesting  coffee  food  performance  nba 
11 weeks ago
Introducing GitHub Actions | CSS-Tricks
> It’s a common situation: you create a site and it’s ready to go. It’s all on GitHub. But you’re not really done. You need to set up deployment. You need
deploy  code  github  devteamtipp  github-actions  ci  development  article  actions 
11 weeks ago
The Men Peddling the 'Secrets' to Getting Rich on Amazon - The Atlantic
> A growing number of self-proclaimed experts promise they can teach anyone how to make a passive income selling cheap Chinese goods in the internet's largest store. Not everyone’s getting rich quick.
bizplan  archive  bookmarks)  amazon  business 
11 weeks ago
My Blog Post Workflow: from Topic to Publication
Some great tips from Ali on how she writes blog posts.
advice  blogging  toread  proofreading 
11 weeks ago
2018 Year In Review – Kris Gage – Medium
> Best books, posts, lessons learned and more
2018  eoy 
11 weeks ago
2018 in Review – Ellen Chisa – Medium
> As I mentioned in 2017 (more historical data: 2014, 2015, 2016), I really only focused on two big things: Tom and I getting married and…
yearinreview  personal  data  2018  eoy 
11 weeks ago
Shortcat - Keyboard productivity app for Mac OS X
> Keep your hands on the keyboard and boost your productivity! Shortcat is a keyboard tool for Mac OS X that lets you "click" buttons and control your apps with a few keystrokes. Think of it as Spotlight for the user interface.

Looks like a nice addition to macOS.
macos  osx  app  software  tools  accessibility  mac  keyboard  automation  productivity 
11 weeks ago
If you don’t have time to clean up, you don’t have time to cook | Seth's Blog
> Professionals understand that the project is the whole project, not simply the fun or urgent or interesting part of the work.

> There are countless productive shortcuts along the way. But not finishing the project isn't one of them.

Sometimes Seth just nails it.
sethgodin  stem 
11 weeks ago
That was 2018
> A roundup of some of the things that have happened in my work and personal life in 2018.
eoy  2018 
11 weeks ago
How Much Is My Side Project Worth?
> For many it's unclear what their side projects are worth. Many want to sell, or have people interested in buying but have no idea how to get to a proper price. This calculator helps you figure out a base price to aim towards when negotiating selling your side project.
worth  startups 
11 weeks ago
Using GitHub as a Flat Data Store and AWS Lambda to Update it
There are a dozen+ bots that I want to write after reading this article.
github  api  research  bots 
11 weeks ago
Looking back on 2018 |
> And how burn out led to my most successful year
2018  eoy 
11 weeks ago
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