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Thread by @smashingmag: "Some things need to be said. I deeply love community/non-profit events, local groups and meet-ups — all run on incredible efforts of humble, […]"
> Thread by @smashingmag: "Some things need to be said. I deeply love community/non-profit events, local groups and meet-ups — all run on incref humble, kind people working hard to bring people together. These are incredible people doing incredible wor […]"
speakers  conferences  research 
14 hours ago
asweigart/ezgmail: A Pythonic interface to the Gmail API that actually works as of Dec 2018.
> A Pythonic interface to the Gmail API that actually works as of Dec 2018.
python  gmail 
3 days ago
Is It Keto?
> Wondering which foods are keto and which are not?

> We'll tell you!

I love these simple one-off apps.
3 days ago
Tweet Photo
This service does what it says and tweets your instagram photos. It's really well done too.
twtter  instagram 
3 days ago
Aiden Buis / Telegram Voice Journal Bot · GitLab
> After building LucidDreamBot I saw the power of using voice and I decided to make a voice-to-text journal chatbot. I tried to make this readme as clear and concise as possible and hope it inspires people to learn programming.
voice  journal  bot  stt 
4 days ago
Shanise Barona – #causeascene
> “I’m thinking of all the other people that think that my presence in this community and this space in this organization is a stamp on this is also safe for you.”
causeascene  #causeascene 
6 days ago
Vapid: an intentionally simple CMS
> Vapid is an intentionally simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML.
opensource  nodejs  webdev  html  development  cms  tools  web-development  javascript 
7 days ago
akavel/up: Ultimate Plumber is a tool for writing Linux pipes with instant live preview
> up is the Ultimate Plumber, a tool for writing Linux pipes in a terminal-based UI interactively, with instant live preview of command results.
linux  live-programming  github  pipes  up  tui  shell  unix  bash  cli  pipe  tools  golang  instant-preview 
7 days ago
Jay Bilas — Carly Fiorina Enterprises
> Jay Bilas, Duke basketball alum ESPN broadcaster, shares his perspective on teamwork and toughness. This conversation covers two seemingly different pieces of the leadership puzzle: toughness and empathy.
podcasts  jaybilas  interviews 
9 days ago
How to Make Shoyu Ramen Using a Pressure Cooker
> A classic chintan shoyu ramen--a light broth flavored with soy sauce--made easier with the help of a pressure cooker.
instapot  recipes  recipe 
9 days ago
bnb/good-first-issue: 🖥 CLI for finding good first issues
If someone wants to add the Django project to this, I'd consider it my holiday present from you.
nodejs  node  cli  good-first-issue  beginner-friendly  community  github 
10 days ago
The 2018 Digital Wellbeing Advent Calendar
> For the 24 days upto Christmas, we’ll be sharing a new positive strategy on how to live well with the web, social media and your smartphone.

> Open the windows below to unlock your digital wellbeing goodies.
wellbeaing  christmas  advent 
10 days ago
Building Serverless Python Apps Using AWS Chalice – Real Python
> In this Python tutorial, you'll see just how easy it can be to get your serverless apps up and running! Chalice, a Python Serverless Microframework developed by AWS, enables you to quickly spin up and deploy a working serverless app that scales up and down on its own as required using AWS Lambda.
chalice  python  aws  twilio 
10 days ago
Holiday API
> a RESTful service for obtaining holiday data
api  resources  holiday  code  date  web  calendar 
11 days ago
Truly Passive Real Estate Investing
> The 1% rule in real estate means you should be able to rent a property out for at least 1% of the acquisition price.

> Example. Purchase price $90,000. Fix-up price $10,000. Acquisition price $100,000.
realestate  passive  income 
11 days ago
Adding validation support for JsonField in Django – Saadullah Aleem – Medium
> It’s pretty cool that Django has support for JSON based features of PostgreSQL. The JSONField()can be assigned to model attributes to store JSON based data. However, enforcing pre-save validation on…
json  drf  postgresql  python  django  djangorestframework 
11 days ago
Avoid setting up an inbox for MailChimp by using AWS's Simple Email Service (SES)
> On a high level you can set up a domain on SES, then you can set up a rule that allows SES to receive emails for a specific email address which acts like an inbox, then you can have this rule dump all messages into an S3 bucket so that you can read the contents of the messages.

mailchimp  ses  email  automation 
11 days ago
Al Lowe reveals his Sierra source code collection—then puts all of it on eBay | Ars Technica
> Al Lowe, one of Sierra On-Line's seminal game creators and programmers, has been sitting on a pile of his original games' source code files for over 30 years, fully convinced that they are worthless.

> "I’m 72 years old, and none of my kids want this junk!" Lowe said in an interview with YouTube personality MetalJesusRocks (aka Jason Lindsey, himself an ex-Sierra developer and a friend of Ars). "Does anybody?"

sierra  allowe  gamedev 
12 days ago
The World’s Best Industry Specific Lorem Ipsum Generator!!
A Lorem Ipsum Generator which pulls topics from the Wikipedia.
lorem  ipsum  wikipedia  165  text  generator  160 
12 days ago
Best Pizza in N.Y.C.: Try These 10 Slices - The New York Times
> Pete Wells, our restaurant critic, on old-school pizzerias.
best  pizza  nyc 
12 days ago
Django REST Framework 3.7 -- Classy DRF
> The best way to understand Django REST Framework class-based views and serializers is to see it in Classy DRF (based on CCBV), so pick your version and jump in at the deep end.
programming  rest  framework  reference  drf  django-rest-framework  python  documentation  djangorestframework  django 
14 days ago
Fortune 500 Companies Want These Developer Skills
Great starting point for discovering where Python is used.
research  jobs  python  django  fortune-500 
14 days ago
iSH - The Linux shell on iOS.
> iSH is a project to get a Linux shell environment running locally on your iOS device, using a usermode x86 emulator.
apple  cli  linux  ish  app  shell  software  ios  terminal  ipad 
15 days ago
A behind the scenes look at running Spell It Out - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
> A look into some of the inner workings of what keeps my side project, Spell It Out running.

I love the data-driven jekyll based static websites.
showdev  webdev  node  jekyll 
15 days ago
Introduction - Purgecss
> Purgecss is a tool to remove unused CSS. It can be used as part of your development workflow. Purgecss comes with a JavaScript API, a CLI, and plugins for popular build tools.
opensource  performance  js  workflow  tool  css  tools  purge  asset-management  webdev 
16 days ago
Share your habits and inspire others
> Improve your productivity and balance your life!
> Discover what others are doing for being productive and keep a balanced life

A daily habit tracker with a touch of emoji.
habits  tracking  indie  emoji 
16 days ago
1 Second Everyday - Your Video Diary
> Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life. Let 1 Second Everyday help you remember your journey and create the story of your life.
ios_apps  best_of  apps  logging  tools  paid  video  quantified_self 
17 days ago
Traveling with Me is a Nightmare – Rands in Repose
> Subtract five minutes from the boarding time. That is when I will return to the gate. Back-track to a desirable eating establishment. Sit at the bar and order a gin and tonic. Airports always ask if you want a double and I always do.
productivity  gear  travel  repose  rands  apple  classics 
18 days ago
Best Cranberry Mule Recipe - How to Make Cranberry Mules
> Cranberry fans need to try Cranberry Mules from this holiday season.
recipes  cranberry  mules  drinks 
18 days ago
Great list to get you started with a FireTV.
firetv  amazon 
19 days ago
Thanksgiving Biscuits: The Secret to the South's Recipe - The Atlantic
True story. I have never had an even palatable biscuit since I moved to Kansas. This explains everything.

> Most of North America's hard wheat is grown on the plains, from Kansas north to Canada, but because of climate differences, the South has always had the softer kind, and cooks in the late 1800s didn't have food-service giants like Sysco trucking in mass-produced flour from thousands of miles away. As a result, biscuits are uniquely southern, and they seem determined to stay that way.
flour  usa  biscuits  baking  contemporary  grocery  culture  biscuit  recipe  differences 
21 days ago
My Markdown Writing and Collaboration Workflow, Powered by Working Copy 3.6, iCloud Drive, and GitHub
A really nice workflow for writing/sharing on your iPad and syncing to git and iCloud Drive.
markdown  github  productivity  star  workflow  tech  automation  git  icloud  ipad  drive  ios  orgmode 
22 days ago
Open Source Diversity
> For more diversity & inclusion in free & open source software communities :)
22 days ago
Retiring Ela Conf
> The time has officially come to move on from a project that spanned nearly four years of my life. We published an open letter about Ela Conf’s retirement here, but there are also some things I wanted to say on a more personal level. Lessons Learned I’ve written
elaconf  ela 
23 days ago
No-Knead Bread Recipe - NYT Cooking
> Here is one of the most popular recipes The Times has ever published, courtesy of Jim Lahey, owner of Sullivan Street Bakery It requires no kneading It uses no special ingredients, equipment or techniques
food-recipe  recipie  baking  bread  cooking  recipes  michael  recipe  food 
25 days ago
25 Reasons to Keep on Making Stuff in Times of Crisis
> In an epic GIF-laden thread on Twitter, author Chuck Wendig lays out “25 REASONS TO KEEP ON MAKING STUFF IN THIS TIME OF RAMPANT ASSHOLERY”.
bffr  art  process  resist  link  kottke 
25 days ago
How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross - The New York Times
> The NPR host offers 8 spicy tips for having better conversations.
news  research  interview 
26 days ago
Docker ENTRYPOINT & CMD: Dockerfile best practices –
> The Docker instructions, CMD and ENTRYPOINT, are used in Dockerfiles and Docker Compose files to configure the commands used to run a container. This tutorial will explain the differences between them and how to best use them in your Dockerfiles.
exec  sigkill  shell  development  tips  graceful  entrypoint  docker  signals  cmd 
27 days ago
A crash course on optimizing your Docker images for production
> This article will show you a few simple steps of how you can optimize your Docker images, making them smaller, faster and better suited for production.
devops  webdev  docker  node  showdev 
27 days ago
Privacy - A better way to pay.
> Make a unique debit card number for every single purchase online with just 1 click. Never worry again about credit card breaches, shady merchants, or sneaky subscription billing.
banking  finance  money  privacy  security  creditcard  card  payments  virtual  credit 
27 days ago
How we automated taking screenshots of Django applications
Brilliant usage of pytest + headless chrome to generate screenshots for docs.
chrome  article  technology  python  screenshots  screenshot  pytest  blog  selenium  web  django  twitter 
28 days ago
> A list of useful resources aimed to self-publish a book on Amazon using Bookdown.
> From using an editor, to proofreading, ISBN, cost, earnings and more!
@tutorials  publishing  @resources  books  @books  book  writing  @tips  @diy  self-publishing  self  amazon  hacker  best  bookdown 
4 weeks ago
tbodt/ish: Linux shell for iOS
> A project to get a Linux shell running on iOS, using usermode x86 emulation and syscall translation.
hn  github  hacker-news  stars  app  emulator  ios  shell  ipad  cli  linux 
4 weeks ago
Keeping track of current level of happiness
> I wanted a way to track my overall happiness and excitement in my life, allowing me to monitor, analyze and react to it. As Steve Jobs said, if you notice a downwards trend, it might be time to apply some changes to your life.
mood  happiness  lifehacks  telegram  bot  chatbot 
4 weeks ago
> A starter kit for using Tailwind with Jekyll
tailwind  purgecss  jekyll  gulp 
4 weeks ago
> Neglected side projects for less than $1000.
index  side-projects  abandoned  ideas  shop  projects  dismissed 
5 weeks ago
Hotel Booking Website Development Cost and Best Practices
> We all enjoy the comfort of a hotel room after a long and exhausting journey. But it can take quite a while to book a room if you aren’t using a hotel booking app. Many startups have made it easier for users to find and book accommodation. If you’re looking for guidance on how to improve the hospitality industry, consider these hotel booking app development best practices.

This is great. A nice overview of apis and how to create a hotel booking app.
research  hotels  business 
5 weeks ago
> Quick & easy email for all your side projects
> Unlimited projects, unlimited inboxes

This looks like a pretty decent way to stand up email for a bunch of services.
sideprojects  email  tools  research 
5 weeks ago
GoogleChromeLabs/carlo: Web rendering surface for Node applications
> Carlo provides Node applications with Google Chrome rendering capabilities. Carlo communicates with the locally-installed browser instance using the Puppeteer project. Carlo also provides remote call infrastructure for communication between Node and the browser.
node  chrome  js  nodejs 
5 weeks ago
> When ogr2ogr isn't enough. Imports GeoJSON into PostgreSQL, using features' id as the primary key, their geometry as a PostGIS geometry, and their properties as a JSON column.
tools  gis  cli  geojson  postgis 
5 weeks ago
99 Bottles Postcard — Sandi Metz
> A proper postcard, mind you, with a vacation-like scene, and an actual postcard stamp. Hand-drawn postcards are both acceptable and encouraged. The more effort you expend, the better we'll feel about our end of this bargain.
postcard  author  writing  publishing  freebook 
5 weeks ago
Postcard for book / Michael Lee
Great idea. If I ever write a book having a, "Can’t afford the book? Send us a postcard." policy it A++.
writing  author  publishing 
5 weeks ago
> Discover which iOS devices are used on your site
ios  apple  safari  javascript  detection 
5 weeks ago
BZG - Amazing Apps for Apple Devices
> Turn websites into apps.

> Coherence Pro allows you to turn virtually any websites into an app on your Mac.

> With Google Chrome in the back, Coherence apps support all modern web standards and features.

Coherence Pro is a fluid-app replacement that works with 1password, grammarly, etc.
fluid  apps  chrome  browser 
5 weeks ago
Gamasutra: Svyatoslav Cherkasov's Blog - Graveyard Keeper: How the graphics effects are made
> The summary of tips and tricks used in Graveyard Keeper to make different graphical effects and apply them on a pixel art picture.
programming  gamedev  lighting  fascinating  graveyard-keeper  graphics  best  lut  hacker  game  2018  shader 
6 weeks ago
Nadia Eghbal | Governance without foundations
> Personal writing, links, and other things by Nadia Eghbal.
favorites  opensource  policy  governance  sustainability 
6 weeks ago
How to be fully alert minutes after waking
> I use a SAD light as soon as I wake up to go from groggy and useless to fully alert in a couple of minutes. Most mornings I'm sitting at my desk and working within 7 minutes of waking up. It's one hell of a productivity hack.
tips  health  productivity  sleep 
6 weeks ago
Tea & Empathy feelings cards
> Kate Kenfield is raising funds for Tea & Empathy feelings cards on Kickstarter!

A deck of cards to help you name your feelings and improve empathy, communication, and self-care.
6 weeks ago
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