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How to Write a Book
> Don't write a book. Even better, stop thinking about writing a book. Your endless internal debate and self-conjured guilt about that book you haven't written yet is a sensational waste of your time. My guess is if you took all the time that you've spent considering writing a book and translated that into actual writing time, you'd be a quarter of your way into writing that book you're not writing.
advice  rands  howto  articles  book  writing  publishing  books 
december 2017 by jefftriplett
Speak, Memory
This story might appeal to anyone who has watched the chilling, "Be Right Back" episode of Black Mirror. This is one of the first open conversations about an working memorial bot and what that experience is like.
memorialchatbot  articles  memorial  death  ai  chatbot  bot  memorialbot  memory  blackmirror 
october 2016 by jefftriplett
Facebook, One Year Later: What Really Happened in the Biggest IPO Flop Ever
After Facebook's disastrous debut, the preferred clients of big banks walked away with huge profits. How? Public documents and interviews with dozens of investment bankers and research analysts reveal that the Street caught wind of something the public didn't. The social network and the banks told half the story. Here is the other half.
articles  facebook  finance  archive 
may 2013 by jefftriplett
Churnalism Search
Churnalism comes state-side. Pick one of your least favorite news websites and have fun!

> "Ever wonder if the news story you're reading is a product of real journalism or just a spin off of another story posted elsewhere? Discover the journalism you can trust and what you should question."
journalism  media  tools  app  articles 
april 2013 by jefftriplett
The Panasonic GX1 — The Brooks Review
I just bought a GF3 because I didn't want to wait for this camera to come out. I'm ready to sell it now.
articles  camera  gx1  archive  panasonic 
march 2012 by jefftriplett
The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuals — The American, A Magazine of Ideas
Some good points and some points I don't agree with on industrial farming and the delusions of nutritional writers.
agriculture  farming  ecology  usa  commentary  articles  environment  organic  farm  economics  politics 
august 2009 by jefftriplett

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