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Rands Information Practices – Rands in Repose
> Your most precious asset is your time. You can start and adopt the following set of habits right now to give yourself hours of your life back. Equally important, these habits will substantively increase the quality of your time by reducing stress, increasing focus, and ultimately improving the quality of the things you build with your hands.
rands  advice  information  best  life  2018  learning 
july 2018 by jefftriplett
bash-guide: A guide to learn bash
The guide to learning bash that we all wished we had starting out.
shell  reference  terminal  unix  github  learning  linux  bash 
april 2017 by jefftriplett
Support Thimble on Kickstarter: Monthly Electronics Projects!
> Thimble is a subscription service that delivers DIY electronics kits to your door every month.
hardware  service  robotics  gifts  diy  learning  electr  electronics  wishlist  subscription 
december 2016 by jefftriplett
Play Riffstation
> Search for any song or artist and Riffstation will give you the chords for any song synced with the YouTube video! You can view the chord diagrams in sync with the music for guitar, ukulele and piano.
video  learning  music  tabs  chords 
august 2016 by jefftriplett
New Coder – five life jackets to throw at the new coder
Lynn Root's take on teaching new users how to code. Looks very promising.
coders  python  programming  newbies  learning  education  tutorial 
march 2013 by jefftriplett

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