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Games Look Bad, Part 1: HDR and Tone Mapping
I know enough about photography to truly hate HDR. Maybe this is why modern day video game systems and games just like crap to my eye.
photography  film  games  game_dev  graphics_programming  graphics  3d  gamedev  hdr  rendering 
october 2017 by jefftriplett
RIP Gotham
> Many dear friends wish I would shut the fuck up regarding the Gotham filter. This article is for you.
filters  howto  rands  filter  photography  curio  instagram  gotham 
october 2017 by jefftriplett
The Vanual | Complete Guide to Living the Van Life
> Explore the entire van conversion process and learn what it takes to live life on the road.
vanlife  van  camping  transportation  travel  outdoors  diy  manna_from_heaven  home  photography 
june 2016 by jefftriplett
Studio Neat
> We are Studio Neat. We make simple products that we hope people enjoy. They include the Glif, the Cosmonaut, and the Neat Ice Kit.
perfect  bar  ios  photography  chisel  ice  design  iphone 
july 2015 by jefftriplett
The Ferguson Grand Jury Testimony
> The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
jury  photography  grand  ferguson  testimony 
december 2014 by jefftriplett
For Yourself
> What is it you do or make only for yourself?

Moar XOXO fun which I missed.
photography  xoxo 
september 2014 by jefftriplett
MMM Interview: Intimate Self-Portraits by Melania Brescia
> 22-year-old photographer Melania Brescia has continued to capture beautifully intimate self-portraits since the last time we posted about her, nearly two years ago. Her stunning images are deeply expressive, radiating raw energy and uninhibited emotion.
may 2014 by jefftriplett
Jeff Bridges to Be Honored at International Center of Photography Dinner
> “My photography is mainly focused on my work making movies, which I’ve done my whole life,” he said in a phone interview. “I think I have a perspective that not many people have. And I get to take advantage of all of the strange sources of light on a set.”
photography  "jeff  bridges" 
january 2014 by jefftriplett
American photographer Angelo Merendino photographed every stage his girlfriend went through in her battle with cancer
American photographer Angelo Merendino photographed every stage his girlfriend went through in her battle with cancer
cancer  photo  photography  sad  health  photoeassy 
october 2013 by jefftriplett
Filter Fakers
#nofilter faker photo nerds are annoying.
photography  instagram  nofilter  fakes 
july 2013 by jefftriplett
Fracture | Glass Photos
Interesting idea. Fracture prints directly on glass.
art  photography  photos  printing  glass 
july 2013 by jefftriplett
feature: Pepe // Paolo Woods -
> "Port au Prince's Fifth Avenue is a waterfront road, just off the harbor, where mountains of second hand clothes bake in the tropical sun. The market, Croix-des-Bossales, is where the slaves used to be sold. Now it is not strong men from Africa that the merchants receive, but containers loaded with skirts, pants and shirts from the US. These second-hand garments are called "Pepe" and it is increasingly difficult to see a Haitian wearing something that has not been previously worn by an American."
photography  pepe  t-shirts 
june 2013 by jefftriplett
Mos Espa
> After spending two nights at an outpost near the Algerian border on our madcap trip across Tunisia, we paid a visit to one of the Star Wars sets that still stands out in the desert.

photography  starwars  duncandavidson  cool 
june 2013 by jefftriplett
Henry Hargreaves's Photos of What Famous Musicians Eat Backstage
Henry Hargreaves's Photos of What Famous Musicians Eat Backstage
food  photography 
may 2013 by jefftriplett
gordy's camera straps
Looks like a great resource for a nice camera strap.
camera  photography  tobuy 
march 2013 by jefftriplett
Jovell Rennie - Stories - This Wild Idea
A nice 365 day travel blog about stories with everyday people.
america  art  this  photographer  travel  watch  days  idea  stories  via:kboy  wild  365  photography 
february 2013 by jefftriplett
Changing Room
Julia Kozerski's photo project tracking the loss of 160 pounds over the course of a year.
loss  weight  photo  photography  culture  health 
september 2012 by jefftriplett
Linda Radosinska Fine Art Photography - Home @
Linda Radosinski has an amazing series where she transforms Banksy's work into real life photographs.
banksy  art  photography 
february 2012 by jefftriplett
Why Wedding Photographers Prices are “Wack” | Erie PA Wedding Photographer Response |
The *article* that I'm going to start pointing people to when they ask why wedding photographers are so expensive.
january 2012 by jefftriplett
The Camera Collection
Who doesn't love a collection of pixelated camera illustrations?
camera  design  icons  illustration  photography 
july 2011 by jefftriplett
Deadly tornadoes strike again - The Big Picture -
"A deadly spring continued in the American South and Midwest as more tornadoes cut swaths of destruction through Missouri and Minnesota."

The Joplin Tornado photos blow me away. I lived there, grew up there, went to college there, and now the heart of the city is gone. The damaged area reported was 3/4 of a mile wide and six miles through the middle of the city. I'm astounded by this.
photos  photography  storm  missouri  tornado  joplin  minnesota 
may 2011 by jefftriplett
SLR Camera Simulator | Simulates a digital SLR camera
This honestly isn't a bad DSLR simulation. It'd be cool to make one an HTML based one.
camera  reference  photography  education  slr 
may 2011 by jefftriplett
Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera
An internet search for finding stolen cameras based on your EXIF serial number.
camera  photo  photography  tools 
april 2011 by jefftriplett
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