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Write for Hello Web Books - Hello Web Books
> I started writing Hello Web Books because I wanted smaller, friendlier books for tech folks. No giant behemoth tomes — something small, fun, and easy to pick up.

> I've learned so much after self-publishing three books. Book design, book production, eBook conversion, how to get on Amazon, how to set up a fulfillment warehouse, sales, marketing, you name it. And I've been thinking it's a shame that I can't help others with this knowledge.

> Thinking of writing a book? Let's see about working together!
books  publishing 
12 weeks ago by jefftriplett
> Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals: from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists and translators.
editor  writing  self-publishing  tools  book  publishing  ebooks  service  books  ebook 
january 2018 by jefftriplett
How to Write a Book
> Don't write a book. Even better, stop thinking about writing a book. Your endless internal debate and self-conjured guilt about that book you haven't written yet is a sensational waste of your time. My guess is if you took all the time that you've spent considering writing a book and translated that into actual writing time, you'd be a quarter of your way into writing that book you're not writing.
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december 2017 by jefftriplett
Create your own ebook
> A step-by-step guide to creating an ebook in ePub and mobi formats, complete with ebook template, and a useful style guide for authors.
ebook  ebooks  howto  publishing  template  research 
march 2016 by jefftriplett
My Adventures and Advice on Fulfilling Orders for a Printed Self-Published Book.
> First off, let me say -- if you're self-publishing, going digital-only saves so much stress and work. However, I just couldn't resist creating a physical book. I...
publishing  hellowebapp 
july 2015 by jefftriplett
Oxford English Dictionary 'will not be printed again' - Telegraph
"Until six months ago I was clinging to the idea that printed books would likely last for ever. Since the arrival of the iPad I am now wholly convinced otherwise." The future is now.
oxford  english  dictionary  publishing  trends  books 
august 2010 by jefftriplett

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