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How to set custom Facebook Open Graph tags - Yoast Knowledge Base
Explains how to set custom Open Graph tags on the homepage, posts, pages, and taxonomies using the Yoast SEO preview and filters.
yoast  seo  facebook  open  graph  hooks  filters 
11 weeks ago by jennettefulda
How to Write Copy that Google Loves - Namecheap Blog
From keyword research to adding links, we break down what it takes to write website copy that incorporates SEO and resonates with your readers.
seo  search  optimization  keyword  keywords 
february 2019 by jennettefulda
A Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Prioritizing the Best Keywords - Whiteboard Friday - Moz
Rand outlines a straightforward and actionable 4-step process (including an array of tools to check out) for uncovering and prioritizing the best keywords for your SEO campaigns.
seo  keyword  keywords  internet  web  search 
february 2019 by jennettefulda
Voice search: what will the future bring? • Yoast
Voice search is gaining popularity. But what will the future bring? Joost and Marieke discuss the pros and cons of voice and describe a possible future scenario
google  voice  search  results  seo  yoast 
july 2018 by jennettefulda
Add Custom Social Share Images & Description for Yoast WordPress SEO
The problem with WordPress SEO is that there is no way to set custom social share images for your CPT Archive pages or Category pages. Let's make it happen.
yoast  seo  filter  filters  debugging  code  open  graph  facebook  wordpress 
june 2018 by jennettefulda
WordPress SEO / Speed Optimization Tutorials • Tom Dupuis
WordPress SEO and speed optimization tutorials. New ones added regularly.
wordpress  seo  cache  caching  speed  optimization 
july 2017 by jennettefulda
The Big List of SEO Tips and Tricks for Using HTTPS on Your Website - Moz
It’s rare when Google reveals any of its actual ranking factors, so it came as a big surprise when representatives announced they would reward sites using HTTPS encryption with a boost in search results. HTTPS isn’t like other ranking factors. Implementing it requires complexity, risks, and costs. Webmasters balance this out with benefits that include increased security, better referral data, and a possible boost in rankings.
wordpress  ssl  https  migration  seo 
april 2017 by jennettefulda
SEO for Food Blogs Deconstructed with Casey Markee — Cucumbertown Magazine
Tips on building backlinks, using keywords and every other SEO trick for food bloggers to get more love from Google.
seo  food  blogger  wordpress  web  design  development 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Categories, tags, and how-to avoid duplicate content on Wordpress - WPMU DEV
Organizing your WordPress site in the right way will help you to avoid duplicate content penalties in the search engines.
wordpress  duplicate  content  seo  yoast 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Duplicate content: causes and solutions - SEO 101 - Yoast
Getting rid of duplicate content is a very important task for an SEO. This article discusses common causes & how to identify and fix duplicate content.
yoast  duplicate  content  seo  google  ranking 
july 2016 by jennettefulda

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