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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C
Introduces the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard, including WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1. WCAG documents explain how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.
accessibility  w3c  web  design  guide  internet 
15 days ago by jennettefulda
How to Create a Website Maintenance Plan & Contract
Scale your business and build client trust by creating and selling website maintenance & security plans for your web design & development business.
freelancing  freelancer  contractor  web  site  maintenance  contract 
9 weeks ago by jennettefulda
Jack Lenox: How better performing websites can help save the planet? –
The web has a dirty secret. Its carbon footprint is larger than that of global air travel. And the immense energy consumed by the Internet from non-renewable sources makes it the largest coal-fired machine on earth. For the first time, Mozilla’s 2018 Internet Health Report highlighted this growing problem, and stated that sustainability should be…
sustainable  web  internet  host  hosting  green 
april 2019 by jennettefulda
Retina Display Media Query | CSS-Tricks
For including high-res graphics, but only for screens that can make use of them. "Retina" being "2x": @media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2),
retina  wordpress  web  development  frontend 
april 2019 by jennettefulda
A Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Prioritizing the Best Keywords - Whiteboard Friday - Moz
Rand outlines a straightforward and actionable 4-step process (including an array of tools to check out) for uncovering and prioritizing the best keywords for your SEO campaigns.
seo  keyword  keywords  internet  web  search 
february 2019 by jennettefulda
Pingdom Tools
Use this free Website Speed Test to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster.
web  performance  optimize  optimization  internet 
january 2019 by jennettefulda
Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2019 | WP Site Care
Looking for the best WordPress hosting provider in 2019? We tested 11 web hosts to find out which offers the best hosting service for WordPress websites.
best  wordpress  host  hosting  web  internet 
december 2018 by jennettefulda
WebAIM: CSS in Action - Invisible Content Just for Screen Reader Users
css  screenreader  accessibility  tutorial  html  web  internet 
december 2018 by jennettefulda
Using the RAIL Model to Measure Your Site’s Performance
How do you measure site performance? RAIL provides handy benchmarks based on speed and user experience to help you know when you’ve done enough.
rail  performance  web  internet  speed  optimize  cache  caching 
october 2018 by jennettefulda
Browsersync - Time-saving synchronised browser testing
Browsersync makes your browser testing workflow faster by synchronising URLs, interactions and code changes across multiple devices. It’s wicked-fast and totally free.
browser  web  testing  tool  preview  wordpress 
august 2018 by jennettefulda
Building for sustainability with WordPress - Susty WP
The web has a dirty secret – it uses a lot of electricity. The Internet's carbon footprint has possibly already surpassed that of global air travel. Susty WP is a collection of resources and best practices, as well as being a practical example itself, for how WordPress developers can make the web more sustainable.
wordpress  sustainable  web  site  energy  compression  speed  internet 
june 2018 by jennettefulda
Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
The ultimate favicon generator. Design your icons platform per platform and make them look great, everywhere
favicon  generator  wordpress  web  design  graphic  graphics  icon  icons 
may 2018 by jennettefulda
The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance (in Plain English)
Wondering if WordPress is GDPR compliant? Looking for the best GDPR plugin for WordPress? Not sure what you need to do about GDPR? We have got you covered!
gdpr  eu  internet  privacy  web 
may 2018 by jennettefulda
2018 Freelance Developer Hourly Rates | CodementorX®
Explore the freelance rates of developers for
different tech stacks. Use our interactive tool to see and compare
hourly rates based on different experience levels and locations.
freelance  freelancer  pay  income  rate  calculator  web  internet 
may 2018 by jennettefulda
Tips Tuesday - GDPR Guide | BlogAid
This week’s tips are all about GDPR. There are 6 steps you need to take, and I’m going to detail them out for you in this guide.
gdpr  internet  web  privacy  security  policy 
may 2018 by jennettefulda
W3Techs - extensive and reliable web technology surveys
W3Techs provides information about the usage of various types of technologies on the web.
tech  technology  wordpress  stats  statistics  survey  web  internet 
march 2018 by jennettefulda
How GDPR Will Change The Way You Develop — Smashing Magazine
GDPR requires you to be more thoughtful about the sites and services you build, more transparent about the ways you collect and use data, more considerate of your users, and more thorough in your development and documentation processes.
gdpr  wordpress  web  privacy  europe 
february 2018 by jennettefulda
Home | Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces.
laws  ux  interface  design  web  internet 
january 2018 by jennettefulda
The State of UX in 2018
UX trends for 2018, including artificial intelligence, chatbots, design
tools, process and other topics designers are writing and thinking about.
ux  web  design  ui  2018 
december 2017 by jennettefulda
Optical Effects in User Interfaces (for True Nerds)
How to make optically balanced icons, correct shapes alignment, and perfect corner rounding. Over 50 pics included.
optical  effects  design  html  css  web 
september 2017 by jennettefulda
GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
GTmetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page's speed performance. Using PageSpeed and YSlow, GTmetrix generates scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to fix them.
speed  optimization  optimize  web  design 
july 2017 by jennettefulda
How to Create Staging Environment for a WordPress Site
Ever wondered how to test and develop your site on your web server without affecting your live site? Learn how to create staging environment for WordPress.
wordpress  staging  dev  hosting  launch  development  web  design 
july 2017 by jennettefulda
How to Set Up a WordPress Staging Site
BackupBuddy Deployment is a new tool for your WordPress development workflow. In this post, we cover how to set up a WordPress staging site.
backupbuddy  deployment  staging  site  web 
june 2017 by jennettefulda
Critical Path CSS Generator - by Jonas Ohlsson
section {
display: block;

html {
font-family: sans-serif;
-ms-text-size-adjust: 100%;
-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;

body {
margin: 0;

h1 {
font-size: 2em;
margin: .67em 0;

img {
border: 0;

svg:not(:root) {
overflow: hidden;

input {
font-family: inherit;
font-size: 100%;
margin: 0;

input {
line-height: normal;

input[type="submit"] {
-webkit-appearance: button;

input::-moz-focus-inner {
critical  css  generator  web  optimize  speed 
may 2017 by jennettefulda
Force All Ads Secure with a Content Security Policy | Mediavine Help Center
If you're getting insecure warnings for any Mediavine ads, we recommend setting a Content Security Policy. Find out how!
ssl  content  security  policy  web 
may 2017 by jennettefulda
Gravityscan - Free Website Malware and Vulnerability Scanner
Have you been hacked? Can you be hacked? Use our free remote scanner to check your website for known malware and security vulnerabilities.
malware  scanner  virus  hack  web  tool  wordfence 
may 2017 by jennettefulda
CloudFlare Origin CA
Faster, more secure alternative to public CA certificates for your CloudFlare-fronted servers. Extraneous overhead removed to optimize performance.
ssl  cloudflare  security  web  cdn  certificate 
may 2017 by jennettefulda
BuiltWith Technology Lookup
Web technology information profiler tool. Find out what a website is built with.
built  with  sniffer  web  internet 
april 2017 by jennettefulda
Preload: What Is It Good For? – Smashing Magazine
Preload is a new web standard for improving performance. It gives developers the ability to define custom loading logic.
preload  html  css  performance  web  internet 
april 2017 by jennettefulda
Imminent: Non-HTTPS Sites Labeled "Not Secure" by Chrome
Information on the change in Chrome 56 that includes a warning for non-SSL websites and what to do about it.
wordpress  chrome  ssl  security  web  internet  googledrive 
january 2017 by jennettefulda
A Simple Parallax Template Using ScrollMagic And GreenSock
Download this free ScrollMagic parallax template and learn how to create a parallax effect using ScrollMagic.
parallax  scroll  scrolling  javascript  css  web  design  tutorial 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Scrollax.js - Parallax Scrolling Library
Smart, super smooth, cross-browser, and easy-to-use parallax scrolling effect plugin you have ever seen!
parallax  scroll  scrolling  javascript  css  web  design  tutorial 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Pure CSS Parallax Websites by Keith Clark
This article demonstrates how to CSS transforms and perspective to create a performant parallax scrolling website that doesn't require JavaScript.
parallax  scroll  scrolling  javascript  css  web  design  tutorial 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
How to create a parallax scrolling website using Skrollr.js | Tutorial
Follow this parallax tutorial and download a free parallax website template. Learn how to create a parallax scrolling website using Skrollr.js.
parallax  scroll  scrolling  javascript  css  web  design  tutorial 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Simple parallax scrolling tutorial
        <section id="slide-1" class="homeSlide">
            <div class="bcg">
                <div class="hsContainer">
                    <div class="hsContent">
                        <h2>Simple parallax scrolling is...</h2>
parallax  scroll  scrolling  javascript  css  web  design  tutorial 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Where's The Fold? - Fold Tester - Where's The Fold?
For 99% of the world, 342 pixels is 'the fold.' Fold tester uses data from millions of website visits to visualize how likely a visitor is to see your content.
fold  foldster  web  design  development  usability  user  experience 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
SEO for Food Blogs Deconstructed with Casey Markee — Cucumbertown Magazine
Tips on building backlinks, using keywords and every other SEO trick for food bloggers to get more love from Google.
seo  food  blogger  wordpress  web  design  development 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
2016 Web Hosting Reviews: uptime, speed & cost compared
Looking for honest web hosting reviews? Data doesn't lie. We've tested (page speed, uptime, price) and reviewed all the 27 major web hosting providers.
web  host  hosting  internet  vps  shared  plan  plans 
july 2016 by jennettefulda
Where to change root email account for server? | cPanel Forums
This is probably a very easy question to answer, but, how can I change where the default email messages are sent from the server, i.e. rather than...
cpanel  whm  web  host  manage  mail  email  setting  settings 
june 2016 by jennettefulda
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