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What John Keats Can Teach a CEO -
APRIL 18, 2011 WSJ By DANNY HEITMAN. The lessons of language
afforded by poetry can be a particularly valuable resource for any
workplace. Can poetry help you get ahead in business, too? "I find
that poetry helps me do my job better," I told my interviewer. "Good
poems teach you how to write simply and clearly, which is a must for
most businesses." I make my living as a newspaperman, where clarity of
expression is especially important. ....Read John Keats, Robert Frost,
Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens, and learn how it's done. poets
throughout the ages have routinely confronted the challenge of saying a
lot—and saying it memorably—in small spaces....But maybe it's time that
we reconnect with poetry not as a rarified ritual, but as a vital force
of erudition and insight that can help shape the very texture of our
national life, including corporate culture.
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