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The data deluge
Feb 27, 2010 | The Economist. Vol. 394, Iss. 8671; pg. 11 |
Anonymous. Everywhere you look, the quantity of information in the
world is soaring. According to one estimate, mankind created 150
exabytes (billion gigabytes) of data in 2005. This year, it will create
1,200 exabytes. Merely keeping up with this flood, and storing the bits
that might be useful, is difficult enough. Analysing it, to spot
patterns and extract useful information, is harder still. Even so, the
data deluge is already starting to transform business, government,
science and everyday life (see our special report in this issue). It has
great potential for good--as long as consumers, companies and
governments make the right choices about when to restrict the flow of
data, and when to encourage it. Plucking the diamond from the waste
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